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The Party Continues with Our 50% Off Sale Extended Until December 18!

Last month, on November 18, our sister site Manga Planet celebrated its third anniversary with a discount on eligible plans, and the campaign applied to futekiya’s plans as well. The sale ran until yesterday, November 30… or so we thought.

Manga Planet has decided to extend its sale — and so have we!

This special offer will now run until 23:59 JST of December 18, 2022 (Sunday)!

Need a recap of what the sale entails? We’re offering our three-, six-, and 12-month subscription plans at 50% off their regular price.

For comparison, here’s how much each plan costs, as well as how much you’ll pay with this offer.

Plan Regular Price 50% Off
3 months US$17.99 US$8.99
6 months US$29.99 US$14.99
12 months US$47.99 US$23.99

As you can see, at 50% off, a 6-month plan is even cheaper than a regularly priced 3-month plan, while a 12-month plan is cheaper than a regularly priced 6-month one.

So if you’re not yet subscribed to futekiya, let alone don’t have an account yet, why not give yourself a little holiday treat? Take the first step by signing up before this campaign ends:








If you’re already a user and are currently logged in, you won’t be able to view the links above, so please check them out while logged out. You can sign in and subscribe to any of the above plans to avail of the discount.

Please note, though, that if you’re already currently subscribed to any of the above plans, you are, unfortunately, not eligible for this offer — this is only for those who aren’t subscribed to any plan.

Please also make sure to double-check carefully that you’re signing up for the right plan that you want. The campaign pages for Manga Planet’s plans are different — you can find them here.

Unfortunately, we won’t be extending this campaign for the second time, so, once again, this special offer runs until December 18, 2022, 23:59 JST. Hurry so you don’t miss out!




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In 2018, futekiya began as a Boys Love (BL) manga news and culture website operated by FANTASISTA, INC., a CG/VR production studio based in Tokyo, Japan. futekiya transformed into a budding global distributor of officially licensed BL manga in 2019.

futekiya launched as an online subscription service for officially licensed BL manga on July 8, 2019. Determined to connect fans around the world with English-translated BL legally and conveniently, futekiya empowers readers to support creators and the manga industry.

Readers who subscribe to futekiya and pay a flat monthly fee of $6.99 will have access to our expanding library of English-language manga. To subscribe, please go to read.futekiya.com and create an account.

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