Manager Douzaki Wants To Be Screwed

Story and Art: Senco Yoshimoto

Manager Douzaki Wants To Be Screwed
Title : Manager Douzaki Wants To Be Screwed
Douzaki Kachou wa Hameraretai

Story and Art : Senco Yoshimoto

Publisher : Media Soft Ltd.



Manager Douzaki is not the only one who wants to be screwed.

“Unlucky Man”: Manager Douzaki is down on his luck with his private life, and it’s affecting his work. To cheer him up, his coworker Ishimi offers to hear him out over some drinks, but one thing leads to another and… We find out what happens after the walk of shame the morning after.

“Calf at the Circus”: Mr. Minada is a “manly” PE teacher. He knows he needs to be “manly,” and he performs “manly” acts. So why can’t he do the most “manly” thing with a woman?

“Some Things Change”: Akihiro and Haruka are childhood friends. When they enter college, Akihiro decides to work on his appearance by going to a tanning salon. After seeing his tan lines, something sparks inside Haruka that even Akihiro can’t swat away. *Warning: Dubious consent*

“Declining World”: Mikasa can’t beat the class’s top student, laid back and popular, Nogisaka. The pressure on Mikasa is unbearable; how can he unwind and take a breather?

©︎ Senco Yoshimoto/Media Soft Ltd. 2017

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