Lying Devil

Story and Art: Sumako Kari

Lying Devil
Lying Devil
Title : Lying Devil
Usotsuki Akuma

Story and Art : Sumako Kari
雁須 磨子

Publisher : Shodensha Publishing Co., Ltd.



Ugo Satoru
Amari Keiichi
A distant manga artist that is often misunderstood. He is not good at communicating with other people, Amari included. He gets jealous when he sees Amari with other people.
A hardworking manga artist who used to be Ugo’s assistant. He is considered handsome and good-looking among his fellow co-workers. He still has lingering feelings for Ugo despite Ugo’s attempts on being distant and casual.


Amari, now an established manga artist, is in a complicated relationship with Ugo, his former senior in the previous place he worked in. If anything, their relationship ended as quickly as it started. Amari never really understood Ugo back even when he was still Ugo’s assistant, which brings him in a confusing dilemma on how and where they even stand in the first place. Meanwhile, Ugo tries to distance himself from Amari and keep their relationship casual due to certain reasons. But it seems both of them can’t really reign in those feelings well…
©︎ 2019 Sumako Kari/SHODENSHA Publishing CO.,LTD.

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