Love Story of Hoshino Zoo

Story and Art : KOYAMA

Title : Love Story of Hoshino Zoo
Hoshino Doubutsu-en Koimonogatari

Story and Art : KOYAMA

Publisher : KAIOHSHA



A collection of romances unknown to the human species.

“Tsutsuki and Shippo”: A new squirrel friend comes to the zoo and Tsutsuki, a Japanese tit, is worried about his wellbeing. What can the little bird do to help the new kid out?

“Beat and Nanada”: Beat is a Rockhopper Penguin and Mr. Nanada is his caretaker. Will Beat be able to overcome the language barrier and tell Nanada how he really feels?

“Ollie and Rankan”: Rankan and Leo came to Hoshino Zoo from the wild. Rankan looked up to Leo and was always by his side… but he quickly learns that his place next to Leo was fleeting. So when Leo’s son Ollie attaches himself to Rankan, all he can do is protect himself from being abandoned again.
“Kurihara and Oka”: Kurihara has been able to talk to animals since he was a child and has always seen them as human. But he would never dare tell any other human that for fear he might be bullied again. Recently, though, Kurihara isn’t the only person that visits the zoo often. Who is that new boy clumsily trying to take pictures of everyone?


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