Love Sex Show

Story and Art : Kayou Amamiya

Love Sex Show
Title : Love Sex Show

Story and Art : Kayou Amamiya

Publisher : EIWA Publishing Inc.



A serious and strict performer who has complete control over his rationality even on stage.
The newbie at the company who has a sincere and pureness when on stage. Genuinely enjoys the show.


Atsufumi is a performer for a membership-based show for sex. Atsufumi is excited to be popular, but is provoked by Mitsuki, another performer skilled in technique and control, who says his popularity is only because he is new. Atsufumi will not have such slander, and proclaims that he will make Mitsuki drop to his knees in pleasure. The two continue to bicker like an old couple… and continue to be paired up with each other for special events like the Sweetheart Play event! Will Mitsuki and Atsufumi be able to pull off a lovey-dovey act when they’re both determined to make each other cry?

“Succubus Brothers’ Extreme Lesson ❤︎”: Their job as a male succubus is to squeeze out the human male’s semen. Will one older brother be able to teach his ambitious younger brother his ways as a successful succubus?

“Ninja in Distress”: Soryu’s master, the Head of the Sakaida family, has been defeated. And just as the now-rogue ninja Soryu is trying to figure out how he can follow through on his mission, he is captured by none other than his master’s rival, Hitonari the Lord of Nyudo. Will Soryu be condemned to a treacherous fate, or will he find his new master and mission? (Warning: Rape)

©︎Kayou Amamiya/EIWA Publishing Inc. 2019

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