Love Blooms for a Twisted Blossom

Story and Art: Saori Nobana

Love Blooms for a Twisted Blossom
Love Blooms for a Twisted Blossom
Title : Love Blooms for a Twisted Blossom
Hinekure Sakura ni Koi ga Saku

Story and Art : Saori Nobana
野花 さおり

Publisher : Julian Publishing



Yukihira Tsukasa
Sakura Soumei

Sakura’s crush and apparently more beautiful than Sakura himself. Shows a kind demeanor most of the time, but is actually a bit devious. Likes to tease Sakura since ”he’s too cute.”
A high-school student known for having a beautiful face. Fell in love with Yukihira at first sight. He’s shy and socially awkward.


Sakura has been called ‘beautiful’ countless times. The only other person to rival him in that aspect is Yukihira. Sakura fell for him at first sight to the point he stalks Yukihira almost every day and attempts to confess despite being socially awkward. When one of his attempts to get closer to Yukihira resulted in a kiss, Sakura may have awakened a different side of the princely Yukihira.
© Saori Nobana / Julian Publishing

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