Love and Virginity Turn A Deaf Ear

Story and Art : Tamaki Kirishima

Love and Virginity Turn A Deaf Ear
Love and Virginity Turn A Deaf Ear
Title : Love and Virginity Turn A Deaf Ear
Doutei to Koigokoro wa Kiku Mimi Motanai

Story and Art : Tamaki Kirishima
霧嶋 珠生

Publisher : NIHONBUNGEISHA Co.,Ltd.



Diligent and hardworking but technically virgin in matters of sex. Used to be a cafe worker before being a host. Likes Ko a lot.
The number one host at the club he and Shiro work at. Charming to most but tends to be more dominating around Shiro.


Shiro used to be a cafe worker, and Ko was one of his regular customers whom he had a bit of a crush on, but an unfortunate accident leaves the cafe he works at burnt to the ground. With the owners being too old to do anything to rebuild the cafe, they entrusted the land to Shiro, who had always thought of opening his own shop. To help with finances, Ko invites Shiro to work with him at the host club he works and even offers Shiro to live with him. Considering the circumstances, Shiro agrees.

But it seems that working and living with Ko is more complicated than what Shiro expected. Ko seemed to be keen at harassing and making a manservant of Shiro any chance he gets, and Shiro’s virgin self could only take so much. But even with all the harassment, Shiro just finds himself falling even deeper for Ko. Will Shiro be able to survive his first love?

©︎ Tamaki Kirishima/NIHONBUNGEISHA Co.,Ltd.・TORICO

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