Liar’s Atelier

Story and Art : Hatoji Erisaki

Liar’s Atelier
Title : Liar’s Atelier
Usotsuki no Atelier

Story and Art : Hatoji Erisaki

Publisher : Media Soft Ltd.



Kouta Ueda
Souta Ueda

An artist that took Wakaba’s breath away with his paintings. Souta’s identical twin brother and paints for the Ueda gallery.
Kouta’s identical twin brother who inherited the Ueda gallery. Often acts as the middleman between Wakaba and Kouta but outwardly declares his love for Wakaba frequently.


Wakaba Oda

A graphic designer who works for the Ueda gallery after going to art college with Souta and Kouta.


Wakaba Oda was a university student in art school when he first saw his artwork.
“Kouta’s paintings have the power to make you long for them.” Wakaba’s admiration and shock jolted him strong enough for him to switch from being a painter, which he so dearly loved, to a graphic designer, which was still fulfilling and practical.
Years pass, and Kouta, Wakaba, and Kouta’s twin brother Souta work together at the Ueda Gallery, the twins’ family business. The three make a great team, but only Souta can reel the two back when they get too lost within themselves, but he too may have his heart in the game…
Perhaps it’s the artists inside them, but Kouta and Wakaba can never be as straightforward and honest with themselves with their words as they can with their paintings.
So what are they trying to say when one has decided he won’t pick up a brush again and the other finds himself in an artist’s rut?
©︎Hatoji Erisaki/ Media Soft Ltd. 2019

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