Let’s Meet At Tsukikagerou ~Red Light Omegaverse~

Story and Art: Shibito Koiwazurai

Let's Meet At Tsukikagerou ~Red Light Omegaverse~
Title : Let’s Meet At Tsukikagerou ~Red Light Omegaverse~
Tsukikagerou de Aimashou ~Yuukaku Omegaverse~

Story and Art : Shibito Koiwazurai
恋煩 シビト

Publisher : Media Soft Ltd.



Sousuke Tsukigase
Currently a student, popular with girls, as expected from an Alpha. Desperately in love with Jun, and goes to the Omega brothel frequently to meet with him.
An Omega working at the Omega brothel since he was born. Is advised by everybody not to become too attached to his regular customer, Sousuke, the Alpha.

In the Omegaverse, alphas and omegas are born into two different worlds. While alphas excel in life, omegas are treated as scum who lure alphas into mating.

Sousuke Tsukigase is a blissfully naive alpha until he falls in love with an omega, Jun. From then on, Sousuke frequents the brothel of Omegas where Jun works and starts questioning himself and the world he knows while he quickly approaches a fork in the road: lead a typical alpha life full of success and stability or take the road less traveled.
©︎Shibito Koiwazurai/Media Soft Ltd. 2019

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