Je T’aime, Café Noir (New Edition)

Story and Art: Tomoko Yamashita

Je T'aime, Café Noir (New Edition)
Je T'aime, Café Noir (New Edition)
Title : Je T’aime, Café Noir (New Edition)
Shinsouban Je T’aime, Café Noir
新装版 ジュテーム、カフェ・ノワール

Story and Art : Tomoko Yamashita
ヤマシタ トモコ

Publisher : Shodensha Publishing Co., Ltd.



Des histoires d’amour douces-amères.

A collection of love stories filled with drama by Tomoko Yamashita. Love is bittersweet, like a cup of black coffee.

“La Campanella”: A story about the friendship between an anti-social know-it-all and a friendly but selfish people pleaser.

“Saturday, Boy, Phenomenon”: “Take me away, U.F.O.” became the mantra of a man bullied by his friend for being gay. A sudden reunion jolts them both back into their bitter history. WARNING: Use of anti-gay slurs

“The Spell of Love”; The often untold story of what happens “the morning after.” Will it be game over? Or will they continue playing…?

“Cu, Clau, Come”: They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Tomato soup, bread, horse mackerel, and chicken bowls… will they ever enjoy curry together?

“Je T’aime, Café Noir”: The cafe is a hotspot for drama and strangers’ stories colliding. The small cafe’s two workers love to eavesdrop on their customers’ conversations, discuss, and sometimes even nudge the story a little with their weapons of choice: a cup of coffee.

“A Wizard’s Pupil”: People say not to go near the fourth block’s house because of the crazy man who lives there. But that couldn’t stop a certain schoolgirl from wandering. The “crazy” man and the girl form a peculiar friendship that may be the man’s much-needed salvation.

“Once Upon a Time in Tokyo”: A train conductor sees all the passengers as they get on the train and finds them again as they get off at their destinations. Used to being the fly on the wall, how will the conductor feel as the one being found?
©︎ 2015 Tomoko Yamashita/SHODENSHA Publishing CO.,LTD.

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