Creators’ Corner: Interview with Makuno

With the release of the latest chapter of Scapegoat Baby, let’s get to know more about Makuno-sensei, creator of While You’re AsleepLUST -Fantasy-and of course, Scapegoat Baby, as she talks about manga, Boys’ Love, and answers questions from fans in this special interview!


Please introduce yourself. If you don’t mind, please tell the fans things like where you are from, etc.

Hello, dear readers of futekiya! My name is Makuno. I am from Kobe City in Japan but now work based in Tokyo. I love to draw BL, but I also love reading it!

futekiya mainly distributes my privately published comics, but I’ve recently started writing commercially as well.


 When did your interest in manga begin?

I found out that there was a thing called manga different from anime on TV when I was about in 3rd grade in elementary school. That’s when I started buying manga magazines aimed toward girls.


Which manga is your favorite and has left the biggest impression on you?

The first manga that left an impression on me was GRANDEEK by Ohse Kohime. I admired the way the entire screen was like a painting. I like many manga, but I often reread works by Yoshida Akimi and Morohoshi Daijiro.


How did you discover BL?

It all started when I was a teenager trying to buy a secondary anthology of Jump works at a store and picked up the closest BL work.


Which BL manga is your favorite?

I really have so many favorites that I can’t choose. But, one title that comes to mind is Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s debut manga Right Hand Gun, Left Hand Love. I read it when I was still discovering BL. The rhythm of the story is soothing, and I still reread it to this day.


What made you want to become a mangaka?

Manga was always just a fun pastime for me, so I never thought that I would become a real mangaka. When I was working, I would draw on the side, but when I opened by my 2nd exhibition, I drew many flowers and men and realized that I had the desire to create an actual BL story.


How did you pursue your path to becoming a mangaka? Did you go to a technical school?

After that exhibition, I would practice my drawing and try to come up with story ideas. For about two years, I went to doujinshi events and exhibited my books, and I allotted as much time as I could to practicing BL drawing.

Until then, I worked at a contemporary art production studio designing artworks and creating different worlds and environments. I also did some advertisement work, and I think all of these experiences help me with the work I do today.


What kind of things do you have to focus on while working as a mangaka?

I’ve really only recently started working as a mangaka, but I now have a work environment that consists of me, myself, and I at home, so every day, I have to focus on keeping my motivation levels up and making sure I take refreshers and keep my body healthy… I’m trying not to eat too many sweets!


What kind of manga do you want to try creating? 

There is so much I want to try! I have so many ideas just in BL alone that I can’t even keep up with myself; I want to just want everything all at once.

I recently finished drawing a Dom/Sub universe piece, so now I want to make a cute heart throbbing story. But I’m not sure. lol


Questions from

  • What kind of setting and kinks is your favorite in BL?

I enjoy all settings and kinks… I’m like an omnivore. Lol

Recently I like BDSM and jingai works. I get excited when a character with some non-human characteristics appears regardless of whether they’re seme or uke.

  • What is your ideal seme x uke pairing?

I hadn’t intended it, but when I make a pairing, I tend to make the seme tough a little sadistic and the uke pure and a little stupid, so I guess I like that kind of seme x uke pairing…! Lol


A question from Roxy:

  • Do you have a favorite question from a fan that you thought was interesting? What was the question?

This answer is going to get a little raunchy. It wasn’t a question, but I got a letter one time, and this person complimented how I drew the pubic hair on the seme character during a sex scene. I put a lot of care into it, so I was really happy that someone acknowledged it. I also thought it was hilariously amazing that BL can bring together two people who have never met before to talk about the greatness of pubic hair!


Questions from Laura (kitty_witty_cat):

  • Is there more to Makoto and Meguru’s story from While You’re Asleep?

I haven’t thought about a continuation, but I do have a lot in mind for Makoto, so I want to draw that when I have the chance.

  • Will there be an English translation of 主従の性 (Shuju no saga)? Will there be a physical release in Japanese?

There are talks between the publisher and futekiya on releasing the English translation. The Japanese version will have a physical release in December! We are trying our best to bring the English version to fans, so please look forward to it!

  • Which medium is your favorite to work with? (e.g., digital, marker, watercolor, etc.)

Recently, digital is so easy to work with! I would usually use acrylic like oil by using thick coats of paint, so I also like working in acrylic. I also like the Dr. Ph. Martin’s color inks and Copic markers.

  • Do you have an address or P.O. box for fan mail?💖

You can send to the publishers based on which title it’s about or, if it doesn’t have to do with a specific title, you can send mail to any of the publishers! There will be a delay, but I am responding to letters at the moment.

Scapegoat Baby, etc.
3-2-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
Mitsui Fudosan Roppongi Grand Tower 24th Floor
Futurecomics Co., Ltd.
Fan letter for Makuno-sensei


主従の性 (Shuju no saga), etc.
15-10 Uguisudanicho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
Royal Palace Shibuya 407
For Makuno-sensei


  • Lastly, this isn’t a question but thank you very much for all of your hard work!! I love your style and all of the stories you create. I am looking forward to your future work, too. 💖💖💖

Thank you very much. I always try to think about even the unseen aspects of the worlds I create, so having you say that makes me incredibly happy!


A question from Bunny:

  • The world of BL is becoming more diverse and has an increasing variety. What are you looking forward to the most in this space?

Every year new settings and works are added to this world, so it never gets boring. I recently got into the Dom/Sub universe, and I am drawing that genre a lot, so personally, I am excited for all of the new labels and projects that are gonna come out of the Dom/Sub universe!


What do you think of futekiya and our release of your work in English? 

I was first introduced to futekiya when Emma, the Editor-in-Chief, spoke with me at an event. As I learned more about futekiya, I thought it was such a great service. Having a medium to consume officially licensed BL in English really does directly support artists and the entire industry so I hope that more and more people find out about futekiya.


Can you please tell us the highlights of the new 5th chapter of Scapegoat Baby?

Yes! The upcoming chapter 5 will be a little sad. The highlight is perhaps seeing their more vulnerable sides brought on by the pain of not being able to meet each other. I also hope you like Amamiya’s classic clothing style. ♡


Finally, do you have a message for the futekiya readers?

futekiya readers constantly prove that they have such a strong love for BL and are passionate BL supporters. I am extremely happy that I can meet such amazing readers through futekiya. I hope to keep releasing my commercial and independent works on futekiya, so please do look forward to it! Thank you all so much ♡


Thank you very much, Makuno-sensei!


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Read Makuno’s Works on futekiya

While You’re Asleep

When Meguru goes with his family to visit his grandparents in the countryside, he learns too late that there is no wireless charging technology anywhere near them. Makoto’s batteries will only last another two days unless he finds a way to charge them. Though he’s disappointed that he won’t get to celebrate New Year’s with his beloved android, he’s also alarmed at his body’s reactions when Makoto gets close to him. It wasn’t like this when he was little, so does this mean that Meguru has romantic feelings for his robot? On the way back home, Meguru leans in to give Makoto a sweet kiss before he wakes up…




LUST -Fantasy-

Kousuke and Yukio meet regularly to eat dinner together as buddies, but in Kousuke’s mind, their relationship is much more intimate and intense than Yukio could ever imagine. When Kousuke goes home, he can clearly see Yukio greeting him on all fours at the front door on a leash, complete with toys and bondage. He keeps his explicit fantasies a secret from Yukio in real life, but at home, he lives a second life with his beloved sex slave who once saved his life from a drunken man with a knife four years ago.





Scapegoat Baby

Aoi greets his regular customer Amamiya at the flower shop where he works, but for some reason today, the pale, handsome Amamiya seems extremely unwell, as if he were feeling anemic. When Amamiya smells a giant bouquet of roses, he seems to feel slightly better, but it isn’t nearly enough. Aoi accompanies him home to make sure he arrives safely, but things for Amamiya may be direr than Aoi realizes. To save Amamiya’s life in this moment of danger, Aoi realizes he may need to supply something much more intimate than flowers!





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