Creators’ Corner: Exclusive Interview with Hana

Get to know more about the creator of Lust and Love in the New Academy in this exclusive interview!

Hello from futekiya! We are a Boys’ Love (BL) manga subscription service as well as a website for BL-related news. We are starting a new column on our blog: Creators’ Corner, where you can read exclusive interviews with artists featured on futekiya. To start, we did a quick interview with Hana, creator of Lust and Love in the New Academy.


Hello, Hana-sensei! Thank you very much for your time. If you don’t mind, could you please give a short introduction about yourself?
Hana: I’ve been drawing manga for 30 years. It’s been 20 years since my official debut as a manga artist. Currently, I mainly draw self-published BL manga, but recently, I’ve felt that I want to start drawing shojo manga again. I am from Aichi, Japan.

When did you first become interested in manga?
Hana: Since I started getting into it, I would read any manga regardless of the genre. I first started drawing around my second year of high school.

What is your favorite manga or manga that had a significant impact on you?
Hana: Slam Dunk. When I read it for the first time, it was too funny that I couldn’t go to sleep (because I just kept on reading it).

Where you interested in things like games and anime? Could you tell us your favorite anime or game?
Hana: For games, I played Final Fantasy VII and Resident Evil when they first came out. Up until now, I have never been addicted to them. I’ve always liked anime, but for about three years now, I’ve barely watched anime. My favorite is TIGER & BUNNY. It’s the only series that I have the whole Blu-ray collection.

How did you first learn about Boys’ Love?
Hana: I happened to come across a “doujinshi” in a bookstore.

What is your favorite BL work?
Hana: It’s quite old, but it’s called Ai no Kusabi.

What made you want to become a manga artist?
Hana: It was something I wanted to do from the very beginning, but I really started aiming for it during high school when I started drawing manga for the first time.
At that time, it came to me like a shock like I was struck by lightning. I was convinced that “To draw manga is what I am meant to do.”

What kind of preparation did it take for you to become a manga artist?
Hana: Just start drawing and submit them. I took my art to the editorial departments of publishers. I also showed them to my friends, who also drew manga and asked them for advice. I didn’t go to a vocational school.
There was a time when I was in a deep slump for a while, but when I had time to draw, I decided to do something at least once a month and submit it.

What are the challenges of working as a manga artist?
Hana: Because there is always a deadline that must be met, even if drawing up a draft or inking it takes up a lot of time, you can never say, “Please wait a little bit more.” There is a limit on the amount of time that you have, so you always have to question how far you can push yourself? That will always be a challenge.

Do you have any manga you would like to draw in the future?
Hana: I want to draw a shojo manga with a pop idol theme.

In May, you said you are planning to go to the German anime event, “DoKomi” in May. What did you think when you invited to attend?
Hana: I thought, “Why me?” It still feels strange. I’m only drawing doujinshi at the moment, so like… is it really okay for me to go? Something like that.

What are you are looking forward to in Germany?
Hana: I would be grateful I had the chance to explore the city and feel the atmosphere of everyday life in Germany.

Please give a message to all the BL and manga fans waiting in Germany.
Hana: Many various genres of manga have appeared all around the world, so it isn’t very easy to get even minor works published. But aside from famous works, I think many titles can move you. I hope you will be able to meet many different artists… I will continue drawing in the hopes that my manga will also reach someone someday.

futekiya releases your work in English. What do you think about futekiya?
Hana: I think it’s a fresh and interesting approach. When I heard what you do, it was my first time hearing about something like that, and I wanted to do it right away.

Finally, what is your message to the readers of futekiya.
Hana: I draw manga at my own pace under my alias, “Hana.” I hope you enjoy my titles, even just a little.

Thank you very much, Hana-sensei!


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Hana’s works in futekiya Library

Lust and Love in the New Academy

Full Bloom is a private all-boys academy known only by few where students learn the arts of seduction. After his parents kick him out and his hookup rejects him, Moga Kagesumi enrolls in Full Bloom’s idol department to learn how to support himself. Moga might not be the classical image of an idol, but he catches the eye of Gabriel, a successful fashion icon. When Gabriel wins a date with Moga, Moga discovers his future might be filled with more love than he expected.


The Beast and I

On a particular continent of half-beasts, all are born as males, and half of the population become female once they mate. Ouga, the future king of the beasts, selects Nico as his mate. But, Nico has not experienced his change yet. Is there something troubling their relationship?



My Servants and I

In public, Raku Fuki is a model president of the student council. But in private, Raku is recovering from trauma wrought by his step-father. Forever changed by his past, Raku tries to find relief through his two classmates, Tsubaki and Rakuichi.




*Spin-off of My Servants and I*
Rokuichi is one of Fuki’s playthings, but he wants nothing more

than to become Fuki’s one and only boyfriend. After striking an agreement with Tsubaki, Fuki’s other sex friend, Rokuichi goes on a solo date with Fuki for the first time. Can Rokuichi win Fuki’s heart?



When his father skips town, Nayu suddenly finds himself drowning in debt. But, rather than paying off this debt with money… Nayu becomes a live-in lover!?




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