iLLUMiNATiON (New Edition)

Story and Art: Tomoko Yamashita

iLLUMiNATiON (New Edition)
iLLUMiNATiON (New Edition)
Title : iLLUMiNATiON (New Edition)
Shinsouban iLLUMiNATiON

Story and Art : Tomoko Yamashita
ヤマシタ トモコ

Publisher : Shodensha Publishing Co., Ltd.



Naomi Koya
Ryuuji Mikita

A 29-year-old greengrocer and Ryuuji’s childhood friend. A known womanizer and idiot. Also harboring feelings for Ryuuji.
A 24-year-old bartender who’s amicable to people around him. Slept with Ryuuji once because he found him interesting and then fell in love with him.


Kiyotoshi Sudo

A 29-year-old civil servant with a habit of drinking. He is Naomi’s childhood friend and is harboring feelings for him despite being attracted to women.


Ryuuji and Naomi are close childhood friends. Both had their share of relationships with women, so Ryuuji is frustrated as to why he’s had romantic feelings for the idiotic and oblivious Naomi all this time. While drinking his problems away, as usual, he meets the bartender Kiyotoshi who becomes interested in him, and the two ended up sleeping with each other.

Since then, everything went spiraling out of control between the three of them, especially for Ryuuji, whose heart seems to betray him.
© 2018 Tomoko Yamashita/SHODENSHA Publishing CO.,LTD.

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