If I Hadn’t Fallen in Love with You

Story and Art : Suji

If I Hadn’t Fallen in Love with You
If I Hadn’t Fallen in Love with You
Title : If I Hadn’t Fallen in Love with You
Kimi to Koi ni Ochiteinakereba

Story and Art : Suji

Publisher : Julian Publishing



Kakeru Misato
Kaoru Misato

The strait-laced newly appointed branch manager of the food department. Is a bit withdrawn but is actually just shy. Dislikes oily food.
The charismatic brother of Kakeru. Specializes in Italian Cuisine.


The loud and enthusiastic head chef of the Chinese Cuisine department. Has a good sense of justice and can be overprotective.


Yamato Corporation is one of the leading companies in the food industry. It lives by its motto, “A blissful food for all.” When the loud Head Chef Nono Seiji meets the new branch manager, the prim and proper Kakeru Misato, the two did not exactly get along due to Kakeru’s dislike for oily things. Nono took the said affront as an insult to Chinese cuisine. But when he finds out the real reason behind Kakeru’s behavior, he makes it his mission to make Kakeru food he will actually eat. What Nono didn’t count on are the feelings that came with it.
©Suji/J Publishing

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