I Didn’t Mean to Fall in Love

Story and Art : Minta Suzumaru

I Didn't Mean to Fall in Love
I Didn't Mean to Fall in Love
Title : I Didn’t Mean to Fall in Love
Koi wo Suru Tsumori wa Nakatta

Story and Art : Minta Suzumaru
鈴丸 みんた

Publisher : Home-Sha Inc.



Rou Nishijima
Yoshino Kiritani

A charming college student who’s a familiar face at the gay bar.
A thirty-year-old salaryman; looks like a catch on the outside but wishes someone would just catch him…


Yoshino is gay, thirty, and definitely not flirty – he’s never even dated anyone. He seems to have accepted the fact that he’ll die alone, until one night, in a gay bar for the first time in his life, he meets young, charming silver-haired Rou and grabs some drinks with him. Yoshino is drawn to Rou’s mysterious charm and they spend the night together talking…one thing leads to another and suddenly that’s not the only thing they’re doing tonight…? A sloppy, happy love story between a handsome college student playing the game of love the easy way, and a working adult who has yet to know what love is.
© Minta Suzumaru 2019/Home-Sha Inc.

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