How Did It Come to This♥

Story and Art : Tomomi Sakana

Title : How Did It Come to This♥
Konna Koto ni Naru nante♥

Story and Art : Tomomi Sakana
魚 ともみ

Publisher : Libre Inc.



Sometimes, things just happen so fast..!

“How Did It Come to This ♥” & “How Did It Come to This ♥ Epilogue”: University student Youta Hazuki has just been bought for the night. To support his family of eight, Youta has taken up male prostitution and assigned his first client: Mr. Toudou. Youta can’t believe his luck; Mr. Toudou seems like such a gentleman!… or…
(Warning: Dubious Consent)

“Employee Dormitory: A Day Off” & “Employee Dormitory: Epilogue”: Ever since the company created a new rule that new hires and mentors have to live together, Saitou and Ozaki have been doing just that. But would living in such close quarters push them into feeling closer? What will Ozaki do when Saitou suddenly declares that he is moving out?

“Your Smile is Everything”: Mikado doesn’t really fit in. Although his junior from high school, Takamine, joined his company after him, he has had an easier time getting along with his colleagues. Mikado and Takamine get along well, but there’s something rooted deep inside that may make them burst at the seams…

“It’s a Good Day to be Friends”: Sanae, Youichi, and Kaname are good friends. So good that they do things that Kaname isn’t sure where the line between friends and lovers are anymore…
(Warning: sexual assault)

“Kiss・Kiss・Kiss”: Kouta just wants to kiss Mr. Akira while they do it, but… his hips won’t let them…

“Love in the Elevator”: Mr. Naoki is the apartment manager who makes sure the building is clean, and the tenants are content. When Chris, a troublesome resident, comes to tease Mr. Naoki, will he be able to satisfy him?

©Tomomi Sakana/libre

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