He Wants To Drown

Story and Art : Tadano

He Wants To Drown
Title : He Wants To Drown
Oboretai Kare

Story and Art : Tadano

Publisher : Media Soft Ltd.



A collection of stories about drowning in lust.

“He Wants to Drown”: Taji is weak in the summer heat. His nose bleeds and sweats through his uniform, much to Shitara’s delight. Shitara’s wandering mind comes up with vivid scenarios. Will Shitara ever act on those thoughts?

“Close and Open”: Asahina and Sakamaki can’t keep what happens in their bedroom a secret. With bruising on their wrists from being tied by ropes, who could? But who’s kink is it, really?

“Neverland: End”: Masazumi and Meguru are in their last year of university, a high-pressure time for students with job-hunting and senior theses. Although Masazumi seems to have it all figured out, Meguru is also trying to figure out, or rather, CONfigure, something else…

“Secret Promise”: The new transfer student Shizukui is warned of Kogome after his classmates found gay porn in his desk. But what will happen when Kogome finds out Shizukui’s secret?

“Full with You”: Negishi goes to college and is an aspiring musician in a band. To save money for the high costs of instrument maintenance, he cuts back on food. Needless to say, Negishi almost collapses and probably would’ve dwindled with hunger if it weren’t for Sasaki, the chef from the diner next door.
©︎ Tadano/Media Soft Ltd. 2016

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