Hard Biscuits

Story and Art : Midori Iwasawa

Hard Biscuits
Hard Biscuits
Title : Hard Biscuits

Story and Art : Midori Iwasawa
岩澤 美翠


Roppa Watanabe
Yuichi Makise

A former racer who seems to have the worst luck.
A skilled mechanic who specializes in stolen cars.


Roppa Watanabe’s been having a no-good, terrible day, but when unfortunate encounters with bratty kids and a gang member lead to him meeting a drop-dead gorgeous angel, he can’t help but fall in love at first sight! Sure the “angel” ran off with his wallet, but he still kinda wants to meet them again… but before that, he’s in the market for a mechanic, does anyone have any recommendations?
© Midori Iwasawa

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