Give Me a Nickname.

Story and Art: Niboshiko Arai

Give Me a Nickname.
Give Me a Nickname.
Title : Give Me a Nickname.
Adana wo Kure

Story and Art : Niboshiko Arai
新井 煮干し子

Publisher : Shodensha Publishing Co., Ltd.



Amou Takahito
A famous illustrator that stays away from the public light. Nobody knows anything about the mysterious “Amou Takahito” besides his drawings, but little do they know, through those drawings, everybody has already seen his most vulnerable side.
Famous and has girls swooning over even just his pictures. Lives with Amou and serves as a model for his drawings.


Amou Takahito is just a name to everybody. The name represents a mysterious illustrator that may be a woman, or maybe not?

José, on the other hand, has a face anybody would recognize. He and his bright smile are plastered across every magazine page, and everybody swoons.

The two almost opposites live together and somehow manage to balance Amou’s quiet and prickly personality and José’s brightness and loud volume under one roof.

What comes of a relationship between an anonymous artist craving zero love and a famous model with enough affection for two?

©︎ 2016 Niboshiko Arai/SHODENSHA Publishing CO.,LTD.

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