Get The Key To My Heart

Story and Art: Emi Mitsuki

Get The Key To My Heart
Get The Key To My Heart
Title : Get The Key To My Heart
Heart no Kagi wo Te ni Irero

Story and Art : Emi Mitsuki
三月 えみ

Publisher : Julian Publishing



Tarou Suzuki
Ryouta Shiga

A young recruit at the company. Always had a complex about his nondescript personality and common name, and is trying to prove his worth.
Suzuki’s boss. Used to date his sister, and still can’t get over their breakup. Recently he’s been spending more time with the younger Suzuki, though?


Suzuki’s barely settled into his new apartment when a drunk man appears on his doorstep, saying he reminded him of his ex while trying to steal a kiss. Suzuki can’t just leave this stranger out in the cold and decides to take him in for the night, where he doles out some pretty sound advice for a drunk guy. Empowered by his new “friend’s” words, Suzuki goes to work, where he finds out who the guy from yesterday was – Shiga, his new boss, and his big sister’s ex!
© Emi Mitsuki/J-Publishing

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