futekiya Valentine’s Day Survey: Favorite Romantic Scene Results

*WARNING: Reading this article may result in dokidoki overload*

In our special Valentine’s Day survey, we asked you which romantic scene on futekiya was your favorite. Thank you to everybody who responded! We picked five of those scenes to share with you all. But you have been warned, this article contains scenes that make the heart go crazy.

Beware spoilers! We have listed five scenes in alphabetical order along with their preview pages.

Below is a list of the titles we will mention.

Anti Platonic Yupopo Orishima
Bitter Like Light Nayuta Nago
Konekokawa and Koinumaru hal
Momo and Manji sawa sakura
Young Good Boyfriend Dayoo

Which scenes did you all vote for? Let’s find out!

Anti Platonic by Yupopo Orishima

Volume 1 Anti Platonic Part 3

futekiya Valentine’s Day Survey
Anti Platonic ©︎Yupopo Orishima/Julian Publishing
Anti Platonic ©︎Yupopo Orishima/Julian Publishing
Anti Platonic ©︎Yupopo Orishima/Julian Publishing

“It’s a small thing and is followed by a more direct confession, but I appreciate this scene the most because it represents how Ryouya has changed to respect Io’s boundaries and how Io is opening up and realizing he loves someone and isn’t just dating them for sex. It’s just a really cute scene that makes them feel like an actual couple.” — Dia


Bitter Like Light by Nayuta Nago

Volume 1 Chapter 3

futekiya Valentine’s Day Survey

©️Nayuta Nago 2019/Home-Sha Inc.

“Seeing Taguchi totally melt from being kissed by Morisaki in a way he never has was really heartwarming to read. It’s always nice to finally feel wanted when someone initiates contact with you when you’re always the one who has done it.” — Millia


Konekokawa and Koinumaru by hal

Volume 5 The First Konekokawa and Koinumaru

futekiya Valentine’s Day Survey


“It’s so cute and sweet! Yui obviously has had a hard time standing up for what he wants and I feel like this is a big step for him, even if it’s done in a very tsundere kind of way.” — Laura


Momo and Manji by sawa sakura

Volume 3 Chapter 18 Clam Hunting

futekiya Valentine’s Day Survey

©︎sawa sakura/Shodensha on BLUE comics

“The words and the place were perfectly romantic and sentimental. I adore the art and the words made it more excellent. It totally got me.” — hana

“The way Manji told his feelings to Momo makes my heart beat 💗💗💗” — rinrin


Young Good Boyfriend by Dayoo

Volume 1 Chapter 8 Fireworks

futekiya Valentine’s Day Survey

©Dayoo/Shodensha on BLUE comics

“I really like this scene because this is where everything came full circle for the couple.  It dawned on both how far their relationship had come. I like how thankful and grateful they were that they did not give up on each other. Mizusawa’s words really touched me because if it weren’t for that “mistake”, surely, they wouldn’t obtain the happiness that they found in each other. I also think that this is the climax of the story. This scene made Mizusawa stop being hesitant about whether or not he should be honest about his relationship with sensei. It was like he was saying, “screw it. I don’t care what other people say. I love sensei and he loves me. I want to brag about this happiness.” 🥺” — Psyche

Love is in the air~ Do you have a toothache yet from all of the sweetness?  Have you read all of these titles?


What do you think?

What scene is your favorite? Did you expect these scenes or titles? Let us know on Twitter which titles you think should have been on the list!

Thank you to those who responded and we hope you enjoy these lists! Be sure to swing by the futekiya Library when you want to read BL manga and support the artists!


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