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futekiya Top 10 Boys’ Love (BL) Titles (June 2020)

Here are ten most read BL titles on futekiya in June 2020!

Hello from futekiya! We are an online subscription service for Boys’ Love (BL) manga as well as a blog for BL-related news. Based on page views, here are the top 10 Boys’ Love (BL) titles from publishers read in the futekiya Library in June 2020!


1. Simplified Pervert Romance by Nanako Semori and Neg Sekihara

A lone wolf with a delinquent streak, Kashima enters high school with a reputation that scares off his classmates. Little do his classmates know, Kashima is not a typical delinquent: he is a masochist that enjoys being hit by guys.
Ryouji Sanada, despite Kashima’s reputation, goes out of his way to talk to Kashima on the first day of high school. Confused by Ryouji, Kashima rebuffs his handsome classmate. But, when Ryouji intervenes in one of Kashima’s fight (and attempt to get off), Kashima realizes that Ryouji might just have a secret “perversion” too…


2. Rational Pervert Romance by Nanako Semori and Neg Sekihara

Sho knew from a young age that he was gay, and everyone around him knew it and had generally been very supportive. He was also very clear that he had a specific fetish: a beautiful, red blush! Sho always thought he had a preference for the cute, blushing type, so he was surprised when he felt electricity flow through him at the sight of Nao blushing on stage while being forced to wear women’s clothes as part of a college event. Once Sho set his target on Nao, he thought he was extremely clear and upfront about his feelings for Nao, but it took Nao a little time to realize that Sho wasn’t joking at all – He really wanted to pin Nao down and have his way with him at any cost!



3. Public Sex by Rihara

Sei and Kanao have been friends since middle school, and now, they are roommates in college and look out for each other. But when Sei discovers Kanao’s secret, things take a big turn for their relationship – not only in friendship but also in sex. It turns out that public sex turns Kanao on, and Sei indulges him, thinking that they were just friends with benefits. But when their neighbor, Konno, expresses his interest in the two’s relationship, including their sex escapades, things get a bit more complicated than usual.



4. Cherry and Skirt by ko

Mikura, Natsuki’s best friend, wants to “shed his angel wings” and lose his damned virginity already, but like hell is Natsuki ever gonna let that happen! Under the guise of dressing up as Mikura’s “practice girlfriend,” Natsuki plots to distract him long enough until he never looks for a real girlfriend – but how far is he willing to go under the excuse of “practice”?




5. The Perfect Combo by Fumio Oketsu

Volleyball teammates Yuichi and Ryo were unstoppable on the court until a career-breaking injury forces Yuichi to walk away from it all. Years after, he’s a perfectly ordinary salaryman living a perfectly normal life – but what happens when he and Ryo meet again?





6. First Love Encounter by Wataru Nanatsuno

Mine thought his high school life would be just like a movie. He would fall in love, confess, and have a girlfriend.
But, that’s not how Mine’s high school love story goes.
Instead, Mine meets Hachikaku, a fellow student suffering from erectile dysfunction. Through a series of movie-esque jumps, Mine rouses Hachikaku’s slumbering junior.




7. The Demon Wants To Be A Good Boy by Memo Kamiya

Have you ever felt like there’s a push and pull inside your brain between good morals and evil desires? That’s your conscience and temptation talking, and we all have a pair of these – high school student Kenta Kodama is no exception. Kodama’s “Conscience” has been trying to keep his emotions and urges in check, but it hasn’t been easy, not with teenage libido and his own “Temptation” telling him it’s an excellent idea to get closer to his crush Hasumi!




8. I Didn’t Mean to Fall in Love by Minta Suzumaru

Yoshino is gay, thirty, and definitely not flirty – he’s never even dated anyone. He seems to have accepted the fact that he’ll die alone, until one night, in a gay bar for the first time in his life, he meets young, charming silver-haired Rou and grabs some drinks with him. Yoshino is drawn to Rou’s mysterious charm and they spend the night together talking…one thing leads to another and suddenly that’s not the only thing they’re doing tonight…? A sloppy, happy love story between a handsome college student playing the game of love the easy way, and a working adult who has yet to know what love is.



9. Sex with Chika! by Jimi Fumikawa

Sex with Chika! cover photoChika, Nao, and Ryo are all friends…with extra, extra benefits. During a threesome, Nao, a loving and mischevious boyfriend with plenty of affection to go around, proposes Chika try out being a bottom. At first, Chika refuses, but after some convincing from Nao, he eventually gives his ass up to Ryo. Once Chika and Ryo start doing it, a whole new door opens to their relationship.




10. Sweet Beast by Suji

Prim and proper Saeki has one dirty secret – a particular setup where he goes after straight men and has sex with them. So when he gets assigned as a teacher in a prestigious all-boys school – the undercover mission of Saeki’s nastiest dreams – he’s going to milk this chance for all it’s worth! But when Kei, Saeki’s student and target of his investigation, catches on to all of his secrets, what’s plan B?




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