futekiya Title of the Year 2020 Results

Which titles did you just have to rerereread?

We know there are BL titles on futekiya that you just can’t help but read over and over again, and for this survey, we wanted to know those titles which you think should be futekiya’s Title of the Year; the ones that are so sweet your teeth hurt, the ones that are so spicy your cheeks blush bright red, the ones that you’re glad no one can see your read history and say “again?” Yes, those titles.

After asking for your uke of the year, seme of the year, and couple of the year, you told us your favorite title for the year 2020! Thank you to everybody who submitted their responses. Again, we love to read everyone’s picks and the reasons why they like a particular title. We hope you continue to enjoy the titles in futekiya Library this year too!

We split up the results between publishers’ titles and independent titles! Will your favorites make it in the rankings? Make sure to check out our top semes, ukes, and couples of the year too!


Beware spoilers! Below is a list of the titles we will mention (in alphabetical order).

I Didn’t Mean to Fall in Love Minta Suzumaru
If I Could Touch Your Heart Tachibana
It’s Fine Even If It’s Just a Dream Ayu Yamane
Konekokawa and Koinumaru hal
Lust and Love in the New Academy Hana
Momo and Manji sawa sakura
My Little Inferno Nemui Asada
My Neighbor Was a Porn Star mec
One Room Angel Harada
Scapegoat Baby Makuno
Simplified Pervert Romance Nanako Semori, Neg Sekihara
The Omega Call Kobuchi
Yuki and Matsu Hidebu Takahashi

Which titles did you all vote for? Let’s find out!


Independent Division

Let’s start with our top 5 placing Independent titles in our Library!


5th place: Lust and Love in the New Academy by Hana


Full Bloom is a private all-boys academy known only by a few where students learn the arts of seduction. After his parents kick him out and his hookup rejects him, Moga Kagesumi enrolls in Full Bloom’s idol department to learn how to support himself. Moga might not be the classical image of an idol, but he catches the eye of Gabriel, a successful fashion icon. When Gabriel wins a date with Moga, Moga discovers his future might be filled with more love than he expected.




And right away, we have a three-way tie for 4th place!

4th place (tie): If I Could Touch Your Heart by Tachibana


After visiting Seiichiro Hasumi’s cafe for a magazine story, freelance writer Daisuke Anesaki can’t forget the warmth he felt there. His heart touched, Daisuke is determined to confess to Seiichiro and win him over.

4th place (tie): My Neighbor Was a Porn Star by mec


After a faltering acting career, Haruto Sakurai finds success as a porn actor. Haruto’s life would be pretty good if it weren’t for his stalker. Daily phone calls, presents, and the feeling of being watched have become part of his everyday life when Haruto meets his new neighbor, Chiaki. Unlike his stalker, Chiaki seems friendly and nice. But, as Haruto starts to feel closer to Chiaki, the stalker is becoming more intense!?


4th place (tie): It’s Fine Even If It’s Just a Dream by Ayu Yamane

© Ayu Yamane


After a scandalous allegation of sexual harassment destroys his career and blossoming romance with a subordinate, Kiyosaki transfers to the countryside. But, the past trauma still haunts Kiyosaki even as he tries to settle into a new job. In his office, Kiyosaki’s coworkers have plenty of small-town charm and introduce him to the best local place to eat. There, he meets the cook, Sou, a curiously silent young man. Kiyosaki continues to cross paths with Sou he gradually adjusts to his new reality. But, one fateful drunken night pulls Kiyosaki into Sou’s life…


In 3rd place, we have…

3rd place: Konekokawa and Koinumaru by hal

© hal

After failing to enter any of his top choice high schools, Yui Konekokawa feels like his life is ending right when it should start. When he meets his classmate, Jin Koinumaru, Yui finds the courage to pursue what he truly loves.


Our runner up is…

2nd place: Scapegoat Baby by Makuno

© Makuno

Aoi greets his regular customer Amamiya at the flower shop where he works, but for some reason today, the pale, handsome Amamiya seems extremely unwell, as if he were feeling anemic. When Amamiya smells a giant bouquet of roses, he seems to feel slightly better, but it isn’t nearly enough. Aoi accompanies him home to make sure he arrives safely, but things for Amamiya may be direr than Aoi realizes. To save Amamiya’s life in this moment of danger, Aoi realizes he may need to supply something much more intimate than flowers!


And our futekiya Title of the Year in the Independent Division goes to…

1st place: The Omega Call by Kobuchi

©︎ Kobuchi

The second son in a family of alphas, Shu Iwashiro expects to be just like his father and brother. Shu’s life and bright future shatter when he discovers he is an omega. Pressured by his family to hide his true nature, Shu pretends to be a beta. Every day, Shu hides that he is an omega from even his closest friend (and alpha), Kazushi. But, can Shu keep the facade up when his heat begins?

Congratulations to our Omegaverse title for grabbing the futekiya Title of the Year in the Independent Division!! And congratulations to those who voted for these top 5!


Publisher Division

Now onto the top 5 placing publisher titles!

5th place: Yuki and Matsu by Hidebu Takahashi

©︎ Hidebu Takahashi 2017/HOME-SHA

On a dark and snowy night, Sho-an drags home what he believes to be the corpse of a beautiful man. But, even though Sho-an is ready to reduce the body into medical supplies, he is dismayed to discover the body lives. Sho-an names his corpse-cum-patient Yuki and gains a houseguest that eats his food and keeps his bed warm throughout the year.


4th place: Simplified Pervert Romance by Nanako Semori and Neg Sekihara

©Nanako Semori/Neg Sekihara 2017/HOME-SHA

A lone wolf with a delinquent streak, Kashima enters high school with a reputation that scares off his classmates. Little do his classmates know, Kashima is not a typical delinquent: he is a masochist that enjoys being hit by guys.

Ryouji Sanada, despite Kashima’s reputation, goes out of his way to talk to Kashima on the first day of high school. Confused by Ryouji, Kashima rebuffs his handsome classmate. But, when Ryouji intervenes in one of Kashima’s fight (and attempt to get off), Kashima realizes that Ryouji might just have a secret “perversion” too…


We have a tie for 3rd place!


3rd place (tie): My Little Inferno by Nemui Asada

©︎ Nemui Asada/Shodensha on BLUE comics

Hitoshi Arai is just an average college student with a mediocre life. During high school, he was bullied for being fat and got stressed and anxious easily. He had hoped that college would give him a fresh new start, but he remains his ordinary lone self.

One night on his way home from his part-time job, Hitoshi accidentally bumps his bag of groceries into a car. He immediately inspects the car to see if he left any scratches while internally musing about Aladdin’s story. He is surprised when the trunk of the car pries itself opens, revealing an intimidating figure of a man who proceeds to take advantage of Hitoshi by letting him stay at his home. Intimidated and scared, Hitoshi does what the man wants. The man introduces himself as ‘Mah’ and thus, begins complicating Hitoshi’s ordinary life.


3rd place (tie): Momo and Manji by sawa sakura

©︎ sawa sakura/Shodensha on BLUE comics

In the latter half of the Bunsei Era, wandering musician Manji takes in former kagema Momo. In Manji’s fierce, passionate embrace, Momo finally understands how it feels like to be a lover on equal footing with his partner – and it feels just like a dream! With his heart by his side and the rest of their lives stretching out beyond them, will he ever get used to being this happy?


Our runner up is…

2nd place: I Didn’t Mean To Fall in Love by Minta Suzumaru

© Minta Suzumaru 2019/HOME-SHA

Yoshino is gay, thirty, and definitely not flirty – he’s never even dated anyone. He seems to have accepted the fact that he’ll die alone, until one night, in a gay bar for the first time in his life, he meets young, charming silver-haired Rou and grabs some drinks with him. Yoshino is drawn to Rou’s mysterious charm and they spend the night together talking…one thing leads to another and suddenly that’s not the only thing they’re doing tonight…? A sloppy, happy love story between a handsome college student playing the game of love the easy way, and a working adult who has yet to know what love is.


And finally in 1st place…

1st place: One Room Angel by Harada

©︎ Harada/Shodensha on BLUE comics

There are a lot of things that Kouki doesn’t have – no hobbies, no friends, no lover, no stable job, and no will to live. So when a random tussle with some kids gets him stabbed, he thinks maybe this is finally his ticket out of this crappy life. But just as he’s about to pass out he sees a beautiful “angel”… How is Kouki supposed to cope when less than a month later, he’s mysteriously healed, has astronomical bills to pay, and suddenly has the same beautiful angel as his amnesiac roommate?


Congratulations to both our number ones of 2020! How were the results?


What do you think?

What is your personal futekiya title this year? Did you expect these titles to be in our top rankings? Let us know on Twitter which titles you think should have been on the list!

Thank you to those who responded and we hope you enjoy these lists! Be sure to swing by the futekiya Library when you want to read BL manga and support the artists!


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