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futekiya September 2021 Releases *UPDATED*

Here are the titles coming out on futekiya this month!

Here’s our list of BL releases on futekiya this September 2021! We’re adding ten new BL titles from EIWA Publishing, Media Soft, and TORICO! Kei Ichikawa’s Blue Sky Complex will be released on September 25!

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Nightmare in the Art Room

Story and Art: Moccori Kirima
Release Date: September 6, 2021

How do you explain your dreams to someone? How do you explain your nightmares?
A collection of stories to lull you into the world of dreams… or nightmares.“Nightmare in the Art Room”: Rumors have been spreading throughout the school that Mr. Hizuki has a mysterious power that awakens his sixth sense. But that is exactly what drew Miyamae to ask Mr. Hizuki to be a model for his next painting. Reluctantly, Mr. Hizuki accepts and proceeds to spend intimate time with Miyamae… (Warning: Psychological horror and Rape)“Suspicious Sleep Paralysis”: Mr. Hizuki is having sixth sense problems again. But this time, they’re more than just dreams. Have you ever experienced the sensations of the dream world even though you are wide awake? (Warning: Sexual assault)“Library Molester”: Clearly, Mr. Hizuki is a popular teacher. Guys and ghosts love him. So what will he do when they come for him all at once? (Warning: Rape)“Eat Up!”: Ohsaki has a food fetish. When he sees whipped cream on Sato’s body, it makes him want to whip his cream. His lust is so ravenous that it becomes contagious, making Sato question his own desires.“It’s Not a Joke!”: Takahane is a bright and beautiful worker, as opposed to the unkept Saito, who seems angry all the time. What will blossom between the two opposites when Takahane sticks to Saito for months on end?

“Fascination”: Mr. Karasuma wanders into a desolate village and decides to stay at a quiet inn with a hot spring, managed by a beautiful master. Mr. Karasuma enjoys everything but the bugs. He can’t stand them. What can he do when he finds a bug has made its way into his yukata? (Warning: Rape)


The Revolutionary α

Story and Art: Kotaru Kashima
Release Date: September 6, 2021

In the Omegaverse, Alphas and Omegas stand at the opposite ends of privilege, but the two can form a bond that no other can interfere with. Betas, the majority of the population, experience neither the prestige that alphas call, nor the treatment that omegas endure. Simon is one such Beta. As the aide to Maurice, the eldest born Alpha son of the prestigious Séchelles name, Simon must cater to Maurice’s needs. And Maurice needs Simon. Determined to deter any Omega’s attempt to entice him into a bond, Maurice is set on “bonding” with Simon, whom he looks up to and admires. However, will Maurice’s duties, first and foremost as an Alpha, overtake his reasoning and human will?


My First Love: Big Honey

Story and Art: Jita
Release Date: September 13, 2021

A collection of stories about the unexplainable pangs that prickle your heart during the beginning stages of love.

“My First Love: Big Honey”: Tatsunori goes through relationships (and break-ups) like the seasons. He can only date guys that he finds attractive, guys that look like Keito, an old, unrequited love from high school. And as luck would have it, Tatsu and Keito meet again in university, but Keito looks nothing like he used to in high school.

“Roommates and Physical Bonding”: Kensei welcomes John, a foreign exchange student from America, into his apartment as a new roommate, a decision Kensei has regretted ever since, as John is a stickler for tidiness while Kensei is… well… not. Will the two ever be able to coexist peacefully? Or maybe there is some heart behind their bickering?

“Lovers’ Stairway”: Masa and Fuji know that everybody is doing it; they even witnessed it themselves in the school bathroom. But all they’ve ever done is a kiss. What will they do when a golden opportunity arises and they find themselves alone in a locked room?

“If This Feeling Can Be Called Love”: Misono has always been the shining star on a clear path to success. With top grades and social skills in high school, no one was surprised when he graduated from a famous university and entered a big-name trading company. But even on his elite path, there was one person Misono could never win over, much to his frustration. Sakura, the weird outcast of his class and was always unimpressed by Misono’s eliteness. What was it about Sakura that made Misono tick? And why is he still frustrated even when they meet again years after high school?


Love Sex Show

Story and Art: Kayou Amamiya
Release Date: September 13, 2021

Atsufumi is a performer for a membership-based show for sex. Atsufumi is excited to be popular, but is provoked by Mitsuki, another performer skilled in technique and control, who says his popularity is only because he is new. Atsufumi will not have such slander, and proclaims that he will make Mitsuki drop to his knees in pleasure. The two continue to bicker like an old couple… and continue to be paired up with each other for special events like the Sweetheart Play event! Will Mitsuki and Atsufumi be able to pull off a lovey-dovey act when they’re both determined to make each other cry?

“Succubus Brothers’ Extreme Lesson ❤︎”: Their job as a male succubus is to squeeze out the human male’s semen. Will one older brother be able to teach his ambitious younger brother his ways as a successful succubus?

“Ninja in Distress”: Soryu’s master, the Head of the Sakaida family, has been defeated. And just as the now-rogue ninja Soryu is trying to figure out how he can follow through on his mission, he is captured by none other than his master’s rival, Hitonari the Lord of Nyudo. Will Soryu be condemned to a treacherous fate, or will he find his new master and mission? (Warning: Rape)


Every Morning at 8

Story and Art: Yuri Takayoshi
Release Date: September 13, 2021

“Trouble Train”: Sano makes it a point to get on the same train at the same time every day. Not because it comes at the perfect time, but because it comes carrying the perfect man. One day, he finds him sleeping on the train. Trying to sneak a pic, Sano accidentally gets himself into a sticky situation…

“Behind Closed Doors”: Ryota Kawamura has recently been promoted to the 1st division of the sales department. Working alongside the top salespeople of the company, he wonders how on earth did the clumsy and careless Aizawa become the TOP earner?… Some say it has to do with alcohol… Time for Kawamura to investigate!

“Dr. Aoyama, Perverted Therapist”: Dr. Aoyama is a physical therapist. Takahashi is one of his patients. With a baby face like that, no one would suspect Takahashi to be hiding such a toned and muscular body. Even if Dr. Aoyama can resist his hands from wandering, he can’t resist his wild imagination…!

“My Visions Betray Me”: Nomura has always had a peculiar power that lets him glimpse into the future. They arrive as sudden migraines turned into visions, and as soon as it’s gone, the event takes place… except… His visions are always the exact opposite of what happens in reality! What an emotional rollercoaster, especially now that he has hopelessly fallen for his senior at work! How will he be able to handle a vision about him!?

“Their Situation”: Tetsuya Tanabe and Yuki Terasawa are the two most popular guys at their school. You would think they would get on well, but Yuki will never understand the mind of a womanizer like Tetsuya. So what will Yuki do when he’s Playboy Tetsuya’s next target!?


100 Million Man

Story and Art: Hinoakimitu
Release Date: September 20, 2021

Although he is an assistant manager, Michiya Matsukaze lives in a rickety old apartment and makes do with holes in his socks. He generously treats his subordinates every week and dotes on his pet hamster, Hamuo, although Hamuo is clearly trying to escape at every chance he gets. After one such attempt, Matsukaze runs into Klaus Sakakibara, who falls in love with Matsukaze instantly.

With the help of his butler Gramps (a secret magician that can turn animals into human form), Klaus schemes to make Matsukaze his forever. For a financially struggling single man like Matsukaze, what price will he write on his tag? Oh, and… should we go over that power that Gramps possesses…?


I Won’t Fall in Love with my Sex Friend

Story and Art: Ichino Ii
Release Date: September 20, 2021

Kyou can’t turn a blind eye when he sees his delicately pretty college senior Asahi in an argument with another man, but when Asahi holds him down and takes him to bed, he realizes he’s been worrying after the wrong kind of guy! Kyou may say he has feelings for his childhood friend, but is that reality holding up any good against the way Asahi makes him feel?


Matching Our Answers

Story and Art: Hikaru Murayoshi
Release Date: September 20, 2021

One night, Mayato found Ritsuya curled up on the side of the street with nothing to protect him from the winter cold.

With the money that his mother left him instead of her presence and affection, Mayato gifts a winter coat to Ritsuya. For Ritsuya, who was regularly beaten by his father, seeing Mayato was his first glimpse into a sense of normalcy and fun. The two begin meeting every week at the same park.

One day, even though they verbally agreed to meet at their regular park as per usual, Ritsuya doesn’t show up…

Warning: Child abuse, Drug use


Blue Sky Complex

Story and Art: Kei Ichikawa
Release Date: September 25, 2021

Narasaki always wished he had a quiet space to study in, so it should be a blessing in disguise that he gets roped into helping at the library reception desk, right? It doesn’t seem like such a great place when the other guy there happens to be a well-known troublemaker…but could this very unlikely duo find something even more unlikely in each other?


Watch Out For Those Pillowy Pecs

Story and Art: Wakachiko
Release Date: September 27, 2021

A collection of stories of people who took a bite from the forbidden fruit.

“Watch Out For Those Pillowy Pecs”: Ryuichi Handa is not used to the morning commuter trains. When the day comes where he has to experience being packed into a train carriage like a can of sardines, he inevitably topples over and lands… on a heavenly pile of pillowy pecs!?

“The One I Long For”: Ryusuke Ozaki used to be a world-class rugby player, someone that Ryota Tezuka looked up to. Tezuka admired him so much that he entered the university’s rugby team, where Ozaki coaches after his professional career. Little did he know, Coach Ozaki doesn’t just oversee the team’s rugby skills… (Warning: Sexual assault)

“Twin Genes”: Chiaki and Chiharu are identical twins and are treated as such until one day, Chiaki finally snaps and dyes his hair so that people wouldn’t mistake him for his brother. While Chiaki is adamant about being different, Chiharu convinces him that they are the same. (Warning: Incest, Rape)

“Sweet Daze”: Even if Dr. Mita still treats him like one, Shoma is not a child anymore, and clearly, his body can prove it.

“Sweet Confusion”: The continuation of ‘Sweet Daze.’

“The Abandoned Bride”: A secret laboratory on a nameless island goes through a silent eruption, and one human is left behind to take care of the last monster that guns and poisons can’t kill. But when the time comes, what will he do in the face of the monster he helped create?

“The Lost One’s Scars”: Nowadays, you can find anyone on the web, even people to die with. That exactly the kind of person Tetsuya sought and found. But a sudden change of plans leaves him alive and cared for, all thanks to his uncanny resemblance to someone significant. (Warning: Suicide)

“My Sin, You, and Our Memories”: Ever since someone posted Sanada’s innocent love letter to a girl in his elementary class in front of the whole class to see, he has had a phobia of girls, even through university. Feeling responsible for Sanada’s social life, Nagase, his friend from elementary school, tries to undo the knots of time.

“Beware of Office Romance”: The continuation of ‘Watch Out For Those Pillowy Pecs.’


After Waiting for a Kiss

Story and Art: Omayu
Release Date: September 27, 2021

Shun Nakanishi regularly has hectic work weeks as an editor of a weekly magazine. He often has to tough out long stakeouts to catch the latest scoop, leaving him with no time for any romantic relationships. No matter, Shun likes reserving professionals to relieve his built up stress and frustrations. He especially loves never seeing his one night stands again, after he’s had his fair share of deep kisses with them. But what will he do when he reserves Naoki, a young and lively prostitute who is just his type, but has one very strict rule AGAINST kissing…?


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