futekiya Seme of the Year 2020 Results

Which semes dominated their partners the rankings this year?

We asked you who you think should be the seme of the year and why –and wow did you let us know! We were happy to receive responses with top picks from a variety of the titles on futekiya! We enjoyed going through your answers and reading all of your reasons. Although we wish we could showcase all of the responses and all of the semes you picked, we had to narrow it down to the most popular bunch!

Check if your favorite is in the rankings! And let us know if your response was featured in the list!


Beware spoilers! Below is a list of the titles we will mention (in alphabetical order).

At 25:00, in Akasaka Hiroko Natsuno
Golden Sparkle Minta Suzumaru
How To Raise an Alpha You Love YUCCA FUKUSHIMA
I Didn’t Mean to Fall in Love Minta Suzumaru
Link and Ring Yuruco Tsuyuki
Rational Pervert Romance Nanako Semori, Neg Sekihara
Simplified Pervert Romance Nanako Semori, Neg Sekihara
TALIM: Nobody Knows About the Dragon’s Secrets YUKI KAZAMI
The Loose Cat series MIO TENNOHJI
Whimsical Jaguar Unohana
Yuki and Matsu Hidebu Takahashi


Which seme rose to the top this year? Let’s find out!


Starting with our 9th place seme, we have…

9th place: Arata Aso

from Whimsical Jaguar by Unohana

©︎ Unohana / Julian Publishing


In 8th place, we have a three-way tie between…

8th place (tie): Asami Hayama

from At 25:00, in Akasaka by Hiroko Natsuno

©︎Hiroko Natsuno/Shodensha on BLUE comics


8th place (tie): Tatsuro

from TALIM: Nobody Knows About the Dragon’s Secrets by YUKI KAZAMI



8th place (tie): Naoya Fujishima

from The Loose Cat series by MIO TENNOHJI



In 7th place is…

7th place: Bessho

from Link and Ring by Yuruco Tsuyuki

©︎ Yuruco Tsuyuki 2019/Home-Sha Inc.


In 6th place, we have…

6th place: Sho Uzuki

from Rational Pervert Romance by Nanako Semori and Neg Sekihara

©︎ Neg Sekihara 2018/©︎Nanako Semori 2018/HOME-SHA


We have another tie for 4th place…

4th place (tie): Yuzuru Mizusawa

from YOUNG BAD EDUCATION series by Dayoo

©︎Dayoo/Shodensha on BLUE comics


4th place (tie): Sho-an

from Yuki and Matsu by Hidebu Takahashi

©︎ Hidebu Takahashi 2017/HOME-SHA


For 3rd place, we have yet another tie!

3rd place (tie): Ryouji Sanada

from Simplified Pervert Romance by Nanako Semori and Neg Sekihara

©︎Nanako Semori, Neg Sekihara/Home-Sha Inc.


3rd place (tie): Suou

from How To Raise an Alpha You Love by YUCCA FUKUSHIMA




Runner up for Seme of the Year…

2nd place: Rou Nishijima

from I Didn’t Mean to Fall in Love by Minta Suzumaru

©︎ Minta Suzumaru 2019/Home-Sha Inc.


and finally… your Number One futekiya Seme of 2020…

1st place: Gaku Asada

from Golden Sparkle by Minta Suzumaru

©︎ Minta Suzumaru/Home-Sha Inc.


Did your favorites make it on the list? We received many submissions and are so excited to see the variety in your choices!


What do you think?

Who is your favorite seme this year? What do you like and dislike about these semes? Let us know on Twitter who you think should have been on the list!

Thank you to those who responded and we hope you enjoy these lists! Be sure to swing by the futekiya Library when you want to read BL manga and support the artists!


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