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futekiya October 2019 Boys’ Love Manga Releases!

Hello from futekiya and happy October!

While this month we don’t have many Halloween themed Boys’ Love (BL) manga or scary stories, futekiya is here to give you goosebumps with high-quality BL. Listed below are the titles we are releasing this month. There might also be surprise additions, so be sure to follow us on Twitter for new updates.

October 2019 futekiya Boys’ Love Manga Releases: Publishers


The Beautiful Greeness by Miecohouse Matsumoto header

The Beautiful Greenness Volume 2 (Utsukushii Yasai) by Miecohouse Matsumoto

Taro is a socially awkward 31-year-old with an unhealthy lifestyle and no intention of cooking his own meals. This all changes when he meets Haruki, the friendly neighborhood grocer. After forcing Taro to buy vegetables, Haruki encounters Taro in a public bath. One thing leads to another, and Taro and Haruki spend a drunken night that reveals Taro’s masochistic tendencies. Between feeding and pampering Taro, Haruki discovers he wants to smother Taro with his love.


Boys Love by Miecohouse Matsumoto banner

Boys Love! Volume 1 by Meicohouse Matsumoto

Nagi is an average high school student making his classmates jealous because he is friends with Gou, a top student, and Satoru, an amateur model. But, Gou and Satoru want to be more than just Nagi’s friend.

When Satoru finally makes a move on Nagi and Gou confesses his feelings, Nagi has to decide between the two…or does he?


Crazy Fruits (Rakka) by akabeko

Crazy Fruits (Rakka) by akabeko

Apple was the number one call boy at Fruity until a jilted client attacked his face. What future can Apple find after his fall from popularity now that he is “bruised fruit?” Crazy Fruits also contains “Crazy Fruits: Spin-off” (Call-boy manager x host) and “The House Where You Live” (40-year-old divorcee x housekeeper).


The Love of Calendula Banner

The Love of Calendula (Fuyu Shirazu no Koi) by Hiroko Natsuno

Even though Chihiro is Shuto’s cousin, his neighbor, and a guy, Shuto has had feelings for him for five years. Shuto knows nothing good could come from these feelings. That doesn’t stop Shuto from kissing his cousin…and touching himself. When Chihiro catches Shuto kissing him, Shuto soon realize his unrequited love might still have hope.


A Lotus Flower in the Mud by Tamekou banner

A Lotus Flower in the Mud (Deichu no Hasu) by Tamekou

Following the death of his parents, Motoharu raises his younger brother Akio. All on his own, Motoharu starts selling his body to make ends meet. Akio, an honors student with a bright future, often catches Motoharu sleeping with his “clients” and cleans up after him. But, despite the “perfect little brother” image, Akio harbors a dangerous brotherly love…


Sneaky Red by Thanat header

Sneaky Red (Volume 2) by Thanat

Lately, Misaki’s life has taken an odd turn. Going to work has become more difficult. It isn’t because he hates his job. Instead, Misaki is struggling to show his face at work because a brash college student called Kushiro is regularly bruising up his face. Misaki’s fights with Kushiro should have been normal. A typical jab here, an ordinary bruise there. But, as Kushiro keeps throwing the punches, Misaki realizes he might just like it. These brawls with Kushiro shouldn’t rouse… Misaki’s inner masochist, right?


Shinjuku Lucky Hole by Haruko Kumota header

Shinjuku Lucky Hole 2 by Haruko Kumota

After the sudden death of his debt-ridden father, Kumi’s past life as a high schooler ends forever. His future as a porn star begins when the yakuza throws Kumi into the care of Sakuma, a trainer of adult video talent. While Sakuma teaches Kumi the art of sex, Kumi can’t separate the feeling of love with sex. Flash forward years later. Kumi and Sakuma live together, work together, and sometimes even platonically share the same bed. They also found their own adult video production company called Lucky Hole. But, Kumi is never sure how Sakuma feels about him, especially when they both sleep around and never with each other. With their lives so intertwined and unraveled, what is their relationship?


The Vacation in Love manga banner

The Vacation in Love (Yuge to Yuuwaku no Vacances) by Sumako Kari

Exhausted from work and still recovering from the end of a five-year relationship, Suzaki swings by a nearby public bathhouse when his home bath breaks. Suzaki, much to his surprise, finds the public bath healing and starts visiting often. As he nurses his tired, naked body, Suzaki befriends Ken, an employee at the bathhouse….and notices Ken pays more attention to him than the other customers. Though Suzaki isn’t interested in men, Ken’s warming presence might make him think twice…


You're my Sex Star by Tamekou banner image

You’re My Sex Star (Boku no Sex Star) by Tamekou

Ibuki, a newly minted sex industry journalist, starts his career interviewing gay porn star Chihiro Yuki. But, when Ibuki tries to save Chihiro from a harassing director, he stumbles into his porn video debut!



Young Bad Education by Dayoo banner

Young Bad Education by Dayoo

Locked out of his home one day, Mizusawa runs across Takatsu, his homeroom teacher, drunk on a bench. In a stupor, Takatsu confesses he has been watching Mizusawa for three years and kisses him. Mizusawa had no interest in 37-year-old Takatsu…until that day. With a smirk on his face, Mizusawa begins teasing Takatsu about the incident, much to Takatsu’s horror. But, when Takatsu starts attending marriage interviews, Mizusawa realizes he wants his homeroom teacher. This volume also contains “You Wicked Spark,” a mature love story between a deliveryman and novelist.

October 2019 futekiya Boys’ Love Manga Releases: Independent Artists


Necktie and Praying Mantis manga by Ayu Yamane banner

Necktie and Praying Mantis (Nekutai to Kamakiri) by Ayu Yamane

A hardworking salaryman, Seiichi Natsuki has one weakness: he is scared of bugs. After work colleague Shun Tokita rescues him from one pesky praying mantis, Natsuki falls for Tokita and confesses to him. Tokita, though not initially attracted to men, accepts Natsuki’s feelings and deepens their relationship. But, when Natsuki faces pressure to have a family and marry, Natsuki realizes he might fear more than just insects…

This collection of short stories also includes “Firework of Daisies,” “A Normal Life,” “Those Who Sin Against Us,” and other touching stories by Ayu Yamane!


Teddy Bear de Cheri by Ritsuno banner

Teddy Bear de Cheri by Ritsuno

Without a home and parents, Nora struggles to make ends meet with his day job and night job despite being known as an “unsellable” male prostitute. But, one day during his night work, Nora meets Sherry, a young man unlike any of his other clients. As Sherry continues to visit Nora’s bed, Nora wonders if he has finally found a home.


Lust and Love in the New Academy by Hana

Full Bloom is a private all-boys academy known only by few where students learn the arts of seduction. After his parents kick him out and his hookup rejects him, Moga Kagesumi enrolls in Full Bloom’s idol department to learn how to support himself. Moga might not be the classical image of an idol, but he catches the eye of Gabriel, a successful fashion icon. When Gabriel wins a date with Moga, Moga discovers his future might be filled with more love than he expected.


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