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Here are futekiya's new titles for this month!

Here’s our list of BL releases on futekiya this November 2022! We’re adding twelve new BL titles from Tokyomangasha, ShuCream, Home-Sha, KAIOHSHA, and futurecomics.



Story and Art: Fumi Tsuyuhisa
Publisher: Tokyomangasha
Release date: November 2, 2022

Story Summary:
One seemingly regular day, Hikaru comes home to see an unrecognizable version of what he believes were his parents. Now, the only closest thing to family he has is his childhood friend, Ai. Watching each others’ backs and surviving together, Ai and Hikaru have to navigate a world after a disaster has struck, and danger sits around every corner. In a post-apocalyptic world, Hikaru learns that having someone important to you is vital in maintaining a will to survive… (CONTENT WARNING: depictions of sexual assault in Chapter 1; dubious consent)


Love and Howling

Story and Art: Masaru Masa
Publisher: Home-Sha Inc.
Release date: November 3, 2022

Story Summary:
For the first time in a long time, Rentaro’s visiting a remote, relatively unknown village named Oinu – where he and his mother used to live. Rentaro can’t remember much of where he spent his carefree childhood, and he definitely doesn’t remember anything about Oinu’s summer festival or its mysterious rural superstitions. Could the quiet, strangely helpful Shiro have the answers to all of Rentaro’s questions?


Wails of the Bound ;β

Story and Art: Keri Kusabi
Publisher: ShuCream
Release date: November 4, 2022

Story Summary:
A Beta who wanted to protect an Omega and an Omega betrayed by a Beta – The long-awaited sequel to the brilliant Omegaverse story by genius mangaka Keri Kusabi!! A new graduate, Sasabe, is assigned to Utou, who works for a major advertising agency and takes good care of by his subordinates. Even though the newcomer is cheeky, overly ambitious and shows a bad attitude right away, Utou feels that he can’t leave him alone. He soon finds out Sasabe’s secret: he has a predisposition to seduce people and stir up their sexual desire.

Betrayed by his best friends, oppressed by his parents… Sasabe just wants to get out of a life of suffering. He tries to hide his discriminated Omega status, and wants to move up relying only on his talent. Utou keeps watching over him, even helping him to relieve his pain when he goes on heat. But, his past inability to protect someone who was dear to him makes him hesitate to get close to Sasabe. In the meantime, unbeknown to them, the higher-ups have dirty plans for Sasabe… (CONTENT WARNING: Dubious Consent)


A Bouquet for Cowards

Story and Art: Miya Inomiya
Publisher: Tokyomangasha
Release date: November 9, 2022

Story Summary:
Kaoru Yase is a third-year college student and part-time florist doing his best. Running late to class one day, he accidentally bumps into professional pianist Kouichi Sumizome and spills his drink onto the pianist’s sheet music. While Koichi easily waves off everything as an accident, Kaoru is adamant about reimbursing him for the damage done. After a few stubborn tries, Kouichi relents Kaoru’s offer of a personalized bouquet.

Does a friendship then bloom between the two or maybe something more?


Kind of a Wolf

Story and Art: Machi Suehiro
Publisher: Home-Sha Inc.
Release date: November 10, 2022

Story Summary:
All Shiroki wants is a quiet life with his beloved pet cat Kedama, but his next-door neighbor Ogami is just so freaking noisy! Hayato does not want to get involved with that noisy guy, but when Kedama sneaks into Ogami’s room one night, Shiroki has little choice but to sneak in – and catch Ogami in the throes of his biggest secret.


Hatsujo Playroom

Story and Art: Shiramatsu
Publisher: ShuCream
Release date: November 11, 2022

Story Summary:
“I can’t believe this is getting me excited.”

Even after 10 years, Moriya can’t get over his unrequited love for former high school classmate Tsujimura. In spite of that, he has a sexual relationship with his boss, Nanamiya, who knows about his feelings. Tsujimura joins their company, and he and Moriya meet again after so long. Nanamiya whispers to Moriya – who is confused by the feelings he should have given up – saying: “If you’d like to confess your feelings to him, I’ll lend you a hand.”

Moriya dismisses it as a joke, but the same night the office suddenly goes out of power and he gets trapped alone with Tsujimura. On the monitor, the words: “If you wish to leave, then you must follow the orders given.” What was a light touch at first, gradually becomes more and more sexually intense. “I can’t do this…” Moriya’s thoughts can’t help him to resist the passion and the pleasure Tsujimura’s giving him… (CONTENT WARNING: Dubious Consent)


I’m a Dom and I Want You to Stroke My Head

Story and Art: KINACO
Publisher: Tokyomangasha
Release date: November 16, 2022

Story Summary:
Naoya Fushimi lives in a world where second genders are labeled as ‘dynamics,’ generally divided into two types: Doms and Subs. The former desires to dominate while the latter wants to be dominated. Being the only Dom teacher in the school he works at, Naoya has a reputation for being strict and intimidating, and he takes pride in it. As for his more private activities, there is no Sub he left unsatisfied with his plays. Though recently, he finds himself frustrated for no reason. When the new dynamics-specialized nurse, Kei Hoshina, enters the school, Naoya assumes the former as an unassuming Dom, but he couldn’t be more wrong.


The Man Who Shattered My World

Story and Art: Osamu Moriya
Publisher: ShuCream
Release date: November 18, 2022

Story Summary:
Tachibana is a top and loves cute and slender men. But, just when he thought he wanted to try something different, he meets Kuzumi. Tachibana believes him when he says he’s a bottom, and they go to a hotel room together. When he finally realizes there’s something strange going on, Kuzumi tells him with a devilish smile: “I like to turn guys like you into bitches on heat…” The merciless pleasure received from a suddenly changed man… it doesn’t take long for Tachibana to let go of his reason. Top x top BL love story swaying between pride and desire!


The Loose Cat Savors His Sweet Lips

Story and Art: Mio Tennohji
Publisher: KAIOHSHA
Release date: November 21, 2022

Story Summary:
The sequel to The Loose Cat Wags its Tail in Secret.

TV star Kyousuke and backstage staff Naoya Fujishima are in a happy and passionate relationship behind the scenes. Everything seems to be going well for them until Naoya’s best friend from high school, Youhei, also known as the famous top model ‘Light Tasaki,’ enters the picture. Kyousuke knows that he and Naoya are devoted to each other, but Youhei is acting too close for comfort. Can Kyousuke keep his cool from Youhei’s advances to Naoya?


Emotional Manhunt Omegaverse

Story and Art: Seria Yuki
Publisher: futurecomics Co.,Ltd.
Release date: November 23, 2022

Story Summary:
Alfred and Shouji both work in the National Police Special Investigation Team. Aside from being frequent partners in work, they have quite a complicated relationship. Shouji, an omega, is adamant about never having an alpha despite being in a physical relationship with Alfred. On the other hand, Alfred is set on convincing Shouji to become his official mate. Their attraction to one another is undeniable but will this be enough to tear down the walls Shouji set up for himself?


Cantata on the Ruled Line

Story and Art: Dento Hayane
Publisher: Home-Sha Inc.
Release date: November 24, 2022

Story Summary:
Youji Sakagami has never been a very social person, but for some reason, he finds himself spending a lot of time with Sawa, his only favorite sophomore. Youji might not know how to become a perfectly good friend, but he does know enough to keep his questions about Sawa’s perpetually-gloved hands to himself…



Story and Art: akabeko
Publisher: ShuCream
Release date: November 25, 2022

Story Summary:
“Be nice to the one you love!”

“You’re straight. I can’t win against women.”

Leo is a host, but he can’t forget Takahiro – a male prostitute who initiated him to anal sex – and now he can’t have sex with women anymore because of him. He begs Takahiro to sleep with him again, and they start living together as an extension of being friends with benefits – every day is a two-people orgy!

Just when Leo starts thinking he may be falling in love, one of his best customers asks him to sleep with her. Takahiro catches him in the act and loses his cool, angrily screwing him right in front of his customer…?! (CONTENT WARNING: Dubious Consent)




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