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futekiya May 2022 Releases

Here are the new titles coming out on futekiya this month!

Here’s our list of BL releases on futekiya this May 2022! We’re adding six BL titles from Libre, COMPASS, Shonengahosha, and TORICO!


Always the Three of Us, Okay? by Tomomi Sakana

Mio, Souichi, and Kazunori all met at a vocational school and became good friends. Although Souichi and Kazunori are younger, they look and act like they are older than Mio.

Mio knows his two best friends. Souichi is mature and always has his head on straight, while Souichi has a sharp tongue and constantly picks on Mio. But does he really know them?…

When Mio says something to upset the two, there’s no telling what they’ll do! (Warning: Dubious Consent)



A Room Where You Are by Otokichi

Shogo has a reputation of being the darling of homosexuals due to his looks, which made him a constant target for assault and bullying.

In Shogo’s fourth year in junior high, he was assigned by the teachers to move into a room managed by fifth-year honor student Yorihisa Katayama after Shogo’s previous roommate and their fifth-grade neighbor fought over him. Things are awkward between Shogo and Yorihisa, especially for the former; in the past, Yorihisa had found him in a compromising position after an altercation with another student.  Shogo feels as though Yorihisa would judge him, but to his surprise, Yorihisa treats him just like any other student and even expresses concern for him. To add to the ongoing tension between them, Shogo finds himself slowly falling for Yorihisa…



Sweeter Than Cake by Yuga Kuromiya

For Takuya Otsuki, his everyday routine after school is to pick up his brother Yuta at daycare, then go home and make dinner for the two of them, while their parents both work. He doesn’t stop by the game center, go out for karaoke, or visit cafes like the rest of his classmates. He is responsible for Yuta… who’s just disappeared into thin air!?

As big bro Takuya chases after his small but swift baby brother, he finally catches him at the park, ogling at some cakes held by a suspicious-looking red-haired man! Uh oh…

What will Takuya have to do to pay him back for the trouble Yuta has caused….?

Be his cake taster…?

Is that… some sort of euphemism…?



Gnossiennes: Two Young Men Learn About Love at a Brothel (Compiled Edition) by Makuya

Politician’s son Chiaki Nagayama really isn’t up to pulling the same power plays his father is best known for, not when he doesn’t seem to have enough greed in him to yearn for success. But that just might change after a night with his father’s scholar…



It’s Still Too Early to be Love (Complete Edition) by Ryo Ito

Motoharu Kano never really thought about anything so seriously in his life, but one day he hears something truly unexpected from an unassuming nerd and can’t stop thinking about it. Could someone as quiet and defenseless as honor student Katagiri ever say something so harsh?



Secret Flight -Business Class- by Ren Tamaki

Continuation of Secret Flight.

Yuzuru and Toshiyuki are currently in a relationship and deeply in love with each other. Toshiyuki proposes to Yuzuru to move to the apartment next to him once he gets out of the company’s dorms so they’ll be closer to each other. Yuzuru finds the idea appealing. Though, when a new crew member, Shoui Kouzu, enters the picture, what does it bode for the both of them?



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