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futekiya May 2021 Releases *UPDATED*

Here are the titles coming out on futekiya this month!

Here’s our list of the upcoming new releases on futekiya this May 2021! We’re releasing new volumes of itz’s Revival Blue, Hiroko Natsuno’s At 25:00, in Akasaka, and Thanat’s Sneaky Red! We’re also adding seven new Boys’ Love manga titles from Media Soft and futurecomics to the futekiya Library this month! We’re also releasing The Valley of Regret, a new title by independent creator Midori Iwasawa!


Revival Blue Volume 2 by itz

Release Date: May 3, 2021

It was the summer of 2009 when it all started for Minato. Fourteen years old and preparing for his high school entrance exams, he meets Naoki Okisaka, the long-term guest of a small guesthouse inn Minato’s mother runs.

Naoki, a Tokyo resident who once used to live in Minato’s town, immediately intrigues the young Minato who dreams of someday going to Tokyo and exploring the world outside of his small hometown. Minato drags Naoki along on his shenanigans with his best friend Akiyoshi all summer.

But eventually, the time comes for Naoki to go back to Tokyo and for everybody to return to their realities… but nobody really forgets the summer of 2009. Not even years after when Minato and Akiyoshi have grown up to be full-fledged adults.


My Childhood Friend Is Frustrated By His Desire For Me by Miwa

Release Date: May 10, 2021

Three months after Naoya blurted out a confession to his childhood friend, they’ve started holding hands, kissing, you know, the usual boyfriend starter pack. But recently, his boyfriend Shuichi has been afflicted by a severe thirst that only Naoya can quench – can he get over his fear long enough to put them out of their suffering?


The Valley of Regret by Midori Iwasawa

Release Date: May 15, 2021

Tanabe and Kouno from Hyuga, Miyazaki, both are accepted to attend “Seventh High School,” one of the most prestigious schools under the old education system.

What the two freshmen did not expect, though, was the bandit-like peers in the older classes.

Tanabe and Kouno must fight to protect themselves from the ruthless attempts of the upperclassmen and ensure they all come out in one piece. (Warning: Rape)


Dangerous Drugs of Sex by Yuki Mizuta

Release Date: May 17, 2021

When his fulfilling life goes down the drain, Katsuragi tries to end it all – only to be pulled back by a man he hasn’t ever met before. But is he really here to save him, or…? (Warning: Suicidal ideation, suicide attempt)


Even If It’s Not Fate by Senco Yoshimoto

Release Date: May 17, 2021

Some things are inexplicable, even if it’s not fate.

“Even If It’s Not Fate”: Koharu is a regular beta in college. His recent goal is to get a car, which is why he’s been helping out his family in delivering packages. One of the households Koharu regularly delivers to is Mr. Ubukata’s, even though he never seems home. Will Koharu ever find out what Mr. Ubukata is hiding?

“Profanity Encounter”: Shimoga and Naiya are loan sharks for Asato Finance. They hit up borrower’s houses and “ask” for their money. One such borrower is Mr. Hisayama, but as luck would have it, Shimoga and Naiya find him murdered in his home. The two loan sharks now have to track down Mr. Hisayama’s guarantor to collect their money… but that’s not all they got. (Warning: Dubious consent)


At 25:00, in Akasaka by Hiroko Natsuno header

At 25:00, in Akasaka Volume 2 by Hiroko Natsuno

Release Date: May 24, 2021

Yuki Shirasaki finally lands a huge role in TV drama Afternoon Dreams after years of toiling in theater. With popular actor Asami Hayama as his costar, Shirasaki plays a gay character in a relationship. But, Shirasaki has zero dating experience with either men or women. Shirasaki struggles to express his character’s feelings and takes drastic measures to become a better actor.
To better embrace his new role, Shirasaki goes to a gay bar to find someone to sleep with for the experience. There, he runs into Hayama. How will Shirasaki react when Asami offers him his body?


My Sweet Husky Papa by Lyla Katagiri

Release Date: May 24, 2021

Young, attractive single dad Seiichi Hasuki looks like the type of guy who’d get a girl at one of these dating parties, but as soon as he opens his mouth and fawns over his son, everyone immediately scurries away. But one night, a surprisingly fun dinner with fellow failed attendee Inukai just might blossom into something more…?


The salaryman who has a fetish for suit gets horny. by Kazuki Minamoto

Release Date: May 24, 2021

Suit fetishes are a blessing and a curse…

“The Agony of the Suit-Fetish Salaryman”: Yoji Abe is a 35-year-old salaryman with a fetish for men in suits. But, being surrounded by temptation may not be all that, especially if he has a job and reputation to keep!

“Creampie in a Suit”: Yoji Abe is back, but this time, he’s off-work hours.

“It Hurts, It Hurts…!”: Kuroiwa is the renowned delinquent of his school, prompting his teacher, Mr. Shinjo, to discipline him. But what nobody else besides the two of them knows is that he gets off when Mr. Shinjo tries to “teach him a lesson” with his fists.

“Goodbye, My Darling”: Mr. Hayami is the strict but kind boss that everybody admires. He is so nice that he lets his subordinate have his way with him at the office… or is there some other reason?

“A Tale of the Sea on a Midsummer’s Night”: He fell asleep on the train and found himself at a station near the ocean. What else will he get himself into as he wanders around on the beach? (Warning: Dubious consent)

“The Engagement”: During the summer of their 17th year, Shintaro and Nishio changed. Eight years later, what do they think about that moment during that summer behind their school building?


Sneaky Red by Thanat header

Sneaky Red Volume 3 by Thanat

Release Date: May 31, 2021

Lately, Misaki’s life has taken an odd turn. Going to work has become more difficult. It isn’t because he hates his job. Instead, Misaki is struggling to show his face at work because a brash college student called Kushiro is regularly bruising up his face.
Misaki’s fights with Kushiro should have been normal. A typical jab here, an ordinary bruise there.
But, as Kushiro keeps throwing the punches, Misaki realizes he might just like it.
These brawls with Kushiro shouldn’t rouse… Misaki’s inner masochism, right?


Total Submission by Tsushiko

Release Date: May 31, 2021

In a world where humans have a “second sex” determining whether they’re a dominant or a submissive, you’d be forgiven for thinking rowdy delinquent Kikuma is a dom, through and through. After sending three students to the hospital, the school nurse tells him the truth he hadn’t been expecting – Kikuma was a sub all along! Surely this isn’t something his new roommate would figure out…?


The Wolf in Heat Likes His Professor♡ by Draw Two

Release Date: May 31, 2021

In a world where rare “Homo animalis,” humans with inhuman powers and appearances, live amongst ordinary people, high school student Tarou Furuya always gets summoned by Professor Akatsuki to help him with his Homo animalis research. How? By transforming into a werewolf in front of him, of course! But the more Tarou spends time in close quarters with his oblivious crush, the more he finds it hard to hold back on how he really feels! Is there a way he could get the Professor to lay a hand on him finally?


*Release dates subject to change without prior notice.


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