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futekiya March 2022 Releases

Here are the new titles coming out on futekiya this month!

Here’s our list of BL releases on futekiya this March 2022! We’re adding ten new BL titles from KAIOHSHA, Libre, Home-Sha, Parsola, and COMPASS!



Story and Art: Anji Seina
Release date: March 4, 2022

In this world, there exists four different human races: regular humans called Niers, those who carry genes of beasts of the sky called Vamps, those who carry genes of beasts of the land called Lycans, and those who carry genes of beasts of the water called Sirens. The latter three are called Beasts of Blood (B.O.B.)
Haruka is a simple Nier, the most populous of the races. He has grown up with his eccentric father – or rather, Haruka has grown up supporting his eccentric father and his spontaneous endeavors, his most recent surprise in store being marriage to a man with three kids of his own, all similar in age to Haruka. The only difference is that they are all B.O.B.s! Will the naive Nier Haruka survive his world being turned upside down!? Or will he be too dazzled by his new glamorous step-brothers…!?


King and Prince

Story and Art: Kou Fujisaki
Release date: March 4, 2022

Stories about Kings and their Prince Charmings.

“King and Prince” & “Later On…”: Atsushi, The Prince, can never win against his biggest rival Hayato, The King. Hayato can instantly change the air that Atsushi has worked so hard to liven up and maintain, and he can take to bed any girl that Atsushi has been eyeing with ease. Atsushi can’t stand Hayato and his effortlessly unnerving charm. But little does Atsushi know, The King is just as wound up about him as well.

“You Make for a Terrible Friend!”: Ever since the two became friends, people have said that Ryouji and Yuma are like night and day. Ryouji is outgoing and approachable, while Yuma is closed off and intimidating. But the two share a bond that is closer than anybody can imagine. Maybe closer than even they themselves thought!


Noid: The Star That Harbors Love

Story and Art: Poteto Ueno
Release date: March 4, 2022

In this world, a new alien species named Humanoids or “noids” roam the earth, indistinguishable from regular humans. However, the full moon triggers a transformation in them, though the shape they take differs between each noid. As such, noids are ostracized by society.

Near seems to be one such noid and suddenly appears in the mountains where Keiji lives. With no identity and no memories, Near (named “Near” by Keiji) has nowhere to go.

Keiji opens up his secluded home in the mountains to Near, knowing full well that what he was doing was a criminal act. But Near doesn’t seem dangerous, and Keiji would love the company. It can get so lonely up in the mountains…


The Amber Kiss ~ The Melancholy of a Handsome Researcher

Story: Yuuko Yuria, Art: Monaka Kuri
Release date: March 4, 2022

Jack and his researcher partner, Furio, teamed up to create a human-like android. Jack was in charge of the ‘vessel’ while Furio was in charge of the ‘mind.’ Their combined work and intelligence resulted in an exceptional android, Vincent Pérignon or V.

V’s handsome and charming features and penchant for teasing Jack have awakened feelings the researcher is hard-pressed to suppress. Falling in love with an android of his own creation is out of the question, more so a man. How long will Jack be able to resist, especially when the two of them start cohabiting?


Imaginary Boyfriend

Story and Art: Suiyoubi
Release date: March 11, 2022

Riku Chitose has a boyfriend. Yaichi Kaga. He is comfortable in social situations and having girls around him dress him up and play with his hair. But Riku knows a side of Yaichi that nobody else has seen: his cool side.

Coincidentally, Yaichi Kaga has a boyfriend, too. Riku Chitose. He is always so cool and composed. But Yaichi knows a side of Riku that nobody else has seen: his adorable side.

Yaichi and Riku go on dates, hug, and kiss.

Yaichi and Riku are merrily in love with their boyfriends.

Who knows, maybe one day they’ll finally be able to talk to each other.


When You Wake Up Tomorrow

Story and Art: Dento Hayane
Release date: March 11, 2022

Hironori and Kento have been live-in boyfriends for three months. One average morning, as Hironori was enjoying a cup of coffee, Kento asked a question, “Can I fuck you during your sleep when you look like you’re in good shape?” ー much to Hironori’s surprise. While Kento ended up waving it off, Hironori was plagued with the thought for the rest of the day.

Hironori then reminiscences over the day he met Kento and the events that led them to their current relationship. One thing is sure, as long as it’s with each other, anything and everything is enough.


Love is Found 2 Meters Underground

Story and Art: Sasaru Imai
Release date: March 18, 2022

Sasayama always liked History, but how different is reading about it from actually getting to hold historical artifacts in his hands? That’s what he’s begun to find out when his overexcited senior Minami “convinces” him to join their Arch-Research Club. Sasayama insists that part of the reason why he goes along with this isn’t because he thinks Minami is cute sometimes, but why are his sudden, frustrating dreams about him painting a completely different story?



Story and Art: Haruka Minami
Release date: March 18, 2022

Between his busy early mornings and frantic all-nighters, new salaryman Kei quickly realizes that his body can’t keep up with all the work he’s been taking on. Thanks to his coworkers’ suggestions, he takes the plunge and goes for a multi-session, full-body aromatherapy massage – but is his body really supposed to be reacting to the cool, attractive masseuse like this?


Sweetie Agape

Story and Art: Potato Yamamori
Release date: March 18, 2022

Father Lucas seems to attract misfortune wherever he goes. It all started with the fire that took his parents’ lives. Since then, he has met numerous pickpockets and swindlers. And now? He has stumbled upon a badly injured man, unconscious in the middle of the woods!
Lucas, alarmed, brings the man to the nearest church to tend to his wounds. By some miracle, the man wakes up soon after and seems almost completely recovered, even though the doctor said he might be out for another three days. Just who is this beautifully invincible man!? Has Lucas attracted yet another calamity…?



Young Boyfriend’s Love Management Habit

Story and Art: Hashigo Sakurabi
Release date: March 25, 2022

“Young Boyfriend’s Love Management Habit”: Izumi and Satoshi are university students, friends, and recently, like an owner and a pet. Izumi comes by Satoshi’s work desk almost every day to make sure he is fed and rested, like an owner. And Satoshi is always getting caught up in trouble and in need of rescuing, like a vulnerable pet. What if one day Izumi can’t take it anymore and becomes Satoshi’s trouble? (Warning: Sexual assault)

“Your Hand Please, My Prince”: Mineo has just recently been dumped by his girlfriend, and the only thing keeping his little heart going is magazines with pictures of cute idols. So when his professor tells him to show a literal Prince around the school, Mineo is less than enthusiastic. But perhaps this is exactly what he needed to fill that gaping hole in his heart.

“Offering Sadism to You”: Recently, Kyoya Misumi has been getting cast as the sadist lover because of his fierce looks. But those characters couldn’t be farther from his truth: Kyoya Misumi is a huge masochist. In cases like these, it’s the manager’s job to take care of their actor, right?


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