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futekiya Licenses Thanat’s Achira Kochira Bokura (New Edition) and 20 more titles from Home-sha Inc.

Annual Boys’ Love (BL) manga guidebook Kono BL ga Yabai ranked Achira Kochira Bokura (New Edition) as top BL manga for 2020.

Ikebukuro, Tokyo – futekiya, the online Boys’ Love (BL) manga subscription service, is happy to announce that the following titles from Home-Sha Inc.will be added to the futekiya Library during early 2020:

  1. Achira Kochira Bokura (New Edition) Vol. 1 and 2 by Thanat
  2. Rational Pervert Romance by Neg Sekihara and Nanako Semori
  3. Rational Pervert Romance After Story by Neg Sekihara and Nanako Semori
  4. Link and Ring by Yuruco Tsuyuki
  5. The Pure Knight’s☆Shining Journey Kaerimichi by Seika
  6. Koi wo Suru Tsumori wa Nakatta by Minta Suzumaru
  7. Koigokoro x Syndrome by Tomato Machida
  8. Houkago no Ghost by Nayuta Nago
  9. Like a Sugar by Nayuta Nago
  10. Bitter Like Light by Nayuta Nago
  11. Mukou no Hito by Poteto Ueno
  12. Katsutoshi by Poteto Ueno
  13. Yasashiku Furetai by Akira Sasayama
  14. Itoshi no Makura-chan by Kazusa Naruse
  15. Inoue-kun Hajimemasen ka? by Fujitobi
  16. Tenjite Koi to Iki by Dento Hayane
  17. My Little Doggy by echo
  18. Perfect Pink by Hasami Sahara
  19. HELLO by Miu Kouda
  20. more than red by Miu Kouda
  21. Seitokai Yakuin Toshite Mondaiji wo Kousei Saseteitara Nazeka Love Comedy ni Natteita Ken by Mitsu Hashimoto *

* The English translations of some of these titles may change.

Kono BL ga Yabai included three titles from the above list in its 2020 BL recommendation ranking: Achira Kochira Bokura (New Edition) by Thanat at No. 1, Rational Pervert Romance by Neg Sekihara and Nanako Semori at No. 5. Link and Ring by Yuruco Tsuyuki also made it to the ranking.

In late 2019, futekiya licensed two more Home-Sha Inc. titles that appeared in Kono BL ga Yabai 2020 ranking: Golden Sparkle by Minta Suzumaru and HEAVEN in the HELL by Mushiba. Kono BL ga Yabai is a yearly guidebook that releases a ranking of its top BL manga and novels recommendations as determined by more than 4,000 BL fans and experts.

Fans will be able to read the first chapters of these titles for free. Subscribers to futekiya will have access to the entire volume as well as the manga titles published by Shodensha Publishing Co. and independent BL artists in the futekiya Library.


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In 2018, futekiya began as a Boys Love manga news and culture website operated by FANTASISTA, INC., a CG/VR production studio based in Tokyo, Japan. futekiya transformed into a budding global distributor of officially licensed BL manga in 2019.

futekiya launched as an online subscription service for officially licensed BL manga on July 8, 2019. Determined to connect fans around the world with English-translated BL legally and conveniently, futekiya empowers readers to support creators and the manga industry.

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