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futekiya June 2022 Releases

Here are the new titles coming out on futekiya this month!

Here’s our list of BL releases on futekiya this June 2022! We’re adding eight new BL titles from Shusuisha, Libre, SHONENGAHOSHA, and TORICO!


Incubus Table Manners

Story and Art: Enuko Kuroki
Release date: June 3, 2022

Akira has absolutely no interest in being in a romantic relationship. As long as he can meet his sexual needs, he doesn’t really care about bothersome things like love.
So when an incubus (with wings and a pointy tail) approaches Akira with a proposal of just bodily relations, he accepts (maybe a bit too easily). Apparently, incubi view sex as humans view dinner. So… in a way, the incubus is simply just asking Akira to grab dinner with him. But how will the incubus take it when Akira asks the incubus to grab breakfast the next morning?


My Younger Stepbrother Can’t Keep His Hands Off Me!

Story and Art: Tomomi Sakana
Release date: June 3, 2022

Yukio Tanikawa always wanted a cute younger brother as an only child to a single father. But never did he think his wish could come true.

Suddenly, Yukio is going to be a big bro?! What a surprise! What a gift! What a… complete NIGHTMARE!

When he dreamt of having a brother, being groped and defiled was not a part of the plan. Now, not only does Yukio have to accept his father’s secret lover as his new dad, he must accept his perverted son Masumi as his new brother! All under the same roof!


Love Only You

Story and Art: Neko Kanda
Release date: June 10, 2022

Stories about being so in love with someone but being bad at expressing it.

“Love Only You”: Yamato and Yusei have been best friends since their first day of university. Yamato has, in a way, stood out next to Yusei for looking so plain. Yusei, on the other hand, looks like a prince out of a fairytale and has a new girlfriend every week. When Yamato confronts his own feelings for Yusei, will he be able to act like friends again?

“Deep Night Lover”: Akisada is the perfect man. He’s good at housework, runs multiple successful businesses, and is drop-dead gorgeous. Oh, and he’s good in the bedroom, too. Seeing his effortlessly flawless boyfriend, Masaki worries. Will his feelings of innocent jealousy ever get through to Mr. Perfect?

“Disciplinary Love”: Shiba has fallen in love at first sight with the cook at his part-time job, Takuma. Shiba has fallen in love with someone who has rejected his feelings even before he confesses them. But Shiba will persist. Somehow, his feelings will get through. But will Takuma’s limit come first?


Milk Me Dry (Serial Edition)

Story and Art: Matsubi Ichihana
Release date: June 10, 2022

Yuuki is your average university student. He gets his heart worked up, attends mixers, and has a very specific insecurity about his body: he can lactate.

He has not told a soul.

He does not plan on telling a soul.

But when his childhood friend Touma walks in on him in a compromising position, he has to come clean.

How will Touma react when he learns his childhood friend has randomly unlocked the ability to lactate? Was it even totally random?…


The Person I Fell in Love With is a Sub (Compiled Edition)

Story and Art: Haine
Release date: June 10, 2022

When Ai’s ex-boyfriend broke up with him with the notion Ai didn’t really love him, Ai was left devastated and at a loss. In his time of sadness, he meets Michi, a café manager who offered a helping hand and brought cheer to Ai’s depressed state.

In no time, Ai falls for Michi who’s also gay and currently single. Ai often daydreams of Michi topping him and took the courage to confess to him but was met with rejection. Still in love with Michi, Ai pursues Michi until the latter relents. Turns out, Michi is not as dominant as he looks.


Nipple Reward

Story and Art: Ikegami Shogo
Release date: June 17, 2022

Photography club student Shiro Akagi wants to submit a piece for the contest but doesn’t have a photo he feels is good enough. He certainly knows what he wants to take a photo of, though: muscles.♡

Shiro LOVES muscular bodies… and he has just found his muse. Akio Suga is a track and field club member who refuses every plea Shiro makes for Akio to be his model. Anybody who takes a look at the runner would be astonished by his fine figure. Who knew Akio had such strong insecurity about his… nipples? Shiro MUST find a way to capture his ideal body.


Executive Flight

Story and Art: Ren Tamaki
Release date: June 24, 2022

“Part 1” and “Part 2”: It has been ten years since Gai Kutani and Shougo Kanou’s aviation school days. However, Kanou changed course and became a highly skilled flight attendant after a sudden falling out. It has been ten years, but neither of them has forgotten. Will an executive flight together help them reconcile? Or will it serve as the perfect runway for revenge? (Warning: Rape)

“Flight 1”, “Flight 2,” and “The Final Flight”: Jun Mikimoto works at an airline company with his cousin, Rui, as his boss and his uncle as the airline’s managing director. And when Rui is the literal poster boy for the airline, Jun has mixed feelings about whether he is really suited for this job. However, one day he is unexpectedly requested to attend the upcoming flight carrying the Executive Chief Cabinet Secretary. Did they accidentally mix him up with Rui or…? (Warning: Rape)

“Extras”: Familiar faces from Secret Flight might make some appearances…!


Lecture Zone

Story and Art: Kiriko Higashizato
Release date: June 24, 2022

Yu meets his friends almost every day in a game called Amalthea Online. He feels comfortable around them and especially admires his teammate Kirito.
Kirito is the cool head of the team who leads everyone through battles and makes tough calls. Yu is the team’s star mage who resurrects everybody when they’re in a pinch.
Wanting to meet Kirito offline, Yu decides to accept the team’s invitation to meet up. Will they be expecting a pretty girl like Yu’s character? More importantly, how will Kirito react to the real-life Yu?
One thing leads to another, and that same night, Yu and Kirito are sharing the same bed?! Somebody is going to have to rez Yu IRL stat!



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