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Here are futekiya's new titles for this month!

Here’s our list of BL releases on futekiya this December 2022! We’re adding 13 new BL titles from Home-Sha, ShuCream, COMPASS, KAIOHSHA, futurecomics, and TOSUISHA.


Take Your Time

Story and Art: Taira Taga
Publisher: Home-Sha Inc.
Release date: December 1, 2022

Story Summary:
Shijima’s younger coworker says they’re in love with him. This is weird because they confess that Shijima forgot to slick his hair back today. This is unbelievable because this “younger coworker” is the cool and collected Takito — who’s also a dude! 

Shijima says this is just a bug in Takito’s emotions, and he’ll get over him in time, but how can he insist when Takito’s just so smitten with him?


Ask And You Will Receive

Story and Art: Niyama
Publisher: ShuCream Inc.
Release date: December 2, 2022

Story Summary:
A Casanova who loves one night stands and a beautiful, narcissistic “prince” — a seesaw love driven by irresistible instincts. Shinobu Urakawa is a dull office worker in the daytime, but at night, he turns into a playboy who can seduce any guy with a glance. He’s a top enjoying his double life… until Hikaru Omoteya, the detestable narcissistic “prince” of the sales department, turns up at his favorite gay bar.

Even though Hikaru is straight, he seems to enjoy the bar and keeps coming back, preventing Shinobu from enjoying his usual nightlife. But Shinobu realizes that Hikaru looks interested in him, and decides to use his charm as a weapon to regain his night oasis!

“I bet you were actually waiting for me to approach you.”

Will the pretty prince be able to resist him?


Flower and Dragon ~ a Spin-off of Kizuna ~

Story and Art: Kazuma Kodaka
Publisher: COMPASS Inc.
Release date: December 7, 2022

Story Summary:
At seven years old, Ryuji’s yakuza parents were murdered in front of him, leaving him so traumatized that he erased the memories from his mind and started living with his new mother, his biological aunt. 

At seventeen years old, Ryuji comes home one day to find his unknown past had caught up to him. While ten years ago his mind protected him by forgetting, now his body protects him by fighting blindly until nothing was left but dead bodies, pools of blood, and… his little brother Tomoya. What further hell awaits him in prison…? (CONTENT WARNING: Rape, Dubious Consent)


City Lights Birthday

Story and Art: Chika Hongo
Publisher: Home-Sha Inc.
Release date: December 8, 2022

Story Summary:
Being a beta in a world where alphas and omegas were destined for each other, Azuma had long accepted that there was no such thing as ‘fate’ for him. Still trying to get over a heartache from the past, he meets ‘Mahoro’ by chance one Christmas night. Pitying Mahoro’s unfortunate state, Azuma tries to offer help, despite being flustered.

While Mahoro refuses Azuma’s offer to stay at his house, he invites the latter to drop by his workplace as thanks. It turns out that Mahoro works in a brothel. As Azuma gets more drawn to Mahoro, he finds out that Mahoro is looking for someone: his fated partner. Against his better judgment, Azuma decides to help Mahoro.


I Won’t Say I Love You

Story and Art: Yahilo Caji
Publisher: ShuCream
Release date: December 9, 2022

Story Summary:
Minami Nashimoto came to Tokyo to pursue his dream to become a porn actor, but his debut will be on a gay video?! If that wasn’t enough, his colleague Yuma Honami, who becomes his trainer, is a sarcastic and unpleasant guy. He may be a star, but he’s too arrogant! 

But, as he spends time with him, Minami realizes that Yuma won’t let anyone get close because he’s just a very awkward guy, and Minami starts feeling that he can’t leave him alone… Cool and sadistic star actor & lively straight newcomer, from not-so-close colleagues to irreplaceable partners!


Beast’s Storm: Hold Me Baby!

Story and Art: Morry Kuroi
Publisher: KAIOHSHA
Release date: December 12, 2022

Story Summary:
A continuation of Beast’s Storm: Hug Me Baby.

In this world, there are humans without beast ears, and humans with beast ears called Bestia. After the ordeal with Sougo’s father, Akira and Sougo are spending one happy day at a time with their son, Shouta. A relaxing vacation in Hawaii brings them closer than ever, and it seems Shouta will soon be a big brother!

On another note, Sougo’s father, Soushi, is reunited with his first love: Yuu Ohara, one of Shouta’s daycare teachers. Memories between the two resurface, and they are still drawn to each other, just like the day they first met. Can the two of them finally have their happily ever after?


Fall Madly in Love and Sing: R. I. P.

Story and Art: miso
Publisher: futurecomics Co.,Ltd.
Release date: December 14, 2022

Story Summary:
KAI is a gang leader known for his rapping skills and less-than-pleasant dealings. His life had long been messed up with events he had no control over, and he had resigned himself to his current life. That is, until a poster leads him to a familiar face he hadn’t in years.

Hitoshi Kiritani is an average teacher trying to live up to his principles and forget a traumatic past. But KAI has other plans: to make him fall into the same hell as him. “Fall further to the deepest depths.” (CONTENT WARNING: Dubious Consent)


We Aren’t Secure

Story and Art: Yuco Sojima
Publisher: Home-Sha Inc.
Release date: December 15, 2022

Story Summary:
Motoki is the student council president known to be hard on alphas. He hates how most of society still decides superiority based on dynamics despite modern times. Being an omega himself, Motoki refuses to let his dynamic define him. To him, alphas are scum who can’t control their urges and instincts. However, there was an exception: his childhood friend Gou, who is unlike other alphas.

When Motoki’s suppressants go missing in his time of heat, he finds himself helpless against malicious alphas and is saved by Gou. But it seems that even Gou isn’t immune to the instincts of his dynamic. Will this be the end of their friendship?


Welcome to the Chem Lab

Story and Art: Shuw Morimoto
Publisher: TOSUISHA Co.,Ltd.
Release date: December 19, 2022

Story Summary:
School can be tough for students and teachers alike…

“Welcome to the Chem Lab”: Tsubaki and Kyohei have been close since university. Now, as teachers at the same school, they come to school together every morning, and leave together in the evening. The students have even created a wild setting where the two are romantically involved!

While gentle and timid, Tsubaki tries to clear up misunderstandings, playful and charming Kyohei only does things to fuel the fire. Tsubaki, although flustered, knows that it’s all in good fun. After all, they’re just close friends…

“Let’s Kiss!”: Yuki doesn’t understand why the school’s sparkling idol Jim has his eyes set on him. But never mind that! Right now, all Yuki can think about is running away!

Tired and determined to regain his freedom, Yuki challenges his admirer to a deal: if Yuki can receive star athlete Jim’s volleyball strike, he has to leave him alone for good! Will Yuki be able to handle these attacks from Jim?… (CONTENT WARNING: Dubious Consent)


A Lying Omega’s Guide to Getting Bitten

Story and Art: Megane
Publisher: Home-Sha Inc.
Release date: December 22, 2022

Story Summary:
Asahi Narumiya can’t stand his colleague, Itsuki Tsukishima. Before the latter was transferred to the company, Narumiya was top in sales. Now, Tsukishima is taking over his hard-earned spot. While Narumiya acknowledges Tsukishima’s talents, he can’t bring himself to like him as a person.

When Narumiya forgets his phone once, he returns to the office to find Tsukishima in heat, bringing to light that Tsukishima isn’t alpha like he stated on his resume but an omega. In exchange for Narumiya’s silence, Tsukishima offers the former to have his way with him and even offers Narumiya to bite him.

While Narumiya indulged in having sex with Tsukishima, biting him was out of the question. He hates him, after all. And so begins their complicated relationship.


Marking Omega

Story and Art: Ruri Fujikawa
Publisher: KAIOHSHA
Release date: December 23, 2022

Story Summary:
Tori Yoshida is a ‘flawed’ omega. Unlike other omegas, he has a unique constitution – he doesn’t go into heat, ever since puberty, and can’t smell or feel alpha pheromones.
While this may be a setback for normal omegas, it’s his saving grace that landed him his job as a teacher in a world where omegas are at a disadvantage. Everything is well until he meets the new teacher, Kei Hidaka, a supposedly beta.

Things happen, and as it turns out, Kei is actually an alpha, and it seems he triggered Tori’s first-ever heat. Now the two have to keep each other’s secret from the whole school while maintaining a purely physical relationship. That’s all it was, right?


Fascination Melt

Story and Art: Tomato Machida
Publisher: Home-Sha Inc.
Release date: December 29, 2022

Story Summary:
Laki is an incubus on the road to graduation from demon school. His graduation assignment: make the target fall in love with him without revealing confidential information regarding the demon world, including details of the graduation assignment. His target: Aoi Shiiba.

Posing as a homeless person, Laki manages to have Aoi invite him to his house. Things seem to be going well, and Aoi easily agrees to Laki’s offer of sex. But it turns out, Aoi is too good at sex that Laki’s identity as an incubus was exposed. Adding to the problem, Aoi sleeps with every woman who offers. Will Laki be able to make Aoi fall for him?


Replicant: The Love of Dolly the Sheep

Story and Art: Supokon Yamada
Publisher: futurecomics Co.,Ltd.
Release date: December 30, 2022

Story Summary:
In a world where World War III happened, and the human population decreased, scientific research was developed to address the problem: cloning technology. Chris and Seth are lead researchers of the lab that had successfully made the first perfect human clone in history. 

Even as best friends, the two harbor feelings for one another that goes beyond friendship. But Seth is soon to be engaged, leaving Chris to suppress his feelings to wish Seth happiness. To what ends will the two of them go?




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