futekiya Community Survey # 8 Responses: Who is Your Favorite Couple?

Which couple is your favorite from the futekiya titles?

After asking about your favorite semes and favorite ukes individually we asked who your favorite couple is from the titles on futekiya and why. We loved the variety in the couples and have summarized our favorite responses and reasons!

Beware spoilers! We have used snippets from different chapters in the titles to present your favorite couples. Below is a list of the titles we will mention (in order of appearance.)


At 25:00 in Akasaka Hiroko Natsuno
Boys Love! Miecohouse Matsumoto
Faded Picture Scroll Fujitobi
First Love Encounter Wataru Nanatsuno
First Love Story: Sou x Asahi Story favary Inc., Yukio Yugi, Kasui
Here and There and Us Thanat
Mood Indigo Maki Marukido
Baramutsu!! mec
Wanna Try Dating Inoue? Fujitobi
Young Good Boyfriend Dayoo
Golden Sparkle Minta Suzumaru
Love Awakening x Syndrome Tomato Machida
Simplified Pervert Romance Neg Sekihara, Nanako Semori
Yuki and Matsu Hidebu Takahashi

And now, here are your top couples!

14. Asami Hayama x Yuki Shirasaki

from At 25:00 in Akasaka by Hiroko Natsuno

I loved how Asami never forgot about Yuki and how Yuki was heartbroken when he found out Asami was in love with someone else, but finally were able to tell each other their feelings. I liked how they played a gay couple on screen and told each other sweet lines.” – 1234back

13. Satoru x Nagi x Gou

from Boys Love! by Miecohouse Matsumoto

“The way the three of them discover their feelings for each other and that they are in love with two people at once is really sweet. Gou and Nagi’s tenderness towards Satoru made me cry, their happy ending feels so earned and their feelings for each other feel so real and sweet. Plus it’s uncommon to find polyamorous relationships on BL, so it was a pleasant surprise to see it wasn’t the typical love triangle!” – guety

12. Izumo x Ryuta

from Faded Picture Scroll by Fujitobi

Because they’re cute, sweet and I love their dynamic.” – Anonymous

11. Hachikaku x Mine

from First Love Encounter by Wataru Nanatsuno

Their interactions are funny, and it’s nice to witness how they change for each other, and how they begin to cherish and respect each other even though they started off the wrong foot. And I simply love high school lovers!” – HanabiKat

10. Sou Kagaya x Asahi Nagamine

from First Love Story: Sou x Asahi Story by favary Inc., Yukio Yugi, Kasui

Because they are so cute! Asahi is a super shy smart guy and Sou is shy but romantic. ♡” – Asahi

9. Majima x Sonoki

from Here and There and Us by Thanat

because their relationship went from awkward to deep thanks to a realistic, mature and slow-paced building.” – slug

8. Shiro Kido x Rio Kijima

from Mood Indigo by Maki Marukido

[There is a] mature feeling.” – Jellybean

7. Hara Kantaro x Mutsumi

from Baramutsu!! by mec

“[They are] so cuute i love how they both didn’t start off as smooth but gradually fell in love as the story progressed.” – keira

6. Yuzuta Inoue x Kuroto Karasuma

from Wanna Try Dating Inoue? by Fujitobi

I know this said ‘favorite’ BUT I REALLY CAN’T PICK ONE :((” – keira

5. Kousaku Takatsu x Yuzuru Mizusawa

from Young Good Boyfriend by Dayoo

futekiya favorite couple results

I love May-September relationships – and this is one of the most endearing I’ve read in a long while. It’s always good to see a relationship unfold and develop over many chapters too and the chemistry (sorry!) between these two is believable and realistically portrayed by Dayoo. Lovely, expressive art too.” – Elysiara

4. Gaku Asada x Himari Uehara

from Golden Sparkle by Minta Suzumaru

futekiya favorite couple results

They are a very sweet duo who both help the other overcome their issues.” – ribka

“Himari is so innocent and Gaku loves him for that. Both learn to communicate. They are adorable!” – Nicole

3. Yoshitake Kigami x Yuuya Sano

from Love Awakening x Syndrome by Tomato Machida

futekiya favorite couple results

Sano’s pure and honest personality supports Kigami’s mature and experienced type well especially after the bad relationships he’s had in the past. They’re very cute together visually too (I’m a fan of Sano’s character design, haha).” – Kyu

“I like age gap cute student x teacher relationship it makes the story interesting~” – Koling

2. Ryouji Sanada x Yuki Kashima

from Simplified Pervert Romance by Neg Sekihara, Nanako Semori

futekiya favorite couple results

The uke is M and the seme is face-con both of them are perverts additionally the (kinda) SM sex is hot!” – Piefujo

“They are made for each other!” – Jin

And finally, our most popular couple…

1. Sho-an x Yuki

from Yuki and Matsu by Hidebu Takahashi

futekiya favorite couple results

It is a story like no other and their love for each other overcame a lot of obstacles. Their promise of love for each other lasted for a long loooong time. They really grew old together. It was beautiful. It was touching. It was poignant. And I’ll remember their story for a long time.” – commandermardukas

“They share roles, they talk to each other and try their best to understand each other.” – Steph

“I really like how devoted, supportive, and in love they are. They didn’t immediately fall hopelessly in love; they go through a lot of hardships and misunderstandings, but over the course of the series their relationship deepens to where they want to be together forever. It’s also nice that while they are very in love, they still fight and bicker.” – kitty-witty

“Both are complex characters, the relationship is equal and well written and the article is sublime.” – Maya

“Yuki takes lives, Sho-an saves lives. They are perfectly complementary.” – Fille Pourrie


What do you think?

Who is your favorite couple? Do you have dream couples with characters across different tiles? Let us know on Twitter who you think should have been on the list!

Thank you to those who responded and we hope everybody enjoys these little sneak-peeks! Be sure to swing by the futekiya Library if you want to read BL manga and support artists!


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