futekiya Community Survey # 6 Responses: Who is Your Favorite Seme?

Which character is your favorite seme from the futekiya titles?

In mid-May, we asked in our Community Survey who your favorite seme is from the titles on futekiya. Thank you for all the responses, we enjoyed seeing the results! Look no further, here is a line-up of the Seme Dream Team you never knew you needed.

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Beware spoilers! Those who would rather keep the uke and seme a surprise, below is a list of the titles we will mention.


Bitter Like Light Nago Nayuta
Boys Love! Matsumoto Miecohouse
Golden Sparkle Suzumaru Minta
Heaven in the HELL Mushiba
I Didn’t Mean to Fall in Love Suzumaru Minta
Link and Ring Tsuyuki Yuruco
Love Awakening x Syndrome Machida Tomato
My Dear Pillow Naruse Kazusa
My Little Doggy echo
Simplified Pervert Romance Neg Sekihara, Nanako Semori
The Beautiful Greenness Matsumoto Miecohouse
The Pure☆Knight’s Shining Journey Seika
You’re My Sex Star Tamekou
Young Bad Education / Young Good Boyfriend Dayoo
Yuki and Matsu Takahashi Hidebu


Without further ado, the line up of your Top 15 Seme characters!

Seme No. 1: Taguchi

from Bitter Like Light by Nago Nayuta

futekiya favorite seme


Seme No. 2: Gou

from Boys Love! by Matsumoto Miecohouse

futekiya favorite seme


Seme No. 3: Gaku Asada

from Golden Sparkle by Suzumaru Minta

futekiya favorite seme


Seme No. 4: Yutaka Amagumi

from Heaven in the HELL by Mushiba

futekiya favorite seme


Seme No. 5: Rou Nishijima

from I Didn’t Mean to Fall in Love by Suzumaru Minta

futekiya favorite seme


Seme No. 6: Bessho

from Link and Ring by Tsuyuki Yuruco

futekiya favorite seme


Seme No. 7: Yoshitake Kigami

from Love Awakening x Syndrome by Machida Tomato

futekiya favorite seme


Seme No. 8: Chihiro Kuno

from My Dear Pillow by Naruse Kazusa

futekiya favorite seme


Seme No. 9: Chappy

from My Little Doggy by echo


Seme No. 10: Ryouji Sanada

from Simplified Pervert Romance by Neg Sekihara, Semori Nanako


Seme No. 11: Haruki Fujita

from The Beautiful Greenness by Matsumoto Miecohouse


Seme No. 12: Elcielas

from The Pure☆Knight’s Shining Journey by Seika


Seme No. 13: Chihiro Yuki

from You’re My Sex Star by Tamekou


Seme No. 14: Yuzuru Mizusawa

from Young Bad Education / Young Good Boyfriend by Dayoo


Seme No. 15: Sho-an

from Yuki and Matsu by Takahashi Hidebu


What do you think?

Who are your favorite seme characters on futekiya? Let us know on Twitter who you think should have been on the list! We’d also love to hear your #futekiyaFirsts and #futekiyaRecs and #futekiyaReads!

Thank you to those who responded and we hope everybody enjoys these little sneak-peaks! We are currently conducting another Community Survey on your Favorite Couple so do check that out. In the meantime, be sure to swing by the futekiya Library if you want to read BL manga and support artists!


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