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futekiya Chapter Updates: September 2021 Week 5

Hello from futekiya! Here’s our list of Boys’ Love updates on futekiya on Week 5, September 2021. We added 2 new titles, plus more chapters of Matching Our Answers!

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After Waiting for a Kiss by Omayu *NEW*

episode. 1 –
Nakanishi doesn’t mind being kissed by strangers – but Nao does!

episode. 2 –
Even on a stakeout, all Shun can think about is Nao – and all the liplocks they can never share.

episode. 3 –
Nao asks Shun for a favor – help his sister out with studying for exams! How will their first day outside “work” feel like?

episode. 4 –
After Nao takes a break from his night job, Shun wonders what’s going on with him lately. But is that the least of his problems?

episode. 5 –
Will seeing Shun being held against someone else be what drives Nao to say how he really feels?

extras –
Shun wonders how Nao’s getting along with his new modeling job. Meanwhile, Nao wonders how many guys got to kiss Shun before him…

Story Summary:
Shun Nakanishi regularly has hectic work weeks as an editor of a weekly magazine. He often has to tough out long stakeouts to catch the latest scoop, leaving him with no time for any romantic relationships. No matter, Shun likes reserving professionals to relieve his built up stress and frustrations. He especially loves never seeing his one night stands again, after he’s had his fair share of deep kisses with them. But what will he do when he reserves Naoki, a young and lively prostitute who is just his type, but has one very strict rule AGAINST kissing…?



Watch Out For Those Pillowy Pecs by Wakachiko *NEW*

Watch Out For Those Pillowy Pecs –
All Ryuichi wants is to get to his job interview on time, but who is this well-built hot guy on the train?

The One I Long For –
Ryota joined the rugby club to meet his childhood hero Coach Ozaki again, but what he gets up to off the court is definitely not for children…

Twin Genes –
Everyone thinks Chiaki and Chiharu should be just like each other. Everyone…except for Chiaki himself.

Sweet Daze –
Today is Shoma’s last appointment with his dentist. But when the dentist sticks his hands inside Shoma’s mouth…

Sweet Confusion –
Shoma always waits for Dr. Mita to finish work. What will they be having for after-dinner dessert?

The Abandoned Bride –
A scientist left behind with his laboratory’s worst experiment has to deal with a familiar face from his past.

The Lost One’s Scars –
Both Tetsu and Shuji wanted to die tonight. But in each other, they might find a new reason to live.

Story Summary:

A collection of stories of people who took a bite from the forbidden fruit.
“Watch Out For Those Pillowy Pecs”: Ryuichi Handa is not used to the morning commuter trains. When the day comes where he has to experience being packed into a train carriage like a can of sardines, he inevitably topples over and lands… on a heavenly pile of pillowy pecs!?

“The One I Long For”: Ryusuke Ozaki used to be a world-class rugby player, someone that Ryota Tezuka looked up to. Tezuka admired him so much that he entered the university’s rugby team, where Ozaki coaches after his professional career. Little did he know, Coach Ozaki doesn’t just oversee the team’s rugby skills… (Warning: Sexual assault)

“Twin Genes”: Chiaki and Chiharu are identical twins and are treated as such until one day, Chiaki finally snaps and dyes his hair so that people wouldn’t mistake him for his brother. While Chiaki is adamant about being different, Chiharu convinces him that they are the same. (Warning: Incest, Rape)

“Sweet Daze”: Even if Dr. Mita still treats him like one, Shoma is not a child anymore, and clearly, his body can prove it.

“Sweet Confusion”: The continuation of ‘Sweet Daze.’ “The Abandoned Bride”: A secret laboratory on a nameless island goes through a silent eruption, and one human is left behind to take care of the last monster that guns and poisons can’t kill. But when the time comes, what will he do in the face of the monster he helped create?

“The Lost One’s Scars”: Nowadays, you can find anyone on the web, even people to die with. That is exactly the kind of person Tetsuya sought and found. But a sudden change of plans leaves him alive and cared for, all thanks to his uncanny resemblance to someone significant. (Warning: Suicide)

“My Sin, You, and Our Memories”: Ever since someone posted Manada’s innocent love letter to a girl in his elementary class in front of the whole class to see, he has had a phobia of girls, even through university. Feeling responsible for Manada’s social life, Nagase, his friend from elementary school, tries to undo the knots of time.

“Beware of Office Romance”: The continuation of ‘Watch Out For Those Pillowy Pecs.’



Matching Our Answers by Hikaru Murayoshi

Where has Rita been spending all his time working after school, and why doesn’t he want Marie to know about it?

Marie runs out of his house and into Rita’s home. Who will be the protector this time?

With Marie’s life in grave danger, how can Rita possibly get to him in time?

Without Rita by his side, Marie gives in to the dark thoughts consuming him whole.

Rita just wants to get better quickly so he can be reunited with Marie. Meanwhile, Marie checks on his mother…

Two summers after Marie left, Rita still yearns and searches for him. Meanwhile, Owner notices a familiar face from the distance…

Story Summary:
One night, Mayato found Ritsuya curled up on the side of the street with nothing to protect him from the winter cold. With the money that his mother left him instead of her presence and affection, Mayato gifts a winter coat to Ritsuya. For Ritsuya, who was regularly beaten by his father, seeing Mayato was his first glimpse into a sense of normalcy and fun. The two begin meeting every week at the same park. One day, even though they verbally agreed to meet at their regular park as per usual, Ritsuya doesn’t show up…
(Warning: child abuse, drug use)



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