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futekiya Chapter Updates: September 2021 Week 2

Here’s our list of chapter updates on futekiya on Week 2, September 2021. We added 2 new titles this week. We hope you enjoyed them!

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The Revolutionary α by Kotaru Kashima *NEW*

The Revolutionary α Chapter 1 –
Everyone wants to be mates with alpha Lord Maurice, but he already has his eyes on someone…

The Revolutionary α Chapter 2 –
Simon will always be by his beloved Lord Maurice’s side – even if they cannot ever be more than a master and his aide.

The Revolutionary α Chapter 3 –
Who is Lord Claude, and is there any truth behind him saying he’s Lord Maurice’s fated omega?

The Revolutionary α Chapter 4 –
Maurice takes the candle-holder in hand, and plunges down – will Claude be subjected to the alpha wrath Maurice so despises?

Order in Uniform –
Due to his spartan training, Major Miller’s men have been gossiping about him again. Is there anything his faithful adjutant can do to mellow him out?

The Revolutionary α Extra –
In the middle of the night, Maurice sneaks into his lover’s bedroom, and then…

Story Summary:
In the Omegaverse, Alphas and Omegas stand at the opposite ends of privilege, but the two can form a bond that no other can interfere with. Betas, the majority of the population, experience neither the prestige that alphas call, nor the treatment that omegas endure. Simon is one such Beta. As the aide to Maurice, the eldest born Alpha son of the prestigious Séchelles name, Simon must cater to Maurice’s needs. And Maurice needs Simon. Determined to deter any Omega’s attempt to entice him into a bond, Maurice is set on “bonding” with Simon, whom he looks up to and admires. However, will Maurice’s duties, first and foremost as an Alpha, overtake his reasoning and human will?



Nightmare in the Art Room by Moccori Kirima *NEW*

Miyamae is looking for a model for his painting – why does it have to be Mr. Hizuki?

Mr. Hizuki’s been having trouble sleeping. Do those wandering hands really belong to his sleep paralysis demon?

Higo and Toui have had their hearts broken way too many times before, so they decided to tag-team their way into love – how will Mr. Hizuki react?

Yesterday, Sato saw his regular customer Ohsaki’s weird weakness. Could this be right up his alley?

Months after his coworker Takahane started messing with him, Saito’s beginning to pay more attention.

Karasuma makes a detour into a deserted inn, near mountains that are probably haunted. Why is he the only guest here?

Story Summary:
How do you explain your dreams to someone? How do you explain your nightmares? A collection of stories to lull you into the world of dreams… or nightmares.

“Nightmare in the Art Room”: Rumors have been spreading throughout the school that Mr. Hizuki has a mysterious power that awakens his sixth sense. But that is exactly what drew Miyamae to ask Mr. Hizuki to be a model for his next painting. Reluctantly, Mr. Hizuki accepts and proceeds to spend intimate time with Miyamae… (Warning: Psychological horror and Rape)

“Suspicious Sleep Paralysis”: Mr. Hizuki is having sixth sense problems again. But this time, they’re more than just dreams. Have you ever experienced the sensations of the dream world even though you are wide awake? (Warning: Sexual assault)

“Library Molester”: Clearly, Mr. Hizuki is a popular teacher. Guys and ghosts love him. So what will he do when they come for him all at once? (Warning: Rape)

“Eat Up!”: Ohsaki has a food fetish. When he sees whipped cream on Sato’s body, it makes him want to whip his cream. His lust is so ravenous that it becomes contagious, making Sato question his own desires.

“It’s Not a Joke!”: Takahane is a bright and beautiful worker, as opposed to the unkept Saito, who seems angry all the time. What will blossom between the two opposites when Takahane sticks to Saito for months on end?

“Fascination”: Mr. Karasuma wanders into a desolate village and decides to stay at a quiet inn with a hot spring, managed by a beautiful master. Mr. Karasuma enjoys everything but the bugs. He can’t stand them. What can he do when he finds a bug has made its way into his yukata? (Warning: Rape)



Why Don’t We Start Sharing For Now? by Akira Kanbe and Minori Shima

Thanks to a little pep talk from his brother, Subaru decides to confess “Kannon”‘s real identity to Kanade. But is he even still home?

It seems like things have finally worked out for Subaru and Kanade. Is there still something Subaru forgot to tell him?

CHAPTER 10/ Author’s Comments/ First Publications –
Kanade’s dead-set on leaving Subaru behind over his last secret, but can Subaru still catch up to him?

Story Summary:
There are no limits to a person’s greed! Thinking they could go to the same high school together, Kanade was shocked to find out that his friend Subaru had disappeared without a trace… When they were younger, Kanade was always saving Crybaby Subaru from bullies. Realizing that he had to become stronger to ensure that Kanade would want to stay by his side, Subaru abruptly decides to go to America right before entering high school. Years later, they meet again. Kanade is head over heels for a popular model, Kannon, and Subaru… still looks as unreliable as ever. And yet, Kanade doesn’t recognize his old friend whatsoever. Determined to prove to Kanade that he has gotten cooler and more reliable over the years, Subaru devises a plan to have Kanade live with him. Thus begins their sharehouse lifestyle together. Wanting to show his growth before unveiling their shared history, Subaru keeps his true identity a secret. But little did Kanade know, that Subaru is hiding not only one, but TWO secret identities!?



You Haven’t Seen The Best Of Me! by Toi Meguri

Now that Sakuya knows how he feels, he doesn’t think he can support Akito’s love fully…

After one too many close calls, Yuuki decides it’s high time for Akito to finally meet the real Sakuya.

How is Sakuya supposed to focus on his studies when Akito is right here, so close to him?

Since they’ve spent this much time studying already, Yuuki invites Sakuya to stay with him and Akito for the night. Is this a good idea?

Akito seems to have been warming up to his new guy friend, but Sakuya and Yuuki can’t help but panic…

Akito and Hana have a date this Saturday. Will Yuuki’s impromptu takoyaki party idea cheer Sakuya up?

How is Yuuki so supportive of Sakuya’s feelings for Akito? Meanwhile, Akito and Hana go on their date.

Story Summary:
Sakuya and Yuuki are best friends in their second year of high school and are in dire need of excitement outside of school and studying. After finding out by chance that Sakuya’s older sister and Yuuki’s younger brother, Akito, are communicating online, Yuuki devises a plan wherein Sakuya poses as a girl to hit up Akito on the same social network. One thing leads to another, and Akito invites “Sakura” (Sakuya’s online persona) to meet offline. Thrilled, Sakuya accepts, knowing full well that he is going to have to do something about this Sakura/Sakuya discrepancy…


Like the Beast by Kotetsuko Yamamoto

Aki’s been seeing a suspicious guy hanging around Tomoharu’s apartment. Should he be worried about Ms. Fujii living next door instead?

One sleepless night, Aki’s hands begin to wander. What will Tomoharu do next?

Story Summary:
Tomoharu Ueda is content being a police officer in his neighborhood. He likes helping people, and in return, people like him. One night, he gets visited by a yakuza who turned out to be the victim of the underwear thief he caught the previous night. The yakuza is Aki Gotouda, the heir of the Gotouda group, who thanked him for catching the thief. To Tomoharu’s surprise, Aki confesses that he has feelings for him. Thus starts a forbidden relationship between a police officer and a yakuza…



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