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futekiya Chapter Updates: October 2022 Week 4

Here’s our list of Boys’ Love updates from Week 4, October 2022. Make sure you follow our Twitter account to stay up to date with new Boys’ Love manga releases!


Nothing Good Ever Comes From Love by Tamaki Kirishima *NEW*

Ryuuji has only two choices: be the Boss’s lover, or die. Is there no third option?

Ryuuji might have been teleported into his dad’s old home, but there’s no way he’s letting this guy take him to bed!

With his injuries getting better, Ryuuji decides to let the owner know how he’s been doing. Was this a good call?

In a battle between Nejiro and Mizuki, who will come out on top? Has anyone around them even noticed?

Mizuki’s powers are weakening at a distressing rate, but he will fulfill his promise to protect Ryuuji.

Their Happily Ever After (Final Chapter)
How long has it been since they met and fell in love? How long will it be until Mizuki gets left behind again?

Story Summary:
Ryuuji Narukami is the number one host at his club and can make any woman blush with a simple exchange of words. And to his surprise, Ryuuji can have that effect on men, as well. When Saeyama, the landowner of the club where Ryuuji works, confronts him about seducing women who are “off-limits,” he immediately takes a liking to the popular host’s face.

Saeyama’s loyal right-hand man, Nejiro, gives Ryuuji an ultimatum: be his boss’s lover, or die. What kind of messed-up game is he playing!? Just as Ryuuji thinks he has made the last decision of his life, he wakes up to find… a man with horns and a man who arises from the floor!? Where exactly is he? And how did he even get here? (CONTENT WARNING: Dubious Consent)


My Awful Boss Is My Secret Jerk-Off Partner by KINACO *NEW*

My Handsome Junior Is My Secret Jerk-Off Partner (Part 1)
Kase and Morishita didn’t use to be this way…until one fateful March night.

My Handsome Junior Is My Secret Jerk-Off Partner (Part 2)
It’s been two weeks since that night. How much hope should Morishita allow himself to have?

My Awful Boss Is My Secret Jerk-Off Partner Lesson 1
Momose has always kept his secret close. Too close, in fact, that he drives everyone away.

My Awful Boss Is My Secret Jerk-Off Partner Lesson 2
It’s been a month since their little arrangement and Uchiumi is still leaving Momose hanging. How long will this continue?

My Awful Boss Is My Secret Jerk-Off Partner Lesson 3
Momose thinks that he’s finally ready to tell Uchiumi how he feels. But who’s this Rui guy and how does he know Uchiumi?

A Hot Springs Trip Full of Horny Thoughts♡ /Extra (Final Chapter)
Our two lovely couples are on a nice relaxing hot springs trip…but what kind of relaxing is going on?Story

Story Summary:
Workplace romances may help workers expand their skillsets…

“My Handsome Junior is My Secret Jerk-Off Partner”: Morishita has always admired Kase from afar. How can someone be so perfect? But now is not the time to be distracted; Morishita must focus on his (technically his coworker’s) task at hand. It’s looking like it’ll be another late night for him at the office… with Kase…?

“My Awful Boss is My Secret Jerk-Off Partner”: Ever since Momose realized he was gay, he has kept it secret from those around him. Soon, he found himself isolated and unable to communicate with people properly. Momose is the polar opposite of his boss, Chief Uchiumi, who emits the sparkly aura of a beautiful social butterfly. Momose steers clear of him in every and all situations. It’s good he won’t ever have to interact with Uchiumi outside of work!


futekiya October 2022 new release: Save Serious Talk for Later

Save Serious Talk for Later by Ayu Yamane *NEW*

Dr. Kusaka just wants to read the night away with Keita. Are they really just friends?

Story Summary:
Dr. Kusaka from the pathology department is a very strict person. But outside the hospital’s four walls, Iori is an ordinary man who loves reading and spending time with Keita, the man who comes over to read books to the kids. Is there a reason why it seems like they can’t progress any further past friendship? (CONTENT WARNING: Sexual Assault)


Under My Skin by Iroha Usui *NEW*

Chapter 1
Takeshi Kudou is at a mixer to meet women. Of all people, why does he end up with this man?

Chapter 2
Kudou knows the rules he has to live by, but under Satou’s touch, everything breaks.

Chapter 3
Questions get asked and answered over drinks. Can Kudou finally admit he wants this in his life?

Chapter 4
Kudou doesn’t know what he should think about Satou’s words. Everything about him feels weirdly too sweet.

Chapter 5
Kudou is here at Satou’s workshop. How does Satou feel about having him around?

Chapter 6 (Final Chapter)
The more time Satou spends with Kudou, the more he falls in love. This is a good thing…right? Someone got beaten up and left behind Jin’s store. This can’t be good for business.

Story Summary:
“How did you manage to hide this lewdness under that suit?” Kudo is a successful elite office worker, but he’s always been regretting he didn’t know real love. When he meets younger – but daring and intriguing – carpenter Sato, he finds himself unable to resist the pleasure of being possessed by a man, even though, as a supposedly straight man, he feels he should find it demeaning.

But, Sato doesn’t hide that he’s serious about Kudo, and pushes him to go one step beyond the tentative, fake relationships he’s tried to build with women until now…?!

A grown-up first love story, vividly awaking the feelings you discover when you seriously fall for someone for the first time in your life. (CONTENT WARNING: Dubious Consent)




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