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futekiya Chapter Updates: October 2021 Week 1

Hello from futekiya! Here’s our list of Boys’ Love updates on futekiya on Week 1, October 2021. We added 4 new titles this week, as well as the rest of Watch Out For Those Pillowy Pecs!

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All That Pierces The Heart by Sumako Kari *NEW*

1 –
Akira swore he would never return to the house he ran away from, but now he really has to.

2 –
What exactly did Akira’s father leave behind for Shuu after his passing?

3 –
Was Shuu telling the truth about Akira’s dad leaving him the house? What decision will Akira make?

4 –
Akira goes back to Tokyo to see if there’s anything left for him. Where can he go home to?

5 –
Akira still wonders what Shuu was to his dad. But in the meantime, he has to learn how to cook.

6 –
Akira got himself a job at the school store, but how will things fare for him in the kitchen?

Who is this student named Abe, and why is he so fixated on Akira and Shuu living together?

Story Summary:
Akira Hinatsu resents his father. So much so that after graduating high school, he runs away from his home in the countryside to the big city of Tokyo. But as fate would have it, Akira has to go back to his hometown – something he never intended to do until now- after receiving the news of his father’s death. Everybody is surprised to learn that Akira is Mr. Hinatsu’s son. It hasn’t been that long since Akira’s disappearance, so why is everybody so shocked? Who else could they have thought his son was?



A Touch of the Love Bug by Juugorou Isaka *NEW*

Takamura may seem like an ordinary prep student, but what does he really want from Renge?

After Renge saw right through his entire disguise, how will Takamura face him again?

Renge knows he has nothing to gain from being with Takamura, but why does he want him to stay?

Takamura wants to learn the truth behind his second cancelled mission. Can he see Renge again?

Everyone’s at Renge’s bar for Takamura’s twentieth birthday. What present will he be getting?

Story Summary:

Takamura is an underling of the Kusamochi crime group who is on an undercover commission: to collect intel from the enemy crime group Koshiki, by seducing the enemy boss’ whore, Renge Mibu. Takamura then poses as a prep student who’s head-over-heels for Renge and frequents the bar the latter works at. Just when Takamura thought he had Renge at the palm of his hand, it turns out that Renge already knew everything about him and played Takamura instead. Takamura promises to claim revenge and Renge is amused enough to humor Takamura. Meanwhile, to everyone else, it’s no secret that the two of them are circling around each other. With yakuza and past memories at play, will the two of them be able to admit the feelings they have for each other?



Biting a Vampire by Abuku *NEW*

Momoichi always took pride in being the strongest, but what does Shirato have that he doesn’t?

Momoichi just can’t understand why he’s still not a vampire, despite drinking Rui’s blood.

Is there any particular reason why Rui doesn’t want his big brother around Momoichi?

Momoichi feels there’s something fishy behind Rui suddenly wanting to turn him. Can he figure out what it is?

Chiharu’s boyfriend Tomoya doesn’t seem to want to touch him, but why?

Momoichi spends some quality time with Rui in his wolf form, but where is he touching him?

Story Summary:
Momoichi Kuroda just wants to become stronger. He may have won all the fistfights he’s ever fought, but he just can’t help but think there’s a way to be even stronger than this. When he sees his classmate Shirato in a compromising position, he gets to witness his deepest, darkest secret – and the rare kind of “strength” Kuroda could only dream of having. So the question now is, will Shirato turn him into a vampire already!?



Flower Dust by Tokico Kirishiki *NEW*

Undercover cop Tsubaki is deeper undercover than anyone expected.

Tsubaki meets up with the new Inspector. Have they really been waiting for him to come back?

Tsubaki tries looking into the life Kajiro used to live without him. But what will he find out?

Tsubaki gets to talk to someone who knew how Kajiro got taken in. What story will he hear?

After Kajiro gets rushed to the hospital, Tsubaki finally feels something. What will he decide?

Now that they’ve gotten to this point, does Kajiro still want to take partners other than Tsubaki?

Story Summary:
Tsubaki is an undercover investigator who infiltrated the Soga gang to destroy the headquarters, the Shintou Group, as a whole. His plans came to a halt when the then successor of the Soga gang, Kajiro, saw right through Tsubaki. Rather than throw him out to the dogs, Kajiro let him determine his outcome. Meanwhile, Tsubaki finds out that the Senior Superintendent of the police department and the then head of the Soga gang were in collusion, driving Tsubaki to kill them both in a spontaneous frenzy. This awoke a hidden lust or blood in him that Kajiro accepted with open arms. Tsubaki chose to stay by Kajiro’s side, but his role as an undercover cop is still ongoing…



Blue Sky Complex by Kei Ichikawa

#03 –
Narasaki still can’t get the thought of Terashima’s “reward” out of his head. Will they ever meet again this summer?

Story Summary:
Narasaki always wished he had a quiet space to study in, so it should be a blessing in disguise that he gets roped into helping at the library reception desk, right? It doesn’t seem like such a great place when the other guy there happens to be a well-known troublemaker…but could this very unlikely duo find something even more unlikely in each other?



Watch Out For Those Pillowy Pecs by Wakachiko

My Sins, You, and Our Memories –
Thanks to a traumatic incident, Sanada grew up hating girls. What does his best friend Nagase have to do with it?

Beware of Office Romance/ Epilogue –
How has Handa’s hush-hush relationship with HR Manager Nikaido been doing these days?

Story Summary:

A collection of stories of people who took a bite from the forbidden fruit.
“Watch Out For Those Pillowy Pecs”: Ryuichi Handa is not used to the morning commuter trains. When the day comes where he has to experience being packed into a train carriage like a can of sardines, he inevitably topples over and lands… on a heavenly pile of pillowy pecs!?

“The One I Long For”: Ryusuke Ozaki used to be a world-class rugby player, someone that Ryota Tezuka looked up to. Tezuka admired him so much that he entered the university’s rugby team, where Ozaki coaches after his professional career. Little did he know, Coach Ozaki doesn’t just oversee the team’s rugby skills… (Warning: Sexual assault)

“Twin Genes”: Chiaki and Chiharu are identical twins and are treated as such until one day, Chiaki finally snaps and dyes his hair so that people wouldn’t mistake him for his brother. While Chiaki is adamant about being different, Chiharu convinces him that they are the same. (Warning: Incest, Rape)

“Sweet Daze”: Even if Dr. Mita still treats him like one, Shoma is not a child anymore, and clearly, his body can prove it.

“Sweet Confusion”: The continuation of ‘Sweet Daze.’ “The Abandoned Bride”: A secret laboratory on a nameless island goes through a silent eruption, and one human is left behind to take care of the last monster that guns and poisons can’t kill. But when the time comes, what will he do in the face of the monster he helped create?

“The Lost One’s Scars”: Nowadays, you can find anyone on the web, even people to die with. That is exactly the kind of person Tetsuya sought and found. But a sudden change of plans leaves him alive and cared for, all thanks to his uncanny resemblance to someone significant. (Warning: Suicide)

“My Sin, You, and Our Memories”: Ever since someone posted Manada’s innocent love letter to a girl in his elementary class in front of the whole class to see, he has had a phobia of girls, even through university. Feeling responsible for Manada’s social life, Nagase, his friend from elementary school, tries to undo the knots of time.

“Beware of Office Romance”: The continuation of ‘Watch Out For Those Pillowy Pecs.’



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