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futekiya Chapter Updates: November 2022 Week 4

Here’s our list of Boys’ Love updates from Week 4, November 2022. Make sure you follow our Twitter account to stay up to date with new Boys’ Love manga releases!


The Loose Cat Savors His Sweet Lips, by Mio Tennohji *NEW*

Act. 1
Kyousuke really wants to see how Naoya was as a kid. Helpful Kazuki’s got just the thing!

Act. 2
Naoya’s best friend Youhei has made his triumphant return. Kyo thinks he should put his hands where he can see them.

Act. 3
Youhei might be a pain in the butt, but he does give useful advice. How is Kyo supposed to learn how to walk in heels?

Act. 4
Naoya takes up Youhei’s offer of drinks. What is his best friend trying to start right now?

Act. 5
Youhei suggests a little competition – but what does this have to do with Naoya and Kyo’s relationship?

Act. 6 / Bonus: Don’t Play With Fire or You Might Get Burned (FINAL CHAPTER)
With confetti all over the runway, there’s no way the show can continue. Kyo has a plan, but he needs Youhei’s help!

Story Summary:
The sequel to The Loose Cat Wags its Tail in Secret.

TV star Kyousuke and backstage staff Naoya Fujishima are in a happy and passionate relationship behind the scenes. Everything seems to be going well for them until Naoya’s best friend from high school, Youhei, also known as the famous top model ‘Light Tasaki,’ enters the picture. Kyousuke knows that he and Naoya are devoted to each other, but Youhei is acting too close for comfort. Can Kyousuke keep his cool from Youhei’s advances to Naoya?


Emotional Manhunt Omegaverse, by Seria Yuki *NEW*

Alfred and Shouji juggle their partnership as undercover agents and “friends” with benefits.

Alfred thinks that everything would be so much easier if Shouji agrees to become his mate. Shouji doesn’t want that.

This mission’s next target is a beautiful alpha who used to know Alfred in the past. Shouji is definitely not jealous.

On his first mission, Alfred met Shouji as “Lai”, a formidable force in the backrooms of a seedy club.

Much like Alfred, Lai – rather, Shouji – has a mission of his own, and he won’t let Alfred stop him. But Alfred’s begun to notice…

Alfred wants Lai to be his mate, but why does Shouji want to push him away? Is there any way for this to end with both their missions passing?

It’s Shouji’s time to go undercover for this mission – but why does it have to be him, specifically, who approaches the mark this time?

8. An Artist’s Dream ….
It looks like Shouji’s “Lai” isn’t the only dark-haired omega in Daniel’s orbit. Who is Finn and what role does he play here?

9. Holiday / 10. Newly Drawn Pictures / 11. Afterword
Even on their day off, Shouji and Alfred work to keep the peace. Surely they deserve a little reward…

Story Summary:
Alfred and Shouji both work in the National Police Special Investigation Team. Aside from being frequent partners in work, they have quite a complicated relationship. Shouji, an omega, is adamant about never having an alpha despite being in a physical relationship with Alfred. On the other hand, Alfred is set on convincing Shouji to become his official mate. Their attraction to one another is undeniable but will this be enough to tear down the walls Shouji set up for himself?


Cantata on the Ruled Line, by Dento Hayane *NEW*

1. I Wrote My Secret in a Letter to You
Youji thinks that being around Sawa could make him a better person.

2. Sorry for the Sudden Dm. I’m a Huge Fan
Fanartist Suo’s favorite person has to be his favorite fanfic writer Minato. That doesn’t have to mean anything else.

3. An Invitation to the Back of His Hand. Happy Footsteps
Sawa watched as Youji grew into the manga artist he is today. Will he watch as his fear of Youji’s love brings them further apart?

4. To You, Though We May Be Far Apart. With All of My Love
Minato thought that Suo would always be some random person he met online, but even then, he was a light in the dark.

5. The Letter I Wrote for You Is Out Already /Extra (FINAL CHAPTER)
Youji wants to take his boyfriend on a hot springs date. The question is, will Sawa let him?

Story Summary:
Youji Sakagami has never been a very social person, but for some reason, he finds himself spending a lot of time with Sawa, his only favorite sophomore. Youji might not know how to become a perfectly good friend, but he does know enough to keep his questions about Sawa’s perpetually-gloved hands to himself…


Nectar, by akabeko *NEW*

Ringo’s time has ended, Tsukasa’s life has only begun. How will he say goodbye to this place?

Leo’s biggest spender wants to take him somewhere new. His boss – and lover – thinks he has to be there, too.

Leo wants Anzu to shut up about what he just saw at the club. What Anzu says instead gives him pause.

Leo and the boss have been avoiding each other for similarly different reasons. How are they supposed to fix this?

Now that they’re 100% totally in mutual love, Leo thinks that his lover is totally cute. Takahiro thinks the same about him.

The more Leo learns about Takahiro, the more he finds out just how painful it is to be out of the loop.

Story Summary:
“Be nice to the one you love!”

“You’re straight. I can’t win against women.”

Leo is a host, but he can’t forget Takahiro – a male prostitute who initiated him to anal sex – and now he can’t have sex with women anymore because of him. He begs Takahiro to sleep with him again, and they start living together as an extension of being friends with benefits – every day is a two-people orgy!

Just when Leo starts thinking he may be falling in love, one of his best customers asks him to sleep with her. Takahiro catches him in the act and loses his cool, angrily screwing him right in front of his customer…?! (CONTENT WARNING: Dubious Consent)




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