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futekiya Chapter Updates: November 2022 Week 2

Here’s our list of Boys’ Love updates from Week 2, November 2022. Make sure you follow our Twitter account to stay up to date with new Boys’ Love manga releases!


Like the Beast, Vol. 13 by Kotetsuko Yamamoto

Chapter 27, Part 1:
Kisaragi thinks that every moment he has with Yamase is special.

Chapter 27, Part 2:
Officer Yamase is on a very important date today. Unfortunately, he was watching something last night…

Chapter 28, Part 1:
Ayato wants to have a date, too. Can Aki and Tomoharu find someone who can keep up with him?

Chapter 28, Part 2:
Ayato lets his friends know what happened in the men’s restroom. What does Takeuchi think of him?

Mornings Off-Duty Are / Afterword:
It’s Tomoharu’s day off and Aki wants to leisurely enjoy it. His boyfriend has other plans.

Story Summary:
Tomoharu Ueda is content being a police officer in his neighborhood. He likes helping people, and in return, people like him. One night, he gets visited by a yakuza who turned to be the victim of the underwear thief he caught the previous night. The yakuza is Aki Gotouda, the heir of the Gotouda group, who thanked him for catching the thief. To Tomoharu’s surprise, Aki confesses that he has feelings for him. Thus starts a forbidden relationship between a police officer and a yakuza.


A Bouquet for Cowards, by Miya Inomiya *NEW*

First Movement
All Kaoru wanted was to apologize. This Mr. Sumizome just won’t let him.

Second Movement
Numerous meet-cutes and a whole bouquet later, Kaoru finds himself in an unexpected friendship.

Third Movement
Two unlikely friends have been slowly opening up to each other over dinner. How does Kouichi really feel about this?

Fourth Movement
Kaoru somehow wakes up cradled in Kouichi’s embrace. He runs away, of course, but did he really have to?

A Kiss Dyed Blue
Kouichi invited Kaoru to listen to his music, but Kaoru gets to hear his real feelings. Can he reply back?

Kaoru’s overseas for the first time, supporting his boyfriend’s work. It kind of feels like a honeymoon.

Story Summary:
Kaoru Yase is a third-year college student and part-time florist doing his best. Running late to class one day, he accidentally bumps into professional pianist Kouichi Sumizome and spills his drink onto the pianist’s sheet music. While Kouichi easily waves off everything as an accident, Kaoru is adamant about reimbursing him for the damage done. After a few stubborn tries, Kouichi relents Kaoru’s offer of a personalized bouquet. Does a friendship then bloom between the two or maybe something more?


Kind of a Wolf, by Machi Suehiro *NEW*

Chapter 1
Shiroki’s neighbor Ogami is just too damned loud, and he’s not afraid to complain about it.

Chapter 2
Hayato’s been spacing out since that night. What exactly happened between him and Shiroki?

Chapter 3
Shiroki never expected his new friend would like hanging out with him this much. Does he look single, Hayato?

Chapter 4
Hayato never thought he’d be this close with Shiroki. But the more their friendship blossoms, the more Hayato begins to hope…

Final Chapter
Rumors say Hayato got dumped by the man he’s interested in. Does this mean Shiroki lost his chance?

This is Hayato’s first full moon after getting a boyfriend. How have the side effects been going?

Story Summary:
All Shiroki wants is a quiet life with his beloved pet cat Kedama, but his next-door neighbor Ogami is just so freaking noisy! Hayato does not want to get involved with that noisy guy, but when Kedama sneaks into Ogami’s room one night, Shiroki has little choice but to sneak in – and catch Ogami in the throes of his biggest secret.


Hatsujo Playroom, by Shiramatsu *NEW*

room #1
Moriya has been dreaming of Tsujimura for the last ten years. He must never know.

room #2
Now that he’s locked in a room with his first love, does Moriya still want to go outside?

room #3
The Executive Director won’t just sit still and let these tasks go on quietly — he has something he wants Tsujimura to see.

room #4
Tsujimura assumes the worst and Moriya has to convince him otherwise. Can he finally say how he really feels?

another room #1
Susumu was not supposed to catch feelings for Moriya. But now that Moriya’s off-limits, does a certain someone have a chance?

another room #2 /bonus track (FINAL CHAPTER)
Sogo has always been by Susumu’s side, but never in the way he always wanted to be. Is this where he finally gives up?

Story Summary:
“I can’t believe this is getting me excited.”

Even after 10 years, Moriya can’t get over his unrequited love for former high school classmate Tsujimura. In spite of that, he has a sexual relationship with his boss, Nanamiya, who knows about his feelings. Tsujimura joins their company, and he and Moriya meet again after so long.

Nanamiya whispers to Moriya – who is confused by the feelings he should have given up – saying: “If you’d like to confess your feelings to him, I’ll lend you a hand.” Moriya dismisses it as a joke, but the same night the office suddenly goes out of power and he gets trapped alone with Tsujimura. On the monitor, the words: “If you wish to leave, then you must follow the orders given.”

What was a light touch at first, gradually becomes more and more sexually intense.

“I can’t do this…” Moriya’s thoughts can’t help him to resist the passion and the pleasure Tsujimura’s giving him… (CONTENT WARNING: Dubious Consent)




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