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futekiya Chapter Updates: November 2021 Week 1

Hello from futekiya! Here’s our list of Boys’ Love updates on futekiya from Week 1, November 2021. We added 3 new titles this week!

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Fragrant Beast. by AMESHIRO *NEW*

1 –
Every two days, Naruichi pulls Yoh into a bathroom stall and bites his neck…

2 –
Naruichi and Yoh may have grown up as family, but the one thing Yoh needs right now requires a lover’s touch.

3 –
If Naruichi doesn’t think of Yoh as family, then who is he to him? Also, who is this Chihiro guy?

4 –
As long as they’re together, Naruichi says, Yoh doesn’t need Chihiro’s suppressants.

5 –
Naruichi and Yoh go on a date。How much of it can Yoh even remember when his mind’s a mess?

6 –
Ever since their disastrous date, Naruichi hasn’t come back home to Yoh. Why is Chihiro the one answering his phone?

One ordinary day, Naruichi and Yoh have the most unexpected houseguest.

Story Summary:
Vampires in this world are not like the ones from the movies. Sunlight doesn’t affect them, they are not afraid of garlic, and they do not have superhuman abilities. But one element does remain true: vampires need to drink blood to survive. When Yohsuke is orphaned after a tragic accident, he is taken in by Naruichi’s parents. A family of vampires, naturally, they all believed that one day Yohsuke would also awaken to his vampire self, just as Naruichi did. And just as anticipated, Yohsuke goes through a transformation… but what awaited him on the other side weren’t the fangs of a vampire…!



My Grumpy Cousing Is Too Cute by Rito Takahira *NEW*

Recently, Togami’s cousin has been showing up on his doorstep every night.

Nao barges into Togami’s apartment and says they’ll be living together now. What is Togami supposed to think about this?

This is probably the first time Togami has ever really fought with Nao. Is there anything he should say to fix things between them?

Jin loves taking the lead in bed. But when a brat named Nachi somehow convinces him to let him stay the night…

How did Nachi, Nao’s best friend, fall in love with “older beauty” Jin in the first place?

Story Summary:

Haruki Togami adores his little cousin Naoki Koga. And Naoki, five years younger than Haruki, had been attached to Haruki since he was a baby. Over the years, Naoki grew from a cute crybaby into an angsty 18 year old high schooler, and Haruki doesn’t know how to act around him. Even though his beloved cousin is thorny and grumpy all the time, Haruki sees Naoki’s cute and soft side, but saying so just makes Naoki angrier. One night, after walking in on a suspicious bedroom scene between Haruki and his boss, Jin Fujioka, Naoki suddenly decides to move in with Haruki. Is Naoki really just looking out for his dear cousin?… Meanwhile, Jin Fujioka, the infamous playboy and hardcore top, runs into a young Nachi Konno. Literally. To make up for it, and with the hopes that he might get lucky, Jin lets Nachi stay at his place for the night. Oh did he miscalculate big time.



The Passing Summer by Futaba Aoi and Mitsuba Kurenai *NEW*

After losing a bet, Takao asks the sales clerk for help choosing an adult toy.

Mitsuru wonders how he and his lover Hitoshi can keep the mood going even when his neighbor might be hearing them through the wall.

People from the city have always been a curiosity to Shimpei, but Hiroto wants to be more than that for him.

Student Council President Suwa can do no wrong, but new transfer student and stand-in secretary Izumi begs to differ.

Story Summary:
“Toy’s Time”: After being drunkenly dared to go to the adult toy store to buy whatever the worker recommends, Takao finds himself in a heart-racingly risky situation! The attractive store owner is a bit too enthusiastic about his merchandise…

“The Lover Next Door”: Mitsuru and his lover, Hitoshi, go at it all the time and forget about the paper thin walls barely separating them from the resident next door. After coincidentally leaving Hitoshi’s apartment at the same time as his neighbor, Mitsuru hears something that would never be heard between two friendly neighbors making small talk: “You’re faking feeling good, aren’t you?”

“The Passing Summer”: In a small town where the hustling bustling life of Tokyo-ites is a foreign concept, a mysterious man from Tokyo buys a house. Shimpei visits the house and gets caught staring at the beautiful man sitting in the doorway…

“After School”: The student council president is perfect. He is calm, cool, and collected. Everybody admires him, wants to do work for him, and hopes to serve him. But the student council president is a people pleaser. He wants to do the work. He wants to serve others and make people happy. Will anybody ever hear his silent plea!?



Blue Sky Complex by Kei Ichikawa

What I Desire/ Afterword –
Chika seems all proactive about wanting to do the nasty with Natsuki lately.

Story Summary:
Narasaki always wished he had a quiet space to study in, so it should be a blessing in disguise that he gets roped into helping at the library reception desk, right? It doesn’t seem like such a great place when the other guy there happens to be a well-known troublemaker…but could this very unlikely duo find something even more unlikely in each other?



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