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futekiya Chapter Updates: November 2020 Week 3

Hello from futekiya! Here are the Chapter Updates of the Boys’ Love titles that we released in Week 3, November 2020. This week, we released full volumes of six new BL manga titles from KAIOHSHA! Check them out here

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My Boss is a Yapping, Mean-Spirited Fox Spirit by Nao Yurino and Hinako Niwatori

Awakening of the Fox God (4) Ch. 34 –
Tadatsugu is just so close to saving his beloved Ibuki, if only damned Uncle Mitsutoshi wasn’t in the way! Why is he so fixated on his little brother’s child anyway?

Story Summary:
Ibuki, a child of a fox spirit and a human, is despised by his fox spirit relatives due to his parentage. However, Ibuki’s own fox spirit abilities awaken at the age of 13 upon the death of his father, giving him close to godlike powers. To escape those who want to use his powers for devious purposes, Ibuki seals his powers away and hides in plain sight as the personal assistant of Tadatsugu, the next head of the Kuki family, the strongest of all fox spirit families. Despite Tadatsugu’s extremely intimate body touches, Ibuki works hard to be good at his job. But what happens when a god of death from Ibuki’s family tracks him down? How much longer can Ibuki run from those who want his power?


Happiness is Always Beside You by Aki Nohagi *NEW*

Satoru always has bad luck with his ex-girlfriends. Good thing his best friend Daichi’s always there for him!

Satoru’s been getting used to Daichi spoiling him all the time – and his work is beginning to suffer for it! Will he ever get used to relying on someone else?

High school student Kanata lives alone, but he always has enough food and time to spare for his helpless older neighbor Hayato.

All Ryo wanted was a (nonjudgmental) girlfriend. When he walks into two guys in the middle of doing it, he gets more than he ever asked for! What could one of these guys even want from him?

Ever since Nagaoka interviewed Shiba as an applicant, he’s always had a crush on him. Will they still remain as just coworkers after their company’s retreat?


Story Summary:
It was supposed to be the happiest day of Satoru’s life – until his bride left him at the altar for another woman! As he struggles to get his life back in order, it’s a good thing his old friend Daichi’s always there to look out for him – but is friendship really the only reason why Daichi’s keeping him here? Or had Satoru’s happiness been right beside him all along?


Would You Like to be a Family? by Koyama *NEW*

Takemura had never let anyone into his life until Natsui and his son Mori broke through his defenses.

The more time Take spends with Natsui, the more it feels like his entire life is changing. But will things still stay the same when Natsui finds out how he really feels?

When Kuma sees a guy burst out of his friend’s brother’s apartment in tears, he can’t help but wonder – can he help that guy smile again?

From the first time Psychology student Kodama met Business major Harada, he suspected there was something different about him. Is it something that can easily be explained away by facts and theories?

Mori’s excited to be moving into a new apartment with his family – but how can they get any packing done when Take and Masa keep getting all distracted?

Story Summary:
Takemura is a distant, workaholic designer in the planning division. While most of his officemates had given up on interacting with him, his loud co-worker Masaki Natsui is persistent on breaking his indifferent demeanor. When one trip to the convenience store leads to Takemura crossing paths with Masaki and his adopted son, Mori, everything changes for Takemura as he is pulled into a somewhat makeshift family dynamic with the two.


Short Distance Love by Natsuo Ito *NEW*

For the past 20 years, Dai had asked Kawacchi to marry him. What will Dai do when he says “yes”?

Ever since they could remember, Michihiko and Satoru have always been two peas in a pod – practically in sync in every conceivable way. Is this a good thing?

One uneventful night, cool barber Sousuke gets a new customer – Tooru Koshika, from the next town over. Why did he have to bike all the way to him?

Miyamoto never really had much to do with the world around him. Everything changes when his neighbor Miné bursts his way through the paper-thin wall separating their apartments…

Now that Daisuke and Kou have become lovers, there’s only one more thing they’ve gotta figure out – who’s the key and the lock in their relationship?

Story Summary:
The first time Daisuke had asked Kou to marry him, they were in kindergarten and he was rejected. But it’s not like this has stopped him – not when Daisuke’s been proposing every year for the past twenty years! Proposing and rejecting has happened so much between them that at this point, it almost feels less like something serious and more like a running joke. Has Daisuke ever thought about what he should do if ever Kou says yes?


The Loose Cat Can’t Stand Curiosity by Mio Tennohji *NEW*

ACT 1 –
Kyo’s used to sweet-talking his way to the top – but what can he gain from this Fujishima guy?

ACT 2 –
Why did Kyo turn down a perfectly good business opportunity just so he can be held by Fujishima one more time? Is this going to be a pattern with him?

ACT 3 –
Kyo gets himself an acting role for the first time, and he didn’t have to bend backwards to get it! Everything should be okay, but there’s just the little problem of his co-star…

ACT 4 –
The first time Naoya saw Kyousuke on screen, it wasn’t his best performance. Meanwhile, can being around Naoya give Kyousuke the strength to stand up to his past?

ACT 5 –
Kyosuke has to figure out why the character he’s about to portray is the way he is, but when the cameras stop rolling, the only thing he can really think about is Naoya!

ACT 6 –
When the paparazzi catch on to Kyosuke and Naoki’s relationship, Kyosuke has to decide how their relationship should become going forward.

Story Summary:
Model and TV personality Kyosuke believes that there is nothing he can’t get through his skills in the bedroom, and with his good looks and sexy body, the world is his oyster! When a staff member rebukes his advances one day, Kyosuke won’t just let it slide – but when this Fujishima actually takes him up on his offer, is Kyosuke ready for the feelings he’d end up awakening?


futekiya chapter updates july

Officer Newlywed by Mato Miduki and Mio

As the pieces fall into place, Chihiro and Junichiro have to make sure that neither of them fall into the same gruesome fate as Murase.

Story Summary:
In this solemn wedding ceremony, two people vow to be together for better and for worse… Chihiro, one of the sharpest members of the Metropolitan Police Department, and Junichiro, the head of the noble house and member of the House of Councillors Sanjo family, cap off their third month of dating with a hot and heavy wedding night! Just as they’re about to reach the climax of their happiness, a murder occurs in their hotel. With Junichiro as a suspect, can Chihiro find the real culprit and prove his beloved husband’s innocence? A hot and heavy erotic mystery!


Tyrant Boyfriend~6 UNDER GROUND~ (The Complete Edition) by Ukya Iwashimizu

Keigo’s coworkers tell him about a fireworks show in the area, and of course the first thing Keigo thinks about is to invite Kyoichiro! How will the night treat both of them?

Story Summary:
In the busy streets of Shinjuku, Keigo lives a careless life as a gangster. Before meeting Haiji and his gang, he was alone and unwanted. Now, Keigo is Haiji’s most treasured pet, and Haiji will end anyone who gets to lay a finger on him. In a world of violence, will these two be able to last?


The Loose Cat Can’t Resist Possessiveness by Mio Tennohji *NEW*

act. 1 –
Everything about Kyo had changed ever since he became lovers with Fujishima, but does he feel the same way? Meanwhile, a threatening letter makes its way to his inbox…

act. 2 –
During a photoshoot, something suspicious gets all over Kyo’s costume, ruining his entire schedule. How can he find a way to spend time with Fujishima now?

act. 3 –
After spending a steamy night with Kyo, Naoki realizes that he may be missing something important. So decides to go straight to the source – Kyo’s manager, Mr. Abe – but does he approve of their relationship?

act. 4 –
Naoki follows the smallest clues, hoping at least one of them would bring him closer to the identity of Kyousuke’s harasser. What did Akise say about hearing something at a club again…?

act. 5 –
Kyousuke wonders how he can surprise Fujishima the best, but little does he know about the evil that awaits him right outside his apartment door. Can Naoki get to him in time?

act. 6 / EXTRA – After episode –
Naoki finally has Kyousuke safe in his arms. Will justice finally catch up with Kyousuke’s violent stalker? And will Mr. Abe finally approve of their relationship?

Story Summary:
Kyosuke never thought that he’d ever be content with just one person, but now that he has Fujishima in his heart and on his bed, suddenly everything is different. From soft kisses to sharing spare keys, every first between the newly-minted lovers is uncharted territory, but with both their busy schedules it’s been hard to get some time just to themselves. Is this the biggest of their problems, however, when Kyosuke gets a threatening letter in the mail?


My Own Personal Direct Sales Agent by Hiro Mizusawa and Shou Kozakura

President Hananoi tells Todo over drinks what his plans are for his and Minato’s future. Does he realize the irony in asking Todo to help Minato prepare for his bride?

Story Summary:
Gloomy young programmer Minato falls for Todo, the ace of Yotsukoshi Department Store’s direct sales department and goes at him at full throttle. Moved by Minato’s passionate persistence, Todo finds becoming fonder of Minato… only to see Minato cozying up with the department store’s president at their anniversary party!? What will happen to this earnest first love between an elite sales agent who trusts no one and a prodigal son of a rich family?


The Loose Cat Sharpens Claws of Lust by Mio Tennohji *NEW*

act. 1 –
Rising star Kyo and his non-celeb BF finally get some time off. How long will this peace last?

act. 2 –
On his first day on set, Kyo finally gets to meet the irresistible Mr. Shin. How will Fujishima react to hearing his boyfriend talk all about another guy?

act. 3 –
Naoya knows he should support Kyo with his new role, but with each and every story he tells about Mr. Shin it feels like he’s drifting farther and farther away.

act. 4 –
Kyo may think that Naoya’s out-of-character aggressiveness is super hot, but what Naoya says worries him – “I hate this ‘me’.” How is Kyo going to focus on his work now?

act. 5 –
Mr. Shin gives Naoya an ultimatum – if Naoya doesn’t shape up and fix what’s going on between him and Kyo, he’ll take Kyo for himself! What will Naoya’s response be?

Thanks to Mr. Shin’s meddling, Kyosuke and Naoya finally have the time to talk their emotions out – or just make out, whichever works! Will their refreshed relationship shine through in Kyo’s acting debut?

Story Summary:
Mr. Shinzou Hiruma, playwright, actor, and spokesman of the theatre troupe “Hydra” expresses interest in the up-and-coming actor KYO. But there’s a problem – Kyosuke has no repertory theatre experience, and especially not in the stage combat scenes Hydra is well-known for! Can Kyosuke successfully juggle his intense training and make time for his non-celebrity boyfriend Fujishima, or will his admiration for “Mr. Shin” drive a wedge in their relationship for good?


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