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futekiya Chapter Updates: May 2021 Week 2

Here’s our list of chapter updates on futekiya on Week 2 of May 2021. We added 2 new school-based Boys’ Love titles to our Library this week!

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My Childhood Friend Is Frustrated By His Desire For Me by Miwa *NEW*

Naoya will do anything to keep Shuichi close – but what exactly does “anything” mean?

Shuichi wants to hold back his urges and give Naoya time to rest…but how long can he hang on?

The boys’ older friend Akihiro is back in town, but can Shuichi trust this substitute teacher with his Naoya?

Akihiro slips some things that might just drive a wedge in Naoya’s budding love life.

Shuichi finally gets to the root of Akihiro’s obsession. Is it Naoya he’s really after, or…?

Even at the start of Naoya and Shuichi’s college, nothing much has changed between them.

Story Summary:
Three months after Naoya blurted out a confession to his childhood friend, they’ve started holding hands, kissing, you know, the usual boyfriend starter pack. But recently, his boyfriend Shuichi has been afflicted by a severe thirst that only Naoya can quench – can he get over his fear long enough to put them out of their suffering?



Valley of Regret by Midori Iwasawa *NEW*

Chapter 1 –
Tanabe and Kouno find out how Seventh High School welcomes its freshmen.

Story Summary:
Tanabe and Kouno from Hyuga, Miyazaki, both are accepted to attend “Seventh High School,” one of the most prestigious schools under the old education system.
What the two freshmen did not expect, though, was the bandit-like peers in the older classes.
Tanabe and Kouno must fight to protect themselves from the ruthless attempts of the upperclassmen and ensure they all come out in one piece. (Warning: Rape)



Hopelessly Devoted by Kotetsuko Yamamoto 

Hopelessly Devoted(11) –
Yoshito can’t believe that his beloved Kenji finally included his house in his prayer route!

Hopelessly Devoted(12) / Alone Time / Afterword –
Kimura Cleaning might have gotten a new big customer, but Yoshito would rather not work for Kenji’s ex!

Story Summary:
Yuuji isn’t your usual Buddhist priest – he’s young, good-looking, and his natural charm makes him a hit with everyone in the shopping district! Unfortunately for his leagues of adoring admirers, though, he says he’s all but sworn off love, dating, and marriage, and that his life is devoted to the practice of his faith. There’s just one thing he isn’t telling anyone: Yuuji does has someone he loves, but they can never date or marry – his childhood friend, Saburou!



Like the Beast by Kotetsuko Yamamoto 

As an apology for everything that Ueda has been through, Aki’s mom gets him a fancy suit and a reservation at an even fancier hotel.

Aki somehow finds an old picture of his beloved Tomoharu with his first girlfriend. Is there any way for this not to end up in bloodshed?

Story Summary:
Tomoharu Ueda is content being a police officer in his neighborhood. He likes helping people, and in return, people like him. One night, he gets visited by a yakuza who turned to be the victim of the underwear thief he caught the previous night. The yakuza is Aki Gotouda, the heir of the Gotouda group, who thanked him for catching the thief. To Tomoharu’s surprise, Aki confesses that he has feelings for him. Thus starts a forbidden relationship between a police officer and a yakuza…



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