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futekiya Chapter Updates: May 2020 Week 2!

Never miss an update with this list of chapter updates from futekiya on Week 2 of May 2020!

Hello from futekiya! We’re already halfway through May – time sure flies when you’re reading lots of BL manga! Here are the chapter updates on Week 2, May 2020. Make sure to keep up with updates from futekiya by following our Twitter account. And don’t forget, futekiya can be accessed for FREE until May 31!


My Boss is a Yapping, Mean-Spirited Fox Spirit by Nao Yurino and Hinako Niwatori

The Ominous Intruder (1) Ch. 7 –
When Tadatsugu first saw Ibuki, he knew it was fate that brought them together.

Story Summary:
Ibuki, a child of a fox spirit and a human, is despised by his fox spirit relatives due to his parentage. However, Ibuki’s own fox spirit abilities awaken at the age of 13 upon the death of his father, giving him close to godlike powers. To escape those who want to use his powers for devious purposes, Ibuki seals his powers away and hides in plain sight as the personal assistant of Tadatsugu, the next head of the Kuki family, the strongest of all fox spirit families. Despite Tadatsugu’s extremely intimate body touches, Ibuki works hard to be good at his job. But what happens when a god of death from Ibuki’s family tracks him down? How much longer can Ibuki run from those who want his power?


Officer Newlywed by Mato Miduki and Mio

An Unexpected Invitation!? (3) Chapter 7 –
Junichiro tries to cheer Chihiro up, while Chihiro wonders what the heck is up with him.

Story Summary:
In this solemn wedding ceremony, two people vow to be together for better and for worse… Chihiro, one of the sharpest members of the Metropolitan Police Department, and Junichiro, the head of the noble house and member of the House of Councillors Sanjo family, cap off their third month of dating with a hot and heavy wedding night! Just as they’re about to reach the climax of their happiness, a murder occurs in their hotel. With Junichiro as a suspect, can Chihiro find the real culprit and prove his beloved husband’s innocence? A hot and heavy erotic mystery!


Simplified Pervert Romance by Neg Sekihara and Nanako Semori

EXTRA 02 –
Yuki wants Ryouji to try on a blindfold, but Ryouji’s not giving up his viewing perks to that face!

Story Summary:
A lone wolf with a delinquent streak, Kashima enters high school with a reputation that scares off his classmates. Little do his classmates know, Kashima is not a typical delinquent: he is a masochist that enjoys being hit by guys. Ryouji Sanada, despite Kashima’s reputation, goes out of his way to talk to Kashima on the first day of high school. Confused by Ryouji, Kashima rebuffs his handsome classmate. But, when Ryouji intervenes in one of Kashima’s fight (and attempt to get off), Kashima realizes that Ryouji might just have a secret “perversion” too…


The Pure☆Knight’s Shining Journey: The Road Home by Seika 

Elcielas tells his friends about a neat trick that comes in handy for human-elf relations.

Story Summary:
In this sequel to The Pure Knight’s☆Shining Journey, we see what happens after the elf Elcielas and the knight Gael successfully save the king. After getting to know Elcielas better, Gael realizes what he now feels for the elf, and makes a decision that will change the relationship between them forever. What will be the end of the fantasy adventure between a transcendently beautiful elf and his pure-hearted virgin knight? This volume also includes a destined love story between a handsome knight and a blind elf.


Here and There and Us (New Edition) by Thanat

Sonoki and Majima are closer to each other than anyone, but why can’t they have this conversation?

Story Summary:
One day, Majima, one of everyone’s favorite person in class, gets to see a surprising side to Sonoki, the class introvert. Since then, Majima can’t help but notice Sonoki and call out to him for no reason, hoping for any kind of reaction… When Sonoki turns red and gets all shy like that, how can Majima not fall in love with him? But when it’s time to go up a grade, they’re not in the same class anymore…


The Beauties of Nature by Ayu Yamane

Chapter 6 –
The most beautiful thing lies in staying together. Mihiro, Morito, and the brothers go on a trip.

Story Summary:
The handsome, popular Mihiro is used to being the target of girls looking to ask him out. Still, as he begins to get fed up with shallow confessions of love from girls who don’t even know him, he also finds himself being drawn to Tsumugi, his classmate whose hobby is peacefully watching birds. Tsumugi’s favorite bird is the swallow, and he comforts Mihiro by telling him that even female swallows identify the most healthy male birds by their looks because it’s a hint at how beautiful they are inside, too. For the first time, Mihiro feels a bit happy being complimented like this and begins to tease and pursue Tsumugi in return.


The Incubus’ Pet Slave by Tohko Senjyo and nira

Chapter 7 The Reigning Predator (3) –
Reiki finds himself not minding anything as long as he could stay in that one moment of bliss.

Story Summary:
Reiki is your run-of-the-mill company employee. Little does he know, his high-quality body fluids are exactly what incubi want. Incubus King Klesis, considered the strongest among his kind, takes a liking to Reiki and kidnaps him. Even with his body restrained, his freedom snatched away, and his heart violently fighting against his captor, Reiki’s body gradually begins to accept the pleasure in his pain… A messy inhuman fantasy between a beautiful, narcissistic, sadistic incubus and a strong-willed tsundere human with the worst luck.


First Love Story: Sou x Asahi Story by favary Inc./Yukio Yugi and Kasui

Just when Sou and Asahi have finally found happiness in each other, real life threatens to drive them apart.

Story Summary:
This first novelization of the mega-popular app game First Love Story (Hatsukoi Signal) explores the route between a wicked high schooler and his lethargic classmate outside the game! Second-year high school student Sou Kagaya appears to be a charismatic kid on the surface, but is actually shrewd and calculating on the inside. His life changes when he meets Asahi Nagamine, who lives at his own pace without caring about what people think. What challenges are in store for this mismatched couple’s first love?


How to Kill a Heart by Kashio

method.14 –
Despite everything, Shinohara just wants to see Haruki again. Is he too late?

Story Summary:
When his father remarries in his fifties, Haruki suddenly becomes step-brothers with Hikaru, a boy ten years his junior. Hikaru usually is a shy boy, but he likes Haruki immediately. Like an ideal little brother, Hikaru asks Haruki to play with him and spend time with him. But, Hikaru might like Haruki more than as a brother…and he might not be so innocent about it.


Mayrow by Midori Iwasawa

Chapter 2 –
Gera Gera and Ikkoku finally unravel the truth behind the Sphinx’s existence.

Story Summary:
In a dwelling on the roof of a public bathhouse, crocodile “Gera Gera” gets waken up by his human housemate, his self-professed lover Ikkoku. They work for the Public Works and Construction of Viva City, the one dark shadow in the popular tourist planet Dyna Blue. When Mayor Celdy commissions them for a job to deactivate the core of a prehistoric military facility, is there anything they should be looking out for underground in particular? And how much are they even going to get paid for this!?


Konekokawa and Koinumaru by hal

Konekokawa and Koinumaru by hal

Jin wakes up to what seems to be a dimension where he’s all alone. Will someone come back for him?

Story Summary:
After failing to enter any of his top choice high schools, Yui Konekokawa feels like his life is ending right when it should start. When he meets his classmate, Jin Koinumaru, Yui finds the courage to pursue what he truly loves.


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