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futekiya Chapter Updates: March 2022 Week 4

Hello from futekiya! Here’s our list of Boys’ Love updates on futekiya from Week 4, March 2022.
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A Break From Japan by Senko Tohmiya

Who is Master Tenchi, and what kind of man is he to lead the soldiers of the East?

He who professes love today might not feel the same way tomorrow. Such are Yamato’s fears.

One rainy day, Sekai offers to jump into a bath with Yamato. Will he agree?

Story Summary:
Yamato Katsuragi wishes he could hit the fast-forward button on his life. After losing his parents at the age of three, Yamato has been much alone. His relatives despise him, and his classmates envy him. Yamato attends a prestigious private boys’ school on a scholarship and thus, occupies the spot at the top of his grade. Well… occupied. A new student, Sekai Higashikariya, has transferred and taken Yamato’s spot.
And just as suddenly as he was bumped to 2nd best, Yamato’s life takes an abrupt turn in a new direction again at the hands of the mysterious Higashikariya.
Maybe this is fate.



The Bride of the Four Beastkings by Airi Mamiya, Akio Mori, and Ikake

CHAPTER 7 The Rites of Oyadori 1 –
Sayo wonders if he should tell anyone about the boy he saw in the glass. Meanwhile, the Pledging Ceremony is about to start.

CHAPTER 8 The Rites of Oyadori 2 –
It’s time for Sayo to join with his new husbands. How does this ritual work with his Jewel, exactly?

CHAPTER 9 The Rites of Oyadori 3 –
Sayo doesn’t know how he’s supposed to feel under the Beastkings’ touches, but he does know he doesn’t hate it.

CHAPTER 10 The Rites of Oyadori 4 –
Now that Sayo is face to face with Touga’s huge body, how are they supposed to carry on with this ritual?

CHAPTER 11 The Rites of Oyadori 5 –
Several days since their wedding night, Sayo finally gets out of bed. What awaits him in the Kings’ Quarter?

Story Summary:

The Mirror Realm had always protected the mortal world from calamity, but what is the price of keeping this peace? Sayo Sagano has been raised his entire life knowing he was destined to cross over into the Mirror Realm to bear the Beastkings’ child – a qilin, who will become their emperor. When he gets summoned into the Mirror Realm all of a sudden, is this finally his destiny unfolding before his eyes, or something far more sinister?



Young Boyfriend’s Love Management Habit by Hashigo Sakurabi *NEW*

No matter how you look at it, it really feels like Satoshi is Izumi’s pet. Is that all they’ll ever be?

A month since that day unfolded, Izumi can’t dare show his face to Satoshi ever again.

Izumi’s busy beyond belief, so Satoshi insists he can take care of himself…but what is he taking care of in the shadows?

Tachibana just wants to fawn over his idols to heal his broken heart. What does a prince have to do with this?

Everyone wants to cast popular star Kyoya Misumi as a sadist character, but that’s not who he is at all!

Kyoya says he’ll take the train today, but it’s been a while since he’s last been here. Who’s the dude right behind him?

Story Summary:
“Young Boyfriend’s Love Management Habit”: Izumi and Satoshi are university students, friends, and recently, like an owner and a pet. Izumi comes by Satoshi’s work desk almost every day to make sure he is fed and rested, like an owner. And Satoshi is always getting caught up in trouble and in need of rescuing, like a vulnerable pet. What if one day Izumi can’t take it anymore and becomes Satoshi’s trouble?
(Warning: sexual assault)
“Your Hand Please, My Prince”: Mineo has just recently been dumped by his girlfriend, and the only thing keeping his little heart going is magazines with pictures of cute idols. So when his professor tells him to show a literal Prince around the school, Mineo is less than enthusiastic. But perhaps this is exactly what he needed to fill that gaping hole in his heart.
“Offering Sadism to You”: Recently, Kyoya Misumi has been getting cast as the sadist lover because of his fierce looks. But those characters couldn’t be farther from his truth: Kyoya Misumi is a huge masochist. In cases like these, it’s the manager’s job to take care of their actor, right?



DAKAICHI – I’m Being Harassed by the Sexiest Man of the Year – by Hashigo Sakurabi

DAKAICHI: I’m Being Harassed by the Sexiest Man of the Year PRELUDE: Final Chapter –
Wrapped up in Junta’s embrace, Takato realizes how much of his dream was real after all.

Story Summary:
For the past five years, veteran actor Takato Saijou was always hailed as the sexiest man of the year – reigning the polls as the man everyone wants to sleep with – and no one has ever come close to taking his top spot…until now, when it falls into the hands of rookie actor Junta Azumaya. Takato’s always been proud of his ability to keep his true, dark emotions under wraps, but when a drink gone wrong unearths his actual thoughts – to Junta, of all people – is there something he can do to let Junta keep his slip-up under wraps?



Blue Sky Complex by Kei Ichikawa

#22 –
Motochika’s high school tutee just might be flirting with him, but how’s a guy like him supposed to know?

Story Summary:
Narasaki always wished he had a quiet space to study in, so it should be a blessing in disguise that he gets roped into helping at the library reception desk, right? It doesn’t seem like such a great place when the other guy there happens to be a well-known troublemaker…but could this very unlikely duo find something even more unlikely in each other?



His Little Amber (Chapter Edition) by Kazuki Natsume

memento.5 –
Koshiro can’t believe Genji is in his room, touching him the way he always wished he would.

Story Summary:
It’s been five years since Genji picked up the helpless leopard cub on a snowy winter night. And although it’s only natural for kids to grow up as time goes by, it is almost supernatural how handsome Koshiro has become.
It’s been five years since being rescued by Genji, and Koshiro starts to… feel things.
Is this maybe something regular people learn in school? Perhaps Genji can help…



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