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futekiya Chapter Updates: March 2021 Week 4

Hello from futekiya! Here’s our list of Boys’ Love updates on futekiya on Week 4, March 2021. We added four new titles, as well as more chapters of I’m No Match for Him!

(Note: if you like threesomes in your Boys’ Love manga, you’re in for a good time this week. Wink wink.)

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I Peeped at my Childhood Friends Having Sex. by Draw Two *NEW*

Three Centimeter Junkie –
Tsugu’s childhood friends Itaro and Gen have been keeping a secret. Is it something he should know about?

Wonderful Loneliness –
Mr. Hachiya is a handsome bagmaker with a very specific bedroom rule – he never sleeps with the same person twice. Will he change it all for Mr. Sakai?

My Ex-Boyfriend from Long Ago –
Hajime has been so frustrated on his own, but when he closes his eyes, he always sees the same thing – his ex-boyfriend merrily having his way with him.

The Man Who Can’t Say It –
Hajime confides in his friend Sakai about the current wrinkle in his otherwise beautiful relationship – he wants to take the lead in bed for a change!

Black and White Complex –
Mild-mannered Shirasuna and boisterous Kurosaki may seem as different as night and day, but they’ve been dating for half a year now!

Silver Lizard –
Deliveryman Inui always gets distracted when he takes this delivery route – he wonders how it feels to touch his customer Tomoya’s tongue piercing!

Extra –
Tsugu can’t believe his dating friends are so cruel that they’d leave him alone at Christmas – can Shirasuna be his new comrade?

Story Summary:
Itaro, Gen, and Tsugu are childhood friends who always did everything together. But when Tsugu realizes Itaro and Gen have been sneaking around without him, he decides to get back at them – but what happens when Tsugu gets a front-row seat to what exactly his best friends have been hiding from him?


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