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futekiya Chapter Updates: March 2021 Week 3

Hello from futekiya! Here’s our list of Boys’ Love updates we released on futekiya from Week 3, March 2021. We know you love spicy Boys’ Love content just as much as we do, so we released 3 new super-hot titles this week!

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Cherry Boy Tiger and Hot-and-Cold Rabbit by Miwa *NEW*


In exclusive club “moon”, there are “bunnies” who make the dreams of the rich and famous come true.

Honey my Bunny! –
A clueless young man gets dragged into becoming a “bunny,” whatever that means. His teacher’s gonna let him find out real fast!

Honey my Bunny! after! –
It’s been a while since the newbie bunny has “lived on the moon.” Why does his “teacher” still not let him take customers to the private rooms…?

Cherry Boy Tiger and Hot-and-Cold Rabbit Chapter 1 –
Young gangster Toratsugu Arataki will do anything if it means he can fulfill his boss’s wishes…even if it means acting as a bodyguard in the members-only club they own.

Cherry Boy Tiger and Hot-and-Cold Rabbit Chapter 2 –
Tora protects his totally *unfavorite* bunny from an unsavory customer. Cooped up in the toilets, the bunny decides to thank him a little…

Cherry Boy Tiger and Hot-and-Cold Rabbit Chapter 3 –
Why is Tora’s perennial headache, the bunny he can’t tear his eyes off of, in his neighborhood? Was it really the best idea to bring him home?

Cherry Boy Tiger and Hot-and-Cold Rabbit Chapter 4 –
Something changes in their relationship after Tora saves his favorite bunny from a violent stalker. How much longer do they have to wait?

How have the bunnies been doing inside and outside their “moon”?

Story Summary:
Welcome to “Moon,” an underground dreamworld (read: host club) for rich men to enjoy alcohol, sex, and anonymity.  Workers of Moon, aka bunnies, aren’t allowed to ask about their customers’ private life, but there are no rules against knowing each others’. Bunnies all have their reasons and motivations for staying and working, and just like that, Moon is home to an interesting mix of characters, stories, and… relationships?


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