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futekiya Chapter Updates: June 2022 Week 3

Here’s our list of Boys’ Love updates on futekiya from Week 3, June 2022.
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Nipple Reward by Ikegami Shogo *NEW*

Budding photographer Shiro wants to take pictures of muscles. Who is willing to be his muse?

It’s been a few days since Akio started his special “practice” with Shiro. Has there been any progress so far?

Akio was so cute today and Shiro can’t help but think about him. But is there still something about him that Shiro doesn’t know?

Shiro’s parents are going home late today. Whatever could he and Akio come up with to kill the time this lazy Saturday?

Shiro is probably the only one who thinks Akio’s cute, Akio thinks. Meanwhile, summer training camp is about to start…

The deadline is coming up. If Akio still won’t let Shiro take photos of him running, then what will Shiro have to do?

Story Summary:
Photography club student Shiro Akagi wants to submit a piece for the contest but doesn’t have a photo he feels is good enough. He certainly knows what he wants to take a photo of, though: muscles.♡

Shiro LOVES muscular bodies… and he has just found his muse. Akio Suga is a track and field club member who refuses every plea Shiro makes for Akio to be his model. Anybody who takes a look at the runner would be astonished by his fine figure. Who knew Akio had such strong insecurity about his… nipples? Shiro MUST find a way to capture his ideal body.



A Break From Japan by Senko Tohmiya

Yamato thinks Sekai should not look for him anymore. Where does he plan to go?

Now that Sekai’s in his arms again, Yamato will listen to everything he has to say.

The helicopter has arrived with its precious cargo. Sekai has to undergo surgery, but his team has one important request…

Sui Nagase, a soldier of the West, comes all the way to the Master of the East. What question is so important that he’d risk his life to ask it?

Amid the chaos of Japan’s defeat in World War II, Towa was founded. How did it help Japan go on the road to recovery?

From that day on, Sekai became his father’s best toy. What was this father observing with regards to his son?

Story Summary:
Yamato Katsuragi wishes he could hit the fast-forward button on his life. After losing his parents at the age of three, Yamato has been much alone. His relatives despise him, and his classmates envy him. Yamato attends a prestigious private boys’ school on a scholarship and thus, occupies the spot at the top of his grade. Well… occupied. A new student, Sekai Higashikariya, has transferred and taken Yamato’s spot.

And just as suddenly as he was bumped to 2nd best, Yamato’s life takes an abrupt turn in a new direction again at the hands of the mysterious Higashikariya.

Maybe this is fate.



Gnossiennes: Two Young Men Learn About Love at a Brothel (Compiled Edition) by Makuya

CHAPTER 4 The Body Never Forgets –
Koichi busies himself with teaching his little student, but does he look forward to the future she has no choice but to head to?

CHAPTER 5 The Destination of Love –
The more Koichi tries not to think about it, the more his mind turns to it. Will a night out with some new faces get this out of his head?

CHAPTER 6 Unexpected Encounter –
One drunken night, Koichi and Chiaki fall into each other’s arms again. Right after, Chiaki goes over to Izu.

Story Summary:
Politician’s son Chiaki Nagayama really isn’t up to pulling the same power plays his father is best known for, not when he doesn’t seem to have enough greed in him to yearn for success. But that just might change after a night with his father’s scholar…



The Bride of the Four Beastkings by Airi Mamiya, Akio Mori, and Ikake

CHAPTER 23 Stolen Senses and a Helping Hand 1 –
How is Nagi supposed to react to seeing traces of Touga on Sayo’s captive body?

CHAPTER 24 Stolen Senses and a Helping Hand 2 –
How long has it been since Sayo had been kept trapped inside this gloomy cavern? Can no one save him now?

CHAPTER 25 Stolen Senses and a Helping Hand 3 –
Sayo slowly blinked his eyes open at the voice resounding inside his head. Who is calling for him this time?

CHAPTER 26 Stolen Senses and a Helping Hand 4 –
A beautiful, brilliant blue dragon soared out and rushed at great speed towards Nagi and Kyril. Who has come to our heroes’ rescue?

CHAPTER 27 Stolen Senses and a Helping Hand 5 –
Sayo couldn’t remember anything beyond watching the remains of that Jewel disappear. What does this mean for him going forward?

CHAPTER 28 Stolen Senses and a Helping Hand 6 –
Several days after Sayo’s return, Sayo and Touga continue their trip through Genbu. What’s on Sayo’s mind?

Story Summary:
The Mirror Realm had always protected the mortal world from calamity, but what is the price of keeping this peace? Sayo Sagano has been raised his entire life knowing he was destined to cross over into the Mirror Realm to bear the Beastkings’ child – a qilin, who will become their emperor. When he gets summoned into the Mirror Realm all of a sudden, is this finally his destiny unfolding before his eyes, or something far more sinister?



DAKAICHI – I’m Being Harassed by the Sexiest Man of the Year – by Hashigo Sakurabi

DAKAICHI: I’m Being Harassed by the Sexiest Man of the Year Chapter 15 –
The news breaks about Junta’s real relationship with Yurie Kurokawa – but why has Takato somehow gotten on the media radar, too?

Story Summary:
For the past five years, veteran actor Takato Saijou was always hailed as the sexiest man of the year – reigning the polls as the man everyone wants to sleep with – and no one has ever come close to taking his top spot…until now, when it falls into the hands of rookie actor Junta Azumaya. Takato’s always been proud of his ability to keep his true, dark emotions under wraps, but when a drink gone wrong unearths his actual thoughts – to Junta, of all people – is there something he can do to let Junta keep his slip-up under wraps?



Blue Sky Complex by Kei Ichikawa

#30 –
Noriyasu and Natsuki tell each other some things they probably shouldn’t have. Where does their friendship go from here?

Story Summary:
Narasaki always wished he had a quiet space to study in, so it should be a blessing in disguise that he gets roped into helping at the library reception desk, right? It doesn’t seem like such a great place when the other guy there happens to be a well-known troublemaker…but could this very unlikely duo find something even more unlikely in each other?



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