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futekiya Chapter Updates: June 2020 Week 1

Never miss an update with this list of chapter updates of BL manga titles on futekiya on Week 1 of June 2020!

Hello from futekiya! Here are the chapter updates of Boys’ Love titles on Week 1, June 2020. BL fans rejoice – we’ve added more than 20 new titles to our Library for you to enjoy! 

We’re sure there’s something for everyone, so please do enjoy reading to your heart’s content. Make sure to keep up with updates from futekiya by following our Twitter account!


My Boss is a Yapping, Mean-Spirited Fox Spirit by Nao Yurino and Hinako Niwatori 

The Ominous Intruder (4) Ch. 10 –
Ibuki and Tadatsugu enjoy a quiet moment eating rice cakes together after the festival.

Story Summary:
Ibuki, a child of a fox spirit and a human, is despised by his fox spirit relatives due to his parentage. However, Ibuki’s own fox spirit abilities awaken at the age of 13 upon the death of his father, giving him close to godlike powers. To escape those who want to use his powers for devious purposes, Ibuki seals his powers away and hides in plain sight as the personal assistant of Tadatsugu, the next head of the Kuki family, the strongest of all fox spirit families. Despite Tadatsugu’s extremely intimate body touches, Ibuki works hard to be good at his job. But what happens when a god of death from Ibuki’s family tracks him down? How much longer can Ibuki run from those who want his power?

Cherry and Skirt by ko *NEW*

Natsuki dresses up as a girl so his BFF Mikura would forget about real girls. Will this plan work?

Story Summary:
Mikura, Natsuki’s best friend, wants to “shed his angel wings” and lose his damned virginity already, but like hell is Natsuki ever gonna let that happen! Under the guise of dressing up as Mikura’s “practice girlfriend,” Natsuki plots to distract him long enough until he never looks for a real girlfriend – but how far is he willing to go under the excuse of “practice”?


The Perfect Combo by Fumio Oketsu *NEW*

LIE.001 –
On the court, it seemed like Yuichi and Ryo would be unstoppable. Until they weren’t.

Story Summary:
Volleyball teammates Yuichi and Ryo were unstoppable on the court until a career-breaking injury forces Yuichi to walk away from it all. Years after, he’s a perfectly ordinary salaryman living a perfectly normal life – but what happens when he and Ryo meet again?


Show Courage by Noda Matsumoto *NEW*

The first confession Jinta had ever made in his life was something that got ran away from.

Story Summary:
A wish-granting demon cat gives Maki three wishes as thanks for being drunkenly freed from its vending machine prison. The cat can grant Maki’s any wish – wealth, fame, youth – but all Maki wants is for cute hairdresser Natsuno to like him back, and maybe make out with him. Does Maki really need the magic to make his wish come true? Five short stories come together in this collection to show us that sometimes, the most magical love stories are the most ordinary ones.


Officer Newlywed by Mato Miduki and Mio

A Tranquil Moment (2) Chapter 10 –
Things are up to a great start between Chihiro and Junichiro in the bedroom.

Story Summary:
In this solemn wedding ceremony, two people vow to be together for better and for worse… Chihiro, one of the sharpest members of the Metropolitan Police Department, and Junichiro, the head of the noble house and member of the House of Councillors Sanjo family, cap off their third month of dating with a hot and heavy wedding night! Just as they’re about to reach the climax of their happiness, a murder occurs in their hotel. With Junichiro as a suspect, can Chihiro find the real culprit and prove his beloved husband’s innocence? A hot and heavy erotic mystery!


Rational Pervert Romance by Neg Sekihara and Nanako Semori 

second –
Sho comes up with a way to win over Nao’s family one broody man at a time. But will he win Nao over?

Story Summary:
Sho knew from a young age that he was gay, and everyone around him knew it and had generally been very supportive. He was also very clear that he had a specific fetish: a beautiful, red blush! Sho always thought he had a preference for the cute, blushing type, so he was surprised when he felt electricity flow through him at the sight of Nao blushing on stage while being forced to wear women’s clothes as part of a college event. Once Sho set his target on Nao, he thought he was extremely clear and upfront about his feelings for Nao, but it took Nao a little time to realize that Sho wasn’t joking at all – He really wanted to pin Nao down and have his way with him at any cost!


The Twisted King and I by Agaccho *NEW*

The Twisted King and I – first half –
Tarou Yamada thinks rising comedian Kaitani is just messing with him for being super ordinary

Story Summary:
Tarou Yamada’s living an ordinary life as an average assistant director (AD). From his name to his looks to his personality, everything about him’s run-of-the-mill – that has to be why up-and-coming comedy star Kaitani thinks it’s super funny to mess with him! That must be the reason – it’s not as if there’s anything about Yamada that Kaitani would like… right??


Teacup Toy Boy by Cana Umino *NEW*

Toi shrunk, but his feelings didn’t scale down the same way!

Story Summary:
One day, Toi woke up in a body size perfect for a teacup. Nobody knows how or why it happened, but thanks to his mom’s sewing skills and his classmates’ doll-sized items, Toi is still your very average high school student. And like other average students, Toi lives, studies, and falls in love… but stuck in his very tiny body, is his heart big enough to take it?


All I Think About Is You by Yupopo Orishima *NEW* 

Compared to his popular best friends, it always seemed like wallflower Kanade was the odd one out.

Story Summary:
For as long as he can remember, Kanade had always been with his two best friends – Souma, the popular, cheerful all-rounder, and Yuuji, who’s a bit rougher around the edges. They promised to always be together, but the closer they get to graduation, the more that seems impossible…


The Incubus’ Pet Slave by Tohko Senjyo and nira

Chapter 10 The Wet Fetters and the Crow (2) –
Klesis says that Reiki should be honored to be his. Will Reiki ever believe in the truth of that?

Story Summary:
Reiki is your run-of-the-mill company employee. Little does he know, his high-quality body fluids are exactly what incubi want. Incubus King Klesis, considered the strongest among his kind, takes a liking to Reiki and kidnaps him. Even with his body restrained, his freedom snatched away, and his heart violently fighting against his captor, Reiki’s body gradually begins to accept the pleasure in his pain… A messy inhuman fantasy between a beautiful, narcissistic, sadistic incubus and a strong-willed tsundere human with the worst luck.


Wish of God by Jugoro Isaka *NEW*

Wish of God –
Roommates Takehide and Yuuta get roped into helping an enchanted Shisa statue find its mate.

Story Summary:
Wish of God showcases a collection of sweet short stories:

“Wish of God”: Takehide and Yuuta are college roommates for years now. They enjoy each other’s company and everything about their friendship was fine. But when Yuuta decides to confess his romantic feelings for Takehide one day, Takahide is left confused. While thinking about what to do with Yuuta’s confession, Takehide meets a mysterious man who gives him a Shisa (statue wards used to protect one from evil spirits). Making things more complicated, the Shisa statue asks both Takehide and Yuuta to help them find its pair. While the two embark on their search for the Shisa’s missing pair, they also struggle through realizing their feelings for each other.

“How to Tame Your Puppy Boyfriend”: Arakawa, after years of pining, finally got his long-time crush, Kase, to date him. He wants to do things that a couple would usually do with Kase, but he also doesn’t want to seem going too fast. But with Kase being too adorable, he may not be able to control himself.

“Unrequited Love Spell”: Haruchika is in love with a doll maker named Izumi. The problem is, Izumi is in love with Haruchika’s brother, Kanae. When Kanae left, Haruchika feels that he’s just a replacement for his brother for Izumi. Will he ever be able to make Izumi see him for he is?

“Enough of Life”: In a high school reunion, Tsukasa and Chisa are reunited once more. After a night of drunken sex, Chisa freeloads on Tsukasa, much to the latter’s chagrin. But when memories of the past come knocking, giving way to feelings long kept, there may be just no denying them.

“Coward’s Love Song”: Attending his ex-lover’s wedding, Matsumoto drowned himself with alcohol in despair. Waking up the next day, he finds himself with no memory of what happened the night before. All he knew was he slept with a young stranger named Rin.

“Wish of Man”: A bonus short story of “Wish of God.”


Kiss My Blood by Sachi Umino *NEW*

Kiss My Blood Part One –
Under the guise of being his teacher, Tetsu watches over his immortal childhood friend Shima.

Story Summary:
Tetsu is just an average teacher looking out for his childhood best friend, Shima, who is actually a vampire. To an outsider, they are merely teacher and student. Since Shima is a vampire, he has to drink blood to appease his hunger. Usually, small animals such as cats and pigeons suffice, but Shima’s feelings of love and jealousy make him crave for Tetsu’s blood. The latter readily gives his blood and makes Shima promise to drink blood only from him. Things get more complicated as Shima’s vampire instincts get stronger.


Secret of My Uniform by Hanmi Itoyoshi *NEW*

When He Took Off My Shirt –
After one particularly rainy night, Hibino’s coworker Saeki asks him to model for his art.

Story Summary:
Secret of My Uniform presents five different stories relating to clothing:

“When He Took Off My Shirt” tells the story of college student Hibino and art student Saeki. Hibino, having the ideal body, is asked by Saeki to become his nude model to which Hibino agrees since he’d had feelings for Saeki for a long time.

In “An innocent School Uniform,” bored college student Ryouhei spends his life going fling after fling until he meets Kenta, a high school student frequenting at an arcade who proceeds to beat Ryouhei at any fighting game. Kenta sparks Ryouhei’s interest, but will he be just like Ryouhei’s past flings?

“The Secret behind the Sailor Suit” narrates the story of serious high school student Tooru Tainaka and his oddball classmate Matsuri Shinonome, who always wears a sailor suit even though male in gender. Both were classmates back in middle school, and both of them has something in their past that they want to change and hide.

In “After the Suit,” Matsushita and Aki are lovers, who work in the same company, but their relationship is kept a secret. Aki badly wants to stake his claim on Matsushita amongst the latter’s sea of admirers.

“Miniature Garden Life” tells the story of college students Asahi and Takahashi, who kept their dating relationship under the wraps for seven years. With choices of their future looming in, will they be able to stay together for long?


How to Kill a Heart by Kashio

method.17 –
Real life catches up with Haruki and Hikaru, with tragic consequences.

Story Summary:
When his father remarries in his fifties, Haruki suddenly becomes step-brothers with Hikaru, a boy ten years his junior. Hikaru usually is a shy boy, but he likes Haruki immediately. Like an ideal little brother, Hikaru asks Haruki to play with him and spend time with him. But, Hikaru might like Haruki more than as a brother…and he might not be so innocent about it.


My Own Personal Direct Sales Agent by Hiro Mizusawa and Shou Kozakura 

The Mysterious Guest(2) chapter 2 –
Since he was a child, Todo felt indebted towards the Yotsukoshi Department Store.

Story Summary:
Gloomy young programmer Minato falls for Todo, the ace of Yotsukoshi Department Store’s direct sales department and goes at him at full throttle. Moved by Minato’s passionate persistence, Todo finds becoming fonder of Minato… only to see Minato cozying up with the department store’s president at their anniversary party!? What will happen to this earnest first love between an elite sales agent who trusts no one and a prodigal son of a rich family?


Boring Ninomiya-san by Mitsunaga Hirama *NEW*

I’m your senpai! –
Senba, Takama’s new coworker at his part-time job, seems like a nice guy. How can they get along?

Story Summary:
Ninomiya’s one defining feature is that he’s super boring. At least that’s what his exes all say! When he heads somewhere “fun” for a change, hoping to get over his breakup (or at least drink it off), that’s when he meets the super handsome, definitely NOT boring Sada. They spend the night together and somehow end up dating, but how long is this going to last without Sada getting sick of him?


If I Hadn’t Fallen in Love with You by Suji *NEW*

Chapter 1 –
Head Chef Nono thinks there’s something up with stuckup auditor Kakeru- why is he so scared of food?

Story Summary:
Yamato Corporation is one of the leading companies in the food industry. It lives by its motto, “A blissful food for all.” When the loud Head Chef Nono Seiji meets the new branch manager, the prim and proper Kakeru Misato, the two did not exactly get along due to Kakeru’s dislike for oily things. Nono took the said affront as an insult to Chinese cuisine. But when he finds out the real reason behind Kakeru’s behavior, he makes it his mission to make Kakeru food he will actually eat. What Nono didn’t count on are the feelings that came with it.


The Demon Wants To Be A Good Boy by Memo Kamiya *NEW*

The Demon Wants to be a Good Boy –
Conscience’s biggest nightmare starts when his ward, Kodama, goes through puberty!

Story Summary:
Have you ever felt like there’s a push and pull inside your brain between good morals and evil desires? That’s your conscience and temptation talking, and we all have a pair of these – high school student Kenta Kodama is no exception. Kodama’s “Conscience” has been trying to keep his emotions and urges in check, but it hasn’t been easy, not with teenage libido and his own “Temptation” telling him it’s an excellent idea to get closer to his crush Hasumi!


Nichoume Days~Lives of the One-Room Residents by Yasu Hajime and Reiji Kamizawa

Chapter 3 –
Yuutaro’s been having a lot of fun with the tenants, this time with cheerful Takuma and quiet Jin!

Story Summary:
Yuutaro grew up in Aomori away from his mother and grandmother due to complicated family circumstances. When his grandmother dies, Yuutaro inherits the apartment complex she managed as the landlady. Becoming the new landlord, Yuutaro discovers all of the residences of the apartment are handsome men! In a flash, Yuutaro quickly finds himself surrounded by these attractive residences who are very, very interested in him…


Blue Sky Wars by Tsutomu *NEW*

First Period:
If Tamaki takes care of his coworker’s kids, he can stay – but he has to share rooms with her brother!

Story Summary:
Tamaki, a teacher-in-training, starts working at the local elementary school with the hopes of getting his teaching license. There, he meets the eccentric Hideo, who is the elder brother of his senior colleague Rikako Tada. Rikako offers Tamaki her house for rent as long as Tamaki and Hideo look after her children. Living in such close quarters, the two of them find themselves getting to know each other quite well.


Sweet Beast by Suji *NEW*

Sweet Beast 1:
Saeki just loves taking straight guys’ first time! Too bad his next target plays a different game.

Story Summary:
Prim and proper Saeki has one dirty secret – a particular setup where he goes after straight men and has sex with them. So when he gets assigned as a teacher in a prestigious all-boys school – the undercover mission of Saeki’s nastiest dreams – he’s going to milk this chance for all it’s worth! But when Kei, Saeki’s student and target of his investigation, catches on to all of his secrets, what’s plan B?


Passions Of Little Wet Mice by Rihara *NEW*

Yoshi thinks that school nurse Urakawa is the kindest guy ever. But, what lurks behind that kindness?

Story Summary:
Yoshi can probably get anyone he wants, but the only one who makes his heart beat fast is Urakawa, the school nurse. After spending so much time together, it looks like there’s a chance for their relationship to bloom into something more than friends – until his classmate Sugao approaches him to tell the harsh truth Yoshi doesn’t want to hear. But why does Sugao have to be the one to say that to him? A story about falling in and out of love.


Mad Venus and My Honey by Kimiko Kobori *NEW*

Internet idol “Hikaru” is quitting. What does Tanahashi have to do with this?

Story Summary:
Kino, a cheerful boy who gets along with everyone, always finds some way to get all up into Tanahashi’s business. Tanahashi may say he doesn’t appreciate the other boy’s attempts at friendship, but he doesn’t really hate it – he actually appreciates it enough to make one big lifestyle change. But how does this concern Kino’s crush – the net idol “Hikaru”? A collection of stories that aren’t quite what anybody expects.


The Job Of A (Temporary) Teacher by Aomaru *NEW*

Student teacher Inumaru just wants to do his job, but troublemaker Kisaki keeps messing with him!

Story Summary:
Future teacher Takuma Inumaru wants to prove himself when he temporarily gets assigned as a student-teacher in his old high school. He’s been getting along well with his students and co- teachers, but there’s one notable exception – lazy genius Kizaki, who has his sights set on making Takuma cry!


Public Sex by Rihara *NEW*

Best-friends-turned-roommates Kanao and Sei learn there are many benefits to living together.

Story Summary:
Sei and Kanao have been friends since middle school, and now, they are roommates in college and look out for each other. But when Sei discovers Kanao’s secret, things take a big turn for their relationship – not only in friendship but also in sex. It turns out that public sex turns Kanao on, and Sei indulges him, thinking that they were just friends with benefits. But when their neighbor, Konno, expresses his interest in the two’s relationship, including their sex escapades, things get a bit more complicated than usual.


Love Voice by Hongou *NEW*

Love Voice
Haruya has a crush on the guy doing the library’s daily PA announcements – specifically, his voice!

Story Summary:
Every day, five minutes before club activities start, Haruya waits for something. In those five minutes a beautiful voice goes on air, and he can’t help but stop and listen – the voice may just be rattling off who hasn’t returned their books yet, but it’s a voice worth falling for! Haruya desperately wants to know the man behind the voice – Takashina, a quiet guy with a reputation for being terrifying. Getting closer to Takashina may be more trouble than it’s worth – but Haruya would do anything to hear more of that beautiful voice!


Foolish Heroine by Moto Amino *NEW*

Ako-chan is a cute girl who just loves playing games! But the real Ako-chan…is Kouji, a guy!

Story Summary:
Kouji is a catfisher under the name ‘Ako’ online. He pretends to be a sweet princess to seduce men online and stand them up once he gets bored. That is until he meets his match, Nuts, his latest victim. Now, Kouji finds the tables turned as Nuts finds out his real identity and requests Kouji to go with him to a hotel. Unable to refuse, Kouji agrees. But it seems Nuts has other plans, and it involves exposing more than Kouji’s cute side that he hides underneath his aloofness.


I Want To Feel You Because I Like You by Noda Matsumoto *NEW*

Chapter 1
The only ones who know about Masaki the ghost are dentist Ono and his young patients.

Story Summary:
Yamato Corporation is one of the leading companies in the food industry. It lives by its motto, “A blissful food for all.” When the loud Head Chef Nono Seiji meets the new branch manager, the prim and proper Kakeru Misato, the two did not exactly get along due to Kakeru’s dislike for oily things. Nono took the said affront as an insult to Chinese cuisine. But when he finds out the real reason behind Kakeru’s behavior, he makes it his mission to make Kakeru food he will actually eat. What Nono didn’t count on are the feelings that came with it.


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